Living your Mid Life – 6 things that I learned, can be done with Purpose instead of Ho Hum

I’m a Mid Life ‘tragic’. My journey through the Mid Life years has been interesting to say the least. Mostly enjoyable, definitely a learning experience…..isn’t that what Life throws at us?… a lot of learning

We learn all through Life. Our Mid Life years have a different type of learning attached and this is what this post is about. I’ll get straight to the point (as usual)…

Love each moment…..and I mean it. There is not a finite amount left, leave no regrets

Ask many questions…..Yes, there are more to ask & there is always more learning. Learning keeps you young. To learn you need to ask, then you can experience and enjoy

Share your experiences… is difficult to fully appreciate your Life unless you share…..with lovers, with family, with friends…..sharing adds value

Imagine your bigger picture…..always work toward a bigger picture, a bigger goal…..this keeps the juices flowing & prevents staleness. Mid Life is about extracting maximum value from Life not sitting idle and looking on.

Care enough, in fact care more…..about you and others and what your Life holds for you and most importantly… you will live your Life…’s not a joke, it’s your Life

There’s nothing you can’t do…and there’s time in which to do it…..don’t stress, instead enjoy. Don’t say “it’s too late” or “I’m too old”…..that’s B.S Savour and value each day. Play the Game as it’s meant to be played…..with Purpose and you will find the time to do what you want to do.

Be good to yourselves


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14 thoughts on “Living your Mid Life – 6 things that I learned, can be done with Purpose instead of Ho Hum

  1. I love your list of six, David – especially the idea of “caring more” about our lives. So true.

    Take care,


  2. Great post David. As some famous someone said “it’s not a dress rehearsal.” And you’re so right, no-one is ever too old, and it’s never too late.
    Encourage one another.

  3. Hi David,

    I loved this post. It is full of wisdom.

    I love the ‘state’ of learning. An ex-boss of mine once told me not to worry about not suceeding in my work because I’m constantly learning.

    This really stuck with me since and has served me well.

    Thanks for writing, my friend.

  4. I hear you! These are all good lessons for us at any age, but especially as we edge past our prime and figure out how we want to live the last part of our lives.

    • Hi Cathy,
      Mid Life is part of our overall Life and should be enjoyed as much as any. Mid lifers are in a position to capitalise on their earlier learned skills…
      thankyou for contributing & be good to yourself

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