Who is this Guy?

Hi I’m David Stevens.

I motivate people and change their lives for the better. [This may be You]

Motivational Conversation & coaching for Men & Women 35 – 55
Life’s too short to lack Motivation.

My age specific focus is with Men & Women 35 – 55. I can easily relate to much of what you are going through because I have more than likely faced the same questions, doubts, obstacles & joys myself.

I will love to motivate You, re invigorate your excitement, inspire you to take meaningful action and share in your victories, as you live your best possible Life.
I am a laid back, relaxed communicator [and I’ve been known to have a dry sense of humour].


I’m a Qualified Life Coach and I live in Tweed Heads Australia which is nestled between the Tweed & Gold Coasts…a glorious part of the world.

What do I bring to the table?….“I look at Life from a fresh perspective. I provide you with practical, down to earth & do-able actions that will improve your Life.”.….I love to help people who need a way forward and I have a variety of Solutions that will help you find answers to anything that maybe holding you back.

I’m also a family man with numerous life experiences and many gratitudes. Many of my thoughts and experiences will be interwoven through my posts and I welcome your feedback.

I am enjoying my ‘mid-life adventure’ and will include a number of posts that will focus on the mid-life years. I hope you will join me.

I ask myself  a lot of questions and I will pose many questions to you through many of my blog posts. I want to stir your curiosity about yourself and Life in general.

Too often I see people approaching & in their mid life years, stuck & unsure of their future…..I was. However, this time can certainly be one of Renewal, creating or recreating your Purpose in Life & Imagining what it will be like when you fully utilise your own Personal Power.

  • “Don’t just accept ‘what is’…….consider ‘what if’, open up the possibilities”

I am passionate about being the best that I can & helping others do the same.

Be good to yourself


Visit my website  @  www.davidstevenslifecoach.com.au

Please feel free to contact me   david@davidstevenslifecoach.com.au

# Find out about my fabulous Virtual Coach page here where on going support & life changing assistance is only a keystroke or two away and for only $75 per month (one month or as many as you like) you can’t go wrong


10 thoughts on “Who is this Guy?

  1. Hi David… I just read your latest post and wanted to leave a note and say hi… but I couldn’t find the comment button… so thought I would come over here. I started the day with purposeful yoga on the beach [albeit in torrential rain] but there were a few stalwart people there determined to blaze on regardless through flood fire famine etc etc etc. Hope all’s good at your place… like your new colours! Jean

    • Hi Jean,
      I appreciate you calling in…I like your purposeful start to the day. It has been a bit damp on the eastern seabord though we haven’t had the torrential rain that you experienced in recent days. All good here…keep smiling
      be good to yourself

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