Who is this Guy?

Hi, I’m David.

I motivate people to set & achieve the best Goals ever.

F.I.T. Goals that is.



Totally Committed.

Be Fearless with Your Goal setting, no matter how big or small your goals may be.

Be Inspired with Your Goal setting. Vision & act as if they are already achieved.

Be Totally Committed to the actions needed to ensure that Your Goals Are achieved.

I am a laid back, relaxed communicator [and I’ve been known to have a dry sense of humour].


I’m a Qualified Life Coach and I live in Tweed Heads Australia which is nestled between the Tweed & Gold Coasts … a glorious part of the world.


Best Wishes 


Please feel free to contact me   david@davidstevenslifecoach.com.au


10 thoughts on “Who is this Guy?

  1. Hi David… I just read your latest post and wanted to leave a note and say hi… but I couldn’t find the comment button… so thought I would come over here. I started the day with purposeful yoga on the beach [albeit in torrential rain] but there were a few stalwart people there determined to blaze on regardless through flood fire famine etc etc etc. Hope all’s good at your place… like your new colours! Jean

    1. Hi Jean,
      I appreciate you calling in…I like your purposeful start to the day. It has been a bit damp on the eastern seabord though we haven’t had the torrential rain that you experienced in recent days. All good here…keep smiling
      be good to yourself

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