A Very Short Story about Goals

Many say that writing down your goals adds commitment [to the goal]

I’m not going to argue with that however I’ve seen many

who have done just that and they simply spend their time just looking at them every day.

Regardless of whether you write them down or not, if the goal lacks sufficient meaning,

then you’re wasting your time. Writing it down won’t save You.Once you set them

Your best commitment is making sure that the goal means enough [for You personally] and you follow through by taking the action to get the goal achieved.

Plan your attack. Visualise yourself achieving the goal.

So, if you have a goal [or goals], make yourself happy
by doing something about it [them].

Be good to yourself


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Making Your 40’s & 50’s Shine


Forget about the “numbers”. The Math will add up if you do this one thing …

Be Yourself –  Express Yourself.

You will angst over the numbers.

For example: How many shares , re tweets, likes, stats, visits, comments that you get on Social Media or on your website or blog. And good on You if you’re getting plenty.

Life, like Social Media doesn’t have it’s real bottom line in “the numbers”. Like how many friends you may have, how many cars are parked in your garage, how many houses that you own. And good on You if you have plenty of these.

It may look good on the surface. Your friends may there but are they really ‘with you’ or are they in love with your stuff? The cars and the houses look great but who knows if they are owned or mortgaged to the hilt, lease is about to expire or whatever. They are just numbers.

No, the real substance is You. Are You the real deal? Or are you just going through life like a cardboard cutout? Whether it’s your business self or personal self, you need to be “real” to seal any deal worth sealing.

Real friends and real Social Media influence and real “wealth/sucess” [whatever that may be for you] will come from your own true Self Expression. Be Yourself – Express Yourself. Express Yourself

Create your own “Art” in life . Be proud of the Art that you do create. Art with substance. Art with integrity. Art with Purpose.

Flaunt it. Love it. Be grateful that you can create it.

Don’t sweat the numbers. Work on the substance.

True ‘numbers’ will gravitate to you when you are acting as your True self. Be your own Artist. Create the life and the person that You are meant to live and to be … with Integrity.

True “followers” will be by your side because they will fall in Love with the real You. They will love the “Art” that you have created. This is the true Math.

Don’t just be someone’s statistic. Make Your number count. Let it be a standout, let it shine and enjoy the process. Express Yourself.

How does that sound? Is this true for You? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Walk with Me through 2014 AND Beyond. 

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Be good to yourself


Making Your 40′s & 50′s Shine

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Motivator. Life Coach. Listener.

Here’s One short Story … with a Happy ending!

When you are seeking to take your next step in life, looking to expand your horizons, improve yourself … you seek out information to help you.

Of all the things that you read, all the things that you are told, it comes down to just 3 words.



Be good to yourself


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It’s not Rocket Science…however sometimes lift off seems hard to achieve

“Often the simple things become infuriatingly complicated. Some by design, many by us”.

Whatever “it” is that’s causing you distress, angst, frustration & the like, it’s unlikely to be rocket science when you drill down a little.

I love to cut through (thru for my North American friends)…..*now that gives me a thought. The English language is often unnecessarily complicated(at least the version I’m used to)…why not spell it as you say it. I am on a mission to uncomplicate things, so from now I will use “thru”…..now where was I, oh yeh

I was saying that ‘I love to cut thru’…we often see and hear things that really should be quite simple, being “layered” with  complications whether it be beauracratic red tape, inflammatory or unnecessary language, conflicted thoughts. This can be mind numbing stuff indeed.

There’s probably little that I can do about the beauracracy however the language and thoughts side of things, I can……and so can you. I suggest that you take the time to really think about this… maybe even meditate on it, you will find that the complications/fears are really unnecessary… you just need to examine your thoughts and become much more aware of them.

Clearing up the background noise from your thoughts will invite clearer language and sharper action.

Here are 4 cut thru’s which will simplify your day, week, month & year and your Life :

  • Simply ‘say what you mean’, everytime…don’t bring other stories into play
  • Think in ‘ones’…not twos, threes, fives, seventeens etc, for example “What is the one thing that I can do/stop doing now, that will make a huge difference to my Life”…concentrate on that, master it then move onto the next improvement
  • Listen with both ears i.e listen with the intent to understand the other. This will create simpler, direct communication
  • Focus on doing one thing at a time(instead of multiple)…so that you do it to your best ability

Yet many seem to think that this is too hard(old habits are often hard to break)….. when in fact, it is quite simple. “Life” throws a lot at us however when we have the ball in our hands, we have the power to neutralise any “Rocket Science” issues and make our lives flow without unnecessary complication.

So why don’t we do it? We often say we will but rarely do our actions mirror this(again, breaking old habits). So why be addicted to complication?

If you make life too complicated then you are likely to be anchored to the same spot. Cut thru, simplify your thoughts, language and actions, “lift off” and open yourself to do so much more.

Does this make sense to you? Let me know in the comments below.

Be good to yourselves


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Feel like you are out of your Depth?…..A Simple way to get level with a 3 step formula

Hello fellow Life Lovers. There are times for all of us when we feel ”out of our depth”…..unchartered waters so to speak…whether it’s caused by…

Fear of the unknown OR fear of the known (results of doing/not doing) & our current circumstances.

Being in ‘deep water’ will manifest all types of fears…..and excuses. Quickly, these get out of control. It is likely that you are imagining all sorts of dire consequences.

“Imagining”, now there’s a key word.

If you have followed me (and I am really grateful that you have) the past few months, you will be aware of my many thoughts on Imagination…..here’s an example

Instead of ‘imagining all sorts of dire consequences’…try imagining a better picture/a better scenario…..A Simple Way of doing this…

The Three (3) steps

Imagine yourself ‘in your new picture’…Transport yourself via vibrant, fresh thoughts to the place or situation where you want to be…..this is so powerful

Reinforce ‘your picture’…see it clearly , breathe it deeply, touch it lovingly. This may seem simplistic however you must be able to see yourself as you imagineyou are ‘there’ doing all the things that you imagined. It must become a part of you, your thinking, your future.

Believe in ‘your picture’…a ‘no brainer’ really if you’ve mastered steps 1 & 2 however Belief is a very deep thing (I seem to have a fixation with depth today). Belief goes further than ‘re inforcement’ in my opinion. You are attaching your soul to your picture.

It doesn’t get much deeper than that.

Does that seem simple enough?

Be good to yourselves


P.S If you need a Solution for anything that is holding you back in Life, ask me via email, for free!…david@davidstevenslifecoach.com.au

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One Simple Way…..to becoming unstuck

This one Simple way will help you to begin to free yourself from the ‘gluepot’ of Life.

You are Stuck, right. Not sure of your next move forward. A million thoughts running through your head, none of them making any sense.

I’m going to tell you something that you have probably heard before, many times.

Pause, take time out.

It’s not brain surgery however, have you done this?…..maybe it’s time that you did, because this will give you the leverage that you need,in your battle to get unstuck. Being “Stuck” can also bring on Busyness, because you are trying to do a lot of stuff, hoping that something good will come of it & you will find a way forward. You will probably not, that’s why you should…..

Pause, take time out….. now that I have your attention

*one simple way once you have paused, is to….embrace your “Gratitudes”

You like me, have so much to be grateful for. Simply spending the time, exploring what you are grateful for, starts to free your mind. Simply writing down your gratitudes, invigorates and tingles the senses. Simply reading them each day opens up the thought processes. Simply re living these wonders creates new pathways, re energises your soul and gets you moving.

This is just one of the simple ways to getting unstuck, there are others. That will be for another post…..

It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than this.

Why not give it a try and let me know.

Be good to yourselves


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