Living Life Today – Excuse me, there’s a fly in my soup

The Living Life Today series provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow”….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

You know, sometimes our days, even our weeks, don’t go to plan. We had all the right intentions however something(s) got in the way……sound familiar?

What causes us to get off track, distracted, confused, out of focus?

Many things.

It will happen. However should you resist the interruptions, ignore this ‘new situation’ and just keep going?

OR should you deal with the ‘fly’, get it out of the way, then move on?…..tricky?

Life Lovers, I’ve had many a good bowl of soup ruined by a pesky fly dropping in unnanounced. I am learning to deal with the distraction (not always effectively, I’ll admit…I’m still learning) and then move back into the flow of Life.

And that’s what it’s about. Your day can at times get interrupted, maybe even your week. Whatever you decide to do, ignore the ‘fly’ or deal with it, the key is to get back into flow as soon as practical…..don’t be distracted forever…..otherwise, excuses will build up & become ‘fact’.

Waiter!…..another bowl of soup please, this one has a fly in it…..thankyou.

Be good to yourselves


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6 thoughts on “Living Life Today – Excuse me, there’s a fly in my soup

  1. I once saw someone remove the fly from his drink… and then on second thoughts… place it right back in there before calling the waiter for a new one. This action really surprised me. At first happy to deal with it and just get on with things [removing the fly from the glass] to actually getting reinvolved and all wound up about it [actually putting the darned thing back in] and then insisting that someone else do something about it [calling the waiter over for a new one] It’s an interesting metaphor isn’t it? You’re right of course… whichever way it goes… we DO need to move seamlessly on regardless of what may have happened. Thanks for the reminder David 🙂

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