How tolerant are You, really?

What types of things do you tolerate in your life?

Is this a question that often comes to mind?

Probably not would be my guess. Therefore it is a question that you must ask of yourself from time to time.

Because there may be some things that You are putting up with .. that really You should let go of. For example ..

What about excuses?

What about continual disappointments?

Do you complain about Lack of …..?

What about frustrations, put downs, same old same old?How tolerant are You WP Blog post

Because the “opposites” may look like this ..

Fun, surprise, joy, success, spontaneity, achievement, money, love, friendship, goals.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Clear the clutter, it’s time for a fresh start.

You only have one life to live and from today you are your No. 1 priority.

Because if you are not in tune, the people nearest and dearest to you can not prosper. Your health and wellbeing are paramount.

By ‘clearing the clutter’ I am talking about physical and mental ..

get rid of the physical things around you that no longer serve any worthwhile purpose and take time to clear your mind of unwanted/ negative thoughts that are holding you back/ stopping you from being the person the great creator intended.

If you want to let go of what you have been unnecessarily putting up with [I hope that You do[, then aim for a fresh start now  ..  renew, revitalise, re-ignite your sense of purpose and start living the life that you deserve.


Be good to Yourself


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Self Discovery & what it means for You

Around the age of 40, your perspective on Life will probably change.

For some [good] reason your thoughts turn to the 2nd half of your life and how you can continue/start to enjoy or improve your lot.

Questions will more than likely tug much harder at you. After all, you do want to discover what your future may hold, don’t you?

You want to ask the types of Questions that will get your mind percolating with fresh effervescent ideas.

Some Questions may cause you some angst.

Some Questions will probably make you sit up with surprise.Self Discovery Blog post

Some Questions at the very least will make You take a good look at where you’re currently at & where you would like to be in the future.

Some of these Questions may look like this:

  • How do I really want to live the rest of my Life
  • What is vitally important to me Now
  • What will be important to me in 5/10  years
  • What, if any changes do I need to make to my current views on life
  • What support will I need if I decide to make [the necessary] changes
  • who will be affected [by my changes]
  • Are my Belief systems valid, up to date or need renewal
  • What are the top 3 personal Values that I want to live my Life by
  • How can I improve my health & fitness
  • am I really happy
  • Is my Love strong enough
  • what Life Goals do I need to set
  • do my skills need upgrading
  • what new skills do I wish to learn
  • what are my passions
  • what am I prepared to do to achieve my best Life
  • what am I prepared to let go of to achieve my life goals
  • How do I see myself, my self perception
  • what is my perception of the World. Do I fit in or do I want to.

Whatever questions you do end up asking of yourself, please follow through and achieve the answers that best suit you.


** This post was inspired by a previous post that I did on Self Discovery in April 2011

Be good to yourself


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4 reasons your personal Magic has gone AWOL

Let me start this with a fact.

You have Personal Magic. Whether you know it or not or whether you utilise it or not, it’s there.

When you use your personal magic, it get’s you places, makes you money, makes you happy.

But what happens when that magic goes missing?Your Personal MAGIC Blog Post

Here’s 4 reasons why this happens.

Too many ideas [lead to procrastination]

I get it. Because I’ve fallen victim to this quite a few times. It’s always terrific to have an armful of ideas. The trick is to space them out or plan a sequence of tactical maneuvers so that they fall into place and get acted upon with maximum energy, at the right time.

If you try to start too many at once, then you hit the wall. Then you start to question yourself. Then you end up doing nothing or very little. Magic gone.

Your Focus waivers

Confusion, distraction and any number of other factors cause you to lose focus. Your focus on your goals, dreams and direction in life. You begin to spend time on matters that are unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Get back on track. Revisit what is important and spend time on that.

Lack of clarity

Unexpected obstacles, incorrectly set goals, “wishes” instead of solid dreams and lack of a life Plan reduce your day to day joy, into a grind. If you don’t know where you are going, the mist of despondency will descend. Speak to someone who knows the deal and cares enough to get you on track.

Motivation without Determination

It’s fine to say that you are motivated. You may even feel motivated. However, unless you have the determination to push through when the going gets a little tough, then your magic starts to wane.

Motivation is an interesting beast. It’s more complicated than you think. There’s plenty of moving parts and they all need to be co-ordinated to ensure that your Magic and your Motivation are working at peak performance levels.

If your motivation isn’t up to scratch, contact me for some supportive conversation so that you can get your motivation to where you want it.


** Post refreshed June 30 2015

Image credit: Thomas Hanna| Blog

Be good to Yourself


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What is the important factor that is missing from your Life?

Knowing that You want more in your life yet not knowing where or how to start is frustrating.

There are two [2] key steps that you need to action in order to begin the structure of achieving more in your life.

Right from the get go, You need to know … what is it that is important to You?

You will, like I have on numerous occasions in the past, spent time on things that are unimportant.Blog Post Personal Power Blog

Though we both thought that they were important at the time, very important. However, over time you came to realise that “urgent” doesn’t necessarily mean important,or that You do have other choices.

The follow up to all this? …..

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Be good to yourself


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Heading toward 60 – another line in the sand

The final one.

A few days shy of my 59th birthday and I am realising now, more than ever, the abilities that I have that are still waiting to shine through.

The line in the sand has been set previously. The tide has come in and gone out several times since. The [old] line has been washed away.

Today, I am setting my new … and final … line in the sand, above the high tide marker. Out of reach of “doubt”. Out of reach of “excuses”. Out of reach of “negativity”.

It will remain a reminder of past victories, past defeats and New successes, new Dreams, New resolves.

This line will not be compromised. I again move forward, head held high ready to listen, ready to challenge, ready to teach and ready to explore everything that I have within me.

59 awaits. 60 will be even better.

Thank You for staying with Me.

Be good to yourself


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“What if” – can become “When I do”

What if indeed. I wrote a post earlier this year called “What if ….. the biggest question of them all”. What if can open up possibilities and also conjure up doubt, so it’s a double sided coin. Personally,I prefer the possibilities side of the coin. I hope you do so as well.

When is an action word. It eliminates doubt and reinforces intent. It is also a word that is a perfect partner of ‘possibilities’. When the possibility is first opened and then followed thru with the intent of when … there is no holding back.Untitled7

For example:

What if I took that step? ….. when I take that step

What if I took another? ….. when I follow up with another step forward

What if I could change? ….. when I  change the way I think

What if things were different? ….. when I look at things in a different way

This is a fairly simplistic look at it, I acknowledge. However, many things in life can be looked at in it’s simplist form. There’s too much complication in our lives.

Taking that first step out of your cozy , non working comfort zone is easier said than done. However again, a simple change in thought process can ignite the change process and make  that step much more believable to the person snuggled in their cozy comfort zone.

Using the word “when” as a power for good in your life, can make all the difference. Why not try it?

What do you think? I enjoy responding to comments, please leave one.

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Be good to yourself


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Living Life Today – a clearer perspective

The Living Life Today series provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

I recently had a moment of extreme clarity. The funny thing about it was that it came at 4 a.m . I was woken by the rain then bang! it hit me. Crystal clear thoughts…..a breakthrough. Something that I had been working on/thinking about for, I don’t know, seems like eons.

And then it was “there”. And then it snowballed. Further pieces of clarity came cascading thru. I wrote them down. Random scribbles of thoughts that were coming to me.

Later in the morning I returned to my scribbling and pieced it all together.

And now I can move forward again…..with a clearer perspective.

Moral of this story…..don’t force, simply allow.

We chase answers. We try to force outcomes.

Often the answers (or fresh questions which lead to the answers) come at a time not of our choosing.

Never give up. If you plant the seed then growth will occur.

be good to yourselves


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