Just saying it as it is….. Part 2

I enjoy ‘being in the moment’… which means being aware of my thoughts and feelings in that moment and enjoying to the max.

It is however a balancing act ‘being in the moment’ continuously and also having an eye on your future.

Imagining & Visioning how you want your Life to unfold & where you want your Life to be at a certain point ‘down the path’ is fine.

But be aware… Being ”in the moment” and being caught up in the moment are different.

Being in the moment embraces enjoyment, awareness of your thoughts and feelings as I mentioned earlier…..well, at least that’s my opinion.

Being caught up in the moment can be delightful and distracting at the same time. Delightful when you have enjoyed & know when to let go & move on. Distracting when you see nothing else but the moment that you are in……and time gets away.

If you imagine your Life to be this or that in say 10 years then what are you doing about it now?

Imagining is fine, I love it, however it is also essential to keep painting your bigger picture with constant brush strokes(thoughts and actions).  Otherwise in 10 years you will have an unfinished ‘masterpiece’, be rooted to the same spot & wonder where the time went…..and that would be a shame.

Keep painting.

Be good to yourselves


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5 thoughts on “Just saying it as it is….. Part 2

  1. David, absolutely — it’s one thing to envision your future, but it really is another to start creating the future in the here and now, otherwise your dreams won’t come to fruition. Thanks for expressing this thought so well. It’s a great reminder!

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