You know what You have to Do

Uncertainty. Doubt. Excuses. Laziness.

These are the perfect ingredients to ‘wheel spin’ through your life.

And when you are spinning your wheels there seems to be a lot of activity

however, there is no traction.

Nothing is really getting achieved.

In fact, your life is in a holding pattern. Stationary. Watching life pass you by.

But the funny thing is [it’s not really funny, more sad] is that ..

You know what You have to

Cue back to the opening line of this post .. Uncertainty. Doubt. Excuses. Laziness.

You can fully own these four if you want to.

We have all fallen for them at some point in our lives. But don’t let them take over your life.

Own Your shit.

Stop the excuses. Stop being lazy.

Doubt, Uncertainty .. Yes we have that but doing stuff will push that to the side.

Everyone has doubt & uncertainty. Don’t let them tell you any different.

The people who get ahead & move on with their lives aren’t afraid to do stuff even if they fail at it.

Keep doing & your success rate will rise.

At the end of the day You know what You have to do.

Make choices. Better choices. Take action.

Decide that enough is enough. Gain traction .. then start moving forward.

For the rest of this year & into 2017 & beyond, start doing.


Be good to Yourself


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Choice .. is it something that comes naturally to You?

Choice surrounds us each & every day.

Some people revel in making choices.

Some others simply try to avoid making choices.

Like it or not, everything that You think & do has a large element of choice involved.

You are a natural chooser.

But when the crunch comes & you have to make important choices, life changing maybe .. how do You think you will handle that?

Will You step up & nail that sucker?

Choose .. Decide

Choose .. Decide

Or will You look for an excuse to shy away from making [this choice]?

You can’t run & hide forever. Choices build strength. Your strength.

You won’t get every one right. But You must make them.

The more choices that You make, the better that You get [at making them].

Hone your skills. Your Choice skills.

Soon You will be making Choices that will see Your life expand immeasurably.

How about You DECIDE to do that Today?


Be good to yourself


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Build a Life full of Action [not one full of Excuses]

I don’t want to see You with a Life full of excuses.

Life is an adventure of up’s and downs .. and in’s and outs.

That’s the way that it is.

You take some knocks .. and you also receive many terrific memories.

Many of you would have received your fair share of “knocks”. Some of you, probably more than your fair share. Life can be tough.

This can result in some, withdrawing from the life that is still full of possibility and opportunity. These people will excuse themselves from life bemoaning the fact that it is too tough and why should they take any further risks because “it’s just not meant to be, for me”.

The problem with this is, that taking just one more step, one more “risk” could see a breakthrough. And they are denying themselves that opportunity.#DavidLifeCoach (6)

You are no doubt aware of the many stories of successful people over the generations who faced and received numerous failures, but just kept going.

You see, they believed. They believed in themselves and the ideal that they were pursuing at that time.

They were prepared to keep on taking action and would not use Excuses [of failure] to hold them back.

I’ve taken a few knocks in my life. And I’ve made my fair share of poor decisions.

However, I am still taking the best possible action steps to keep improving my lot in life.

And You can too. Don’t just take my word for it though.

Pick yourself up [if you are feeling down], dust yourself off and take a step forward .. Today.

And take another one tomorrow.

Excuses just don’t cut it. Give yourself a chance by stepping up and stepping out with a fresh sense of self belief and action taking.

Let me know how You go with that.

If you need some support, get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.


Be good to Yourself


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Do You have an Excuse for not getting your Sh*t done today?

Hi again.

Let me tell you right from the get go that I feel so strongly about people using ExcusesThey trap you, hold you back and hold you down.

And they are completely unnecessary from a personal growth standpoint. That’s my opinion, upfront.

I’ve written about excuses before and am again motivated to delve once more into this murky world.

There are excuses that you use to simply avoid something completely or to just put things off.

Fair enough. I’ve done that. However, generally I’ve found that it’s far better to face it before you regret it [later].Excuses Blog post-2

Some situations are better handled later when you are in a more favourable position to do so.

For example when you have let go of your anger. And when you have gathered more information on “that situation”.

However other situations only get worse, the longer that you delay facing and dealing with them.

Deep down, You know what you really have to do in these situations.

There are “other excuses” that are given without you realising it.

This happens when your sublimimal conditioning has blocked your awareness [to opportunity].

Your mind is automatically saying “No” to many of the opportunities that present themselves to you.

And these are the most concerning.

The “voices” in your head are confirming that “you’re not good enough for that.”

“That’s too hard”. “You don’t have the skills for that”. ”That’s way out of your league”.

This all builds to an “avoidance culture”.

You are limiting your growth, your potential success and your relationship with self.

When you find yourself saying “No” often, or avoiding the “issue” often, start questioning yourself, “Why?”

Is their evidence to support you holding yourself back? At the end of the day, a lot of the reasons for your “avoidance” may be only imaginary because there are no real facts to support them.

Avoiding situations and people with [lame/poor, or even unwitting] excuses will dilute your personal power.

It will also narrow your choices when you are again faced with this situation. It will stagnate your personal growth.

I hope this has given you something to think upon.

How often do You avoid certain situations?

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Be good to yourself


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Do you get P****d off? Here’s 3 Solutions

Hi there fellow Life Lover.

There are situations when I get really pissed off. I’ve written a fresh post at my website where I give you 3 such situations which you may have faced as well.

There is a brighter note however as I give you 3 suggested Solutions and add a word of Coachingwarning.

You can have a read if you dare right here. Id appreciate you feedback.  …

Be good to yourself


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Opportunities and Excuses…Friends or enemies?

I have missed many opportunities during my Life.

Largely because I have offered myself to many “get outs” or let’s call them for what they are…Excuses.

The funny (or not) thing about this is that I didn’t consider them to be excuses…..but they were.

Subtle, little self talk. Friendly enough. However not the type of friend that makes for a lasting relationship.

When an opportunity comes your way it isn’t always obvious. It may be a “dare”. It may be something “different”. It may be hidden and only revealed once you commit to taking that extra step.

When an obvious opportunity comes your way, you have a choice…either to accept or decline. Now there may well be excellent reasons to do either.

However has excuse played a part in this choice…with or without you knowing?

Excuses make choice easy. You just bail out, fade away from making a more valuable decision…it’s an easy way out. That’s the problem, we like things to be easy.

Opportunities are often ‘hard won’. As I said earlier, they are not always obvious. A great opportunity may unveil itself after a long journey of trial, repetition, trial again, persistence, doubt, perserverance…..

then hey presto! opportunity knocks, it’s staring you in the face.

An obvious opportunity, one that simply presents itself to you & has apparent benefits,  should provide a straightforward response. When it doesn’t, there’s a problem.

When your default response is “No”…excuses may be at play.

Excuses can come from doubt, fear, lack of confidence and people constantly telling you that you can’t do stuff…and you believe it. This then becomes part of your makeup without you being consciously aware.

So when opportunity comes a knockin’, You will find ways to excuse.

A Solution that I will offer is this. Catch yourself/be aware when you are saying “No”, thoughtwise or out loud. Question yourself as to the reason. Is it realistic to be saying “No”?, is it practical?

If it is then fine. If you can’t find a realistic or practical reason then you need to dig deeper. There may be some programming issues/excuses at play…..then get someone to help you with this. I’d hate to see you missing opportunities.

be good to yourselves


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A Path well travelled…and many worn out shoes

I am stepping thru Life, mostly forward.

However there are times when my steps become heavy. Like walking thru thick thigh deep mud. It’s an effort to raise my legs for another step.

Must rest.

Effort it seems, does not always bring “reward”.

Does this sound familiar to you? The steps you take appear to be getting you nowhere?

Do you then Stop and go no further, give up?

I had an illumination a while back and realisedthat the Reward is really in the Effort.

Now when I rest, it is to review the path and see how far I have come. All those ‘efforts’, those steps…I have come a fair way indeed.

And when I see that, I reward myself. A self congratulatory ‘pat on the back’, some positive silent self talk, the occasional yell of delight.

When you rest, try spending a few minutes checking your path well worn. How far have you come? Is your path straight and narrow, winding, full of detours, U-turns or are you back to where you started?

My shoes are well worn now. Though I can always get another pair.

This is the effort. My shoes are a metaphor for all those efforts that I have put in. When my efforts seem exhausted, I can dig deep for some more (get another pair of shoes).

And I can say that my path has had it’s fair share of detours, U-turns and winds. However I believe I have come far…and that pleases me. I realise also that I have far to go.

There is a ‘destination’. I can make it out in the distance, beyond the hills and valleys but I can see it. This pleases me.

This is the choice that you have and have always had. Keep wearing the same pair of shoes, keep them nice & clean, wear them only on certain days of the week and stay where you are in Life OR

wear them out with effort…moving yourself forward…step by step and getting somewhere with your Life.

Keep stepping Life Lovers.

If this post pleases you and/or the questions raised have some relevance for you, then please comment below and share this post with your Universe.

be good to yourselves


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