Which Life Coach should You hire?

The term “Life Coach” has in my mind, become very generic.

Many people’s ideas about  life Coaches suggests he/she should be an authority on everything A – Z.

And that’s not so. If a Life Coach tells you  that they are an ”expert” and have a ”Plan” for everything coaching wise, then I suggest that You dig a little deeper.

If and when you have specific areas of your life that you want addressed with a view to improving, then look for someone who coaches within that specific area.

That being said, the first thing that You should look for is someone who is prepared to sit down and Listen to what You want.

Life Coaching is not one size fits all. Every one is different and has specific needs.

Your Coach needs to understand your needs and be prepared & able to work with that [assuming your needs are reasonable and as specific as you can possibly make them].#DavidLifeCoach

By the way, I’ve lost count of how many people have approached me for Coaching who “just want to be Happy”.

Now, that’s not unreasonable, however as far as specifics go, more work is needed.

There are Life Coaches/Mentors for everybody. It’s almost impossible to find an area of your life that is not covered by a “specific Coach”.

These Coach/Mentors should have expertise in those specific areas. Seek out the ones who Coach in your area of need.

Finally, make sure that You can communicate effectively with each other. You must be able to have rapport with each other to make the partnership work effectively.

And Yes, it is a partnership. You work off each other. You must have synergy.

The communication from your Coach must be encouraging, supportive, regular and meaningful.

They must also hold you to account to ensure that You make progress, not simply tread water. Your Coach must be honest with You and not afraid to tell you “how it really is”.

Best of luck with Your Coaching endeavours.

A great Coach Will add Value to your life.


Be good to yourself


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Heading toward 60 – 6 months out [part 6]

Hello again.

My journey toward 60 continues. Stop, start, flow, doubt, excitement … they are all part of my “journey” thus far.

On June 18, the 6 month countdown begins.

What have I learned/am continuing to learn at age 59.5 years?
Creative image8

I’ve learned that energy is still crucial. And I’ve learned that despite my stumbles and doubt, I still have bundles of energy to keep me going.

I’ve learned that excitement is still contagious. I get it from others and use it to fuel my own adventure … and I pass it on to those who need it.

I’ve learned that Love is still abundant. I receive and I give [probably not as frequently as I should I must admit] …. I’m still working on that.

I’ve learned that fitness beats fatness. That I picked up on many years back and I have maintained this despite the temptation to “ease back”. Fit bodies [or reasonably fit for my age] help stimulate fit minds. And that’s kinda useful … very useful.

I’ve learned that listening is the key to understanding. Always. Listen first, speak second. “Understanding” is a major key toward effective communication. When you understand your audience, whether that be 1 person or many, then you are able to communicate with maximum effect.

I’ve learned that you do keep learning if you choose to do so. Life long learning is a must have. You should never stop learning. “Too old” is an excuse. And excuses simply do not cut it.

I’ve learned that Choice is your No 1 power. You have abundant choice. Exercise your choices wisely. They are the determining factor between “getting through life” and “getting above life”.

I’ve learned that Motivation, Determination and Imagination are 3 subjects that should be taught in school. Master these and your life will be a breeze. Above all, these 3 “subjects” are part of my life long learning curricula. It’s what keeps me going, keeps me moving forward … and they can be for You, as well.

Looking forward to 60. And looking forward to the next 6 months of 59.

Be good to yourself


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Heading toward 60 [part 5] Road Trip?

Hi again,

It’s been a little while since  we last embraced.

The truth is, I’ve been focussed on and engaged with, my website, Google+, clients and other things Social Media in recent weeks. And it’s been very exciting. Engagement, meaningful conversations, purpose and excitement are words that come readily to mind. Oh, and Energy of course.Self Discovery

A Fulfilling energy in fact, if there is such a thing. Maybe, “feel good” would be more apt.

I feel the same [better actually] as when I turned 59 4 months ago. The realisation of turning 60 at the end of this year hasn’t sunk in. And it probably won’t, even when I ‘touch down’ @60. When the energy is good numbers are just numbers.

You see, I’m a serial age denier. After all, Age is just a number [ I’m repeating myself I know]. Is this what happens as you get older?.

It’s always in the feeling. When you feel good, nothing else matters. Worries are not worries any more. Dreams are better dreams. Goals are easy.

My youngest daughter said to me the other day … “For your birthday, why don’t we go visit your sister down in the country, we haven’t been there before?”

This got me to thinking [I’m prone to that] … why not a road trip for a week or so and visit all my relatives and friends across the state? A few days of birthday celebration. That’s what I’ll do. Plan. Execute.

By the way, the state that I live in here in Australia is the size of a couple of European countries. Heading toward 60 with Excitement.

Be good to yourself


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Heading toward 60 [part 4] – An open letter to myself

My adventure continues toward my next [age related] milestone.
Lately, I’ve been asking myself some pretty serious questions. Some I have been able to answer, some I can’t … right now.
Here’s how it’s unfolded.

An open letter to myself …
David, you’ve long aspired to become the best Mid Life Coach on the planet, how are you going with this? You’ve worked hard at it, gained some traction then saw some of that traction slip away. How do You keep going?

You have inspired many on various Social Media channels with uplifting commentary & support and have gained many admirers. Is this a true reflection of your Life right now? You have been successful in encouraging others to pursue their dream & goals however have you sacrificed some dreams & goals of your own?

David, you mean well, your heart is in the right place however … is this enough to live the life that you really desire? Will You drive on and become the best Mid Life Coach on the planet?Self Discovery

I have more questions left unanswered than answered here. My purpose in life is to live a purposeful life. I love supporting others with their dreams & goals throughout their Mid life years and removing any of their obstacles along the way … and I will continue to love that.

I just have to find the best way to do this so that I have a “win” as well as my clients. The adventure continues. Calmness and deep breathing mandatory.

Be good to yourself


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Meet Great Communicators: David Stevens!

I rarely self indulge [being a largely introverted type of guy] however the delightful Gina London included me in her “Great Communicators” series … so here is the interview . And most importantly, please visit Gina’s blog where you WILL find many interesting articles http://ginalondon.wordpress.com/

Be good to yourselves

Gina London's Little Adventures

He’s from Australia, he’s motivating, and he specializes in “inspiring clarity and purpose for people in mid-life.” Meet David Stevens!

No, he isn’t my life coach (I’m waaaay too young to qualify, of course), but we met recently through Twitter and I do find him very uplifting and encouraging. We can all use more of that in our lives, can’t we?

Check out my interview with David below, and please check out his website at 

David Stevens Life Coach to sign up for your own free session.

The latest in my “Meet Great Communicators” series: I proudly present David Stevens. 


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Maximum Impact

Hi there fellow Life lovers.

I’ve created another post at my website that may interest the “Goal getters”.

3 goals with a twist that will have maximum impact on your day.Blog7

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Do you get P****d off? Here’s 3 Solutions

Hi there fellow Life Lover.

There are situations when I get really pissed off. I’ve written a fresh post at my website where I give you 3 such situations which you may have faced as well.

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# In 2013 I will mainly be at my new site. So please join me for coffee, fresh writings, fresh thoughts and ideas at : www.davidstevenslifecoach.com.au/blog