Working with You/ Testimonials

Providing Personal Solutions and Motivation for You, is a real passion of mine.

While I enjoy helping anyone who is motivated to improve themselves, my speciality is Personal Growth, Motivation & Goal Achievement for men & women aged 35 – 55

I am “the go to Coach” for those who feel they are going nowhere and are generally frustrated about their current situations. You will have goals and dreams & possibly a longer term Vision of how you want your Life to pan out. It is now time to take action and bring these to Life! Don’t worry if you haven’t got any. I will help you set goals that will have true meaning for you and work with you on a longer term Vision for your Life.

I have travelled through my forties and am now thriving in my fifties. I can help you do so too! I will help you maximise your midlife potential & show you how to make your Goals/Dreams/Visions come true.

”I look at Life from a fresh perspective. I will provide you with practical, down to earth & do-able actions that will improve your Life.”

Contact me to engage with me in a 75 minute personal solutions session, as many or few as you like. I promise that I will Listen to you like you’ve never been listened to before.

** I also have available an email coaching package (MyVirtual Coach), for those who would prefer an on line mentor/coach/friend, without the need for an appointment. Improve your life with one on one Life skills mentoring & support, from the comfort of your own home. Unlimited email access for $75 per month **

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Contact me anytime  –

Be good to yourself



“I engaged David Stevens as a life coach for approximately 10 months to address various issues that I was not happy with in my personal and professional life. During this time I found David to be knowledgeable and respectful, while at the same time prepared to challenge me when I was experiencing fear or indecision.I would say that his services were instrumental in my making significant and lasting positive changes in my life, and would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone pursuing their own goals.For me, David’s most stand-out achievement was teaming with me to beat cigarette smoking, and this in itself more than justified his very reasonable fee.”

Hugh Milliken Fingal Head

“David’s a super guy. I started meeting with David for about 3 months as my Life Coach. He would simplify things that were on my mind & he would make me realize what was important. After we would meet he made me feel “Free” of the discombobulation that was going on in my head. I focus on things that need my attention, not things that can & will wait. Thanks David, you’re a super chap. And I am a lot stronger in my thought process now.”

Shelena Russell Coolangatta

“We found David’s coaching to be insightful, supportive and very worthwhile.  He continually brings us back to what is important and his coaching and support has been invaluable in us being able to create and cause the next phase of our life.”
Beth & Lyndon Blok  Bilambil Heights

“You have a lot to provide people and your gentle and supportive coaching
is definitely an attribute I will be recommending.”
Sharon  Tweed Coast

“Again thankyou for your patience and insights. It was extremely worthwhile
working with you. Thankyou for the coaching.”
Garth  Tweed Heads


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