40-60 your Age of Learning & Discovery (part 2)….the journey continues


This 2nd part of our post is designed to make you think more deeply about where you are currently situated in Life and where you are aiming to be “down the road”. In the first post , “learning” was a focal point along with discovering more about you & asking the right questions.

I would like to dedicate  part 2 on what to learn to ensure that you move in the direction that is right for you. This is what I believe will help;

LEARN to be aware…..of your thoughts & your subsequent actions

LEARN to observe your behaviour….step outside of yourself for a look in

LEARN that there is no end to “learning”

LEARN to ask questions of yourself…….don’t just accept any outcome

LEARN that your current outcomes are a result of your current thoughts

LEARN that if you want to change your outcomes, change your thoughts

  • (Re) Establishing a pattern of personal excellence, particularly in your mid life, will ensure you live the rest of your Life with vibrancy, discover new horizons, broaden existing ones and set continual ‘personal bests’. If this is new to you, great!

ASK plenty of “what if” questions…….don’t just accept ‘what is’…….consider ‘what if ‘. Asking this will open up new possibilities. In fact, it will open up everything.

”What if I could…….dream of a great future

“What if I can……. have the Life that I want NOT just accept ‘what is’

“What if I would allow……. myself to feel the passion of Life before it slips away

“What if I forgive myself for……. past ‘indiscretions’ & move forward with a clean slate

“What if I thank……. my higher authority for allowing me another chance

  • There are many more. Add your “what if ” questions to this list or make a list of your own.
  •  Most importantly tap in & use your Imagination

N.B      Do not allow “what if’s to dominate in such a way as to cause you to keep saying “what if”. At some point, preferably the sooner the better, “what if” converts to “what can…..”, i.e ‘can do actions’. Convert the possibilities in to probabilities otherwise you will remain wondering & be in a state of limbo.

I trust that your Life’s journey is an enjoyable one.

Be good to yourselves


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12 thoughts on “40-60 your Age of Learning & Discovery (part 2)….the journey continues

    • Hi Joss,
      Imagining something better is a great way to get started. Asking yourself that “what if” question, will propel you forward & get the juices flowing. Thank you for your lovely comment.
      Be good to yourself

  1. David – This second post is as inspiring as the first one!

    To me growing older means just that – growing as we are aging. Sometimes it takes someone like you to post meaningful ways to grow before we realize the many opportunities we have at this stage of life.

    Your statement “LEARN that if you want to change your outcomes, change your thoughts” is so true. After a lifetime of thinking that by this age we will have it all figured out, could be changed to one of challenge to learn, grow and focus.

    Napoleon Hill once said “First comes thought, the organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”

    Thanks for reving up my imagination to ask more “What If” questions.

    • Hi Ellene, Thank you for your kind comments. I’m not sure whether I will ever “figure it out” however fun in trying to learn as much as I can. Imagination is possibly the greatest tool that we have. Combine that with positive thoughts & Life becomes a lot rosier. Thanks again.
      Be good to yourself

  2. David,

    I’m also with you on imagination. What disturbs me is that it’s being snuffed out in favor of standardized testing. No time to self-learn, only forced learn – which ends up with burned out folks. Need to reverse engines and let folks wander around, just looking at things, and asking their own questions.

    Our imaginations feed on our wandering adventures. Thx, G.

    • Good to see you again Giuletta,
      Imagination is one of our greatest tools, has always been e.g manned flight, the automobile, land on the Moon. These didn’t just happen…….they were imagined first. I like the ‘wandering” bit. Embrace & feed off our surrounds/nature. Appreciate your thoughts.
      be good to yourself

  3. Hi David,
    I think the open ended “What if” questions are the best way to promote growth. They challenge us to come face to face with our limiting beliefs which is all that’s ever been holding us back anyway. Great post!

  4. Hi David,
    Right now and for a few years I have been in the process of creating a “lifestyle design” that is better suited for me. One that involves a lot more “me” time that will allow me to explore my passions at greater depths.

    Forgiveness for myself and others really helps clear out the “gunk’ that I have been carrying with me.

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