How to get the best value out of your Mid Life & make it work for you

To play Life at the elite level & enjoy your Life to the full, your ‘game’ needs to be at an elite level. This entails practise & planning regardless at what stage of Life you are in.

In the Mid Life Game, the type of practise will vary & your plans will alter as your game changes from that of earlier years. Nevertheless the “rules” stay the same…..practise & plan.

Sporting analogies aside, the Game of Life is as big as it gets. Having intermediate Goals or plans is wise. Having a longer term Vision for yourself is also wise…..and the time to get that Vision clear  is now drawing closer. This is where a Game Plan can be a valuable resource.

So let’s get cracking!

What one big thing do you want to have achieved by the end of this year? What do you want your Life to be like in say, 10 years?…….so, can you honestly answer these two questions?

This is just a taster to get your thoughts percolating.

(The questions that you will ask will get more interesting, some examples here. Finding the answers, more intriguing & enjoyable, as you move through your Mid Life)

I have recently repainted my Big Picture and tweaked my Game Plan.

The greatest value that I have gained from this exercise, is the amount of feeling that I have included.

Feeling gets the juices flowing, the spine tingling, the blood flowing…….it adds starch to the mixture and makes your Game Plan come alive. I believe that to achieve any goal, it must include a healthy dose of feeling and meaning otherwise motivation to achieve will wane.

Your Goals when entering your forties may well be different to those in your fifties and sixties(more than likely they will be). This is where you have the opportunity to commence your Game Plan and have it working best for you. Getting in ahead before time catches up & passes you by is a big plus…..and we do want to play it Big this year & every year, don’t we?

Setting yourself down and going through a planning session, at least once per year, is a vital ingredient to having a successful Mid Life…..your Game Plan needs to be ready for action. Note: If you don’t know how or where to start, contact me here.

Ask yourself questions, map out your direction for the coming year. Tip… if you are doing this for the first time, I would suggest that you clarify (or create if you haven’t done so) your long term Vision, so that your plan is in sync with your longer term aims.

Your long term Vision/Big Picture may be your ‘pinnacle’. It’s your ideal picture of your Life in 10,20, 30 years from now. Often, this is where our intermediate goals will come from. It’s like working back from the bigger picture and breaking it down into manageable pieces.

As you get into the rhythm of doing your plan each year, also spend time on reviewing the previous year…..are you on track or does some adjustment need to be made? Are you still in alignment with your longer term Vision? Do you need assistance by the way of professional help, Life Coach, mentor for example?

The beauty of having a Game Plan is just that, you have a plan. It can be as broad or as defined as you want…..flexibility is a great thing. Importantly, it’s a blueprint  to allow you to chart your course through your Mid Life and enjoy your journey toward your Big Picture…..and it can be benchmarked to ensure that you are ‘oncourse’ OR a new course needs to be plotted.

Note: This is the way that I look at my Mid Life. It might not be for everyone. It has helped a number of people who I have worked with however you do need to make your own choices. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your Mid Life and have a destination in mind while journeying.

I’d love you to share your comments below.

Be good to yourselves


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12 thoughts on “How to get the best value out of your Mid Life & make it work for you

  1. Excellent post David.

    I love the point you made about the importance of feeling in order to make your Game Plan come alive. I totally agree and love the power of really feeling what it would be like to have achieved a goal. It is very motivational.

  2. Hi David,

    I totally agree, we need a game plan. Without a plan you are just wondering around in circles.
    My plan for the next 10 years is to stay healthy and not have to walk with help. LOL
    Keep working my body and mind, so I stay alert. Add to the world as much positive as I can.
    As for the year, to just keep moving forward with my blog and becoming better at writing everyday.

    thank you for helping me focus on what is really important.
    Blessing to you always,

  3. Hi David,

    Questions for me provide an insight in who we are. Having a plan and a vision is crucial as it keeps us on the right track. Once we know what our super-objective is, then we can have goals that will lead us to his vision. Thanks for sharing

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