21 more Self Discovery Questions for the 40+’s……enriching your Mid Life Journey in 2012

I posted 21 Self Discovery Questions to enrich your Mid Life Journey in April of last year & it has been my most viewed to date. Time to add some more “self discovery” & update you to the 2012 version.

Upon reaching the age of 40 & beyond, many will take the time to reflect…..of what has passed and what is to come. You may have a Vision of where your Life is heading OR you may not.

Either way, choices will need to be made, direction to be followed or indeed,sought.

Some questions that you may wish to consider to help you on your way…….

  • Am I happy with the way things are now
  • Will my current ‘choices’ get me to where I want to be
  • Do I commit to taking action to achieve what I really want
  • Are my thoughts helping me
  • Am I aware of any limiting beliefs that will stand in my way
  • Do I make excuses
  • Do I consider myself a Victim of circumstance or do I take personal responsibility for my Life

When one takes full responsibility for their Life, any prior obstacles or distractions are now seen as opportunities, to expand one’s view of Life.

  • Am I motivated to achieve what I want…..is the fire inside me well fueled
  • Do I appreciate myself
  • Do I need external motivation, a Coach or Mentor
  • What is my source of Inspiration…..do I have one (or many)
  • What three (3) important achievements will define this current year
  • Do my Values and Beliefs need reviewing…..are they still valid
  • Am I willing to raise the bar on my performance
  • Do I settle for less than I deserve
  • Is my ‘Big Picture’ complete or is it still a work in progress

This is an opportune time to complete your ‘picture’…..sketch it first if you have to and ‘paint’ it in later…..at least make a start.

  • Do I have support, people who I can rely on
  • Where do I want to be with my Life in 5 years
  • In 10 years time when I Iook back at my achievements, or lack of ‘action’, how will I feel
  • Is there anything stopping me from making progress on my Vision today
  • How will I feel, when my ” dream” comes alive

The Mid Life years are ones to be treasured. With the right thoughts, actions and dreams/visions one can “extend” their mid life beyond the generally accepted norms…..no time to dwell on ‘old age’ thoughts when you are flourishing in your mid life years…..let’s get to it!

Do you have any Self Discovery questions that you would like to add? If yes, please feel free to use the comments section below….. your contribution will be most appreciated. Please feel free to share this post with your Universe.

Be good to yourselves


The Mid Life Coach

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22 thoughts on “21 more Self Discovery Questions for the 40+’s……enriching your Mid Life Journey in 2012

  1. Hi David,
    I’m past mid-life but I’m printing out this list. The first one that struck me was “will my current choices get me to where I want to be.”

    Before I started working like crazy on my course I did strength training at the gym 3 times a week. I stopped. I need to decide if I’ll begin at home again or go back to the gym. If I don’t do one of the two I won’t get to where I want to be.

    The second is about raising the bar on my performance. I’ve not been dedicated enough to social media. If I don’t commit soon I’ll be in a stagnant position eventually.

    Thanks for this post today! Mid-life or not I needed the gentle nudge!

    • Hello Tess,
      We are both the same age, don’t write yourself off…..mid life is still ours to embrace and to live for some time yet( officially I’m told it ‘ends’ @67but I’m going to push that out further). I’m glad you got a ‘nudge’. Keep up the great work.
      be good to yourself

  2. Thanks for compiling this great list for us my friend – you pose great questions to ourselves.

    I never have been one to adhere to a 5 year plan – I do have dreams and aspirations and I ask myself each day if I’m living on purpose and in the moment….

    I’m with you though,
    In gratitude and in living in possibilities,

    • I love to put some questions out there Nancy.
      Don’t worry too much about a 5, 10 year “plan”…..I was just posing the question in order to get people to think about where they want to be in 5,10 years…..if that means developing a plan then fine, if it means other things need to be actioned, then that’s fine as well…..just don’t wait 5,10 years
      be good to yourself

  3. Good post David. I’m not in my 40’s but as a person who stutters, and the low self esteem I used to suffer, I totally agree the point you make about appreciating oneself. I say if any of us are feeling down, just notice if we are being too hard on ourselves, or beating ourselves up. If this is the case, let’s remember all that we have already done and are still capable of doing!

  4. Hi David,

    As you might know, I’m a big fan of asking questions to help improve my journey in life. Being clear about where we are heading is crucial not only for the 40’s, but for all ages. We have to keep working on our mind, so we can win at life. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Dia,
      Questions open up the doors….. allowing us to explore more. Some need help to enhance their journeying experience, that’s why I like to throw a few q’s out there to see if they resonate…..appreciate your continuing support Dia
      be good to yourself

  5. A great list of questions. I’ll have to copy some of them to ask myself too. I especially liked the one that asks if the steps I take now will take me where I want to be. I hadn’t considered that aspect before and it’s very enlightening.

  6. Hey we’re the same age! Great insightful questions. May the questions never stop. And when we answer some of these we can move on to others. For as long as we ask, we’re in the process of learning and growing. And that keeps us ‘young’ and vibrant and actively engaged in life.
    Thanks for this food for thought.

    • We are the same age and both have many years of enjoyable living ahead. Enjoy your ‘mid life’, test yourself with these questions and create some more of your own…..we still have more time to grow.
      be good to yourself

  7. Hi David,
    This one, “Is my ‘Big Picture’ complete or is it still a work in progress” I believe I am a work in progress until the day I leave this world.

    Living is about learning and becoming a better me everyday. Where will I be in 5 or 10 years? I have know idea, but I love what I am doing and where ever the life leads me I will know that that is where I am suppose to be.
    Great list David! I won’t tell you how long it has been since I have past that 40 mark, but i have enjoyed every day of it. What i really enjoy about age is the wisdom one gains.
    Thanks again and blessing to you,

  8. Hi David. I think you’ve got some really great perspective here. I hope I will have that as my forties draw closer. Entering my thirties a few years ago was a wake-up call to me that I wasn’t giving what I was truly capable of, and I think it was good for me to learn some new things (cooking so my kids didn’t dread it when their mom wasn’t home). I think it’s good to ask the tough questions and keep yourself accountable. Why am I doing what I’m doing? And is it working? Is it getting me closer to what I want?

    Great thoughts! I hope 2012 is off to a great start!

    • Hi Bryan,
      Nice to meet you & thankyou for contributing. I agree with your thoughts, questioning ourselves periodically in order to improve our ‘Life performance’ is a wise investment.
      Thank you again
      be good to yourself

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