Self Discovery for the over 40’s. The questions are just the start

I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again .. mid life is golden.

You have done the hard yards. You may wish to build upon your hard work in your existing area of Life and/or work or You may not.

After all, Choice is an amazing tool at Your disposal.

Would you now be asking yourself ”is this the way I want to continue to live the rest of my Life?

If Life is treating You well in every area, then please continue on. I’m proud of You.

However, if it is not ..

Well I am not hear to tell you to pack it all in & venture into the unknown totally unprepared.

No, what I am saying is reaching the mid life years can elicit ”a change in thinking” in some. If you are perfectly happy doing what you do then do more of it.

If You aren’t & you want to do introduce some positive changes in your life, start asking yourself some questions before you step any further, like

Discover Yourself

Discover Yourself

“What really makes my heart sing”

”What will make my family proud of me”

”What will make Me proud of me”

”How will I feel knowing that I didn’t give my best shot,that I didn’t take a risk[s]”

”what is the worst that can happen”

“what support do I have”

”how far outside my comfort sphere am I prepared to step”

”am I the person I want to be” or “who do I want to be”

We are complex beings. There is a lot going on inside of us. And there is a lot more inside of us that we do not allow out. Untapped potential is what I am alluding to here.

This untapped potential can remain dormant for a Lifetime. What a waste.

Now more than ever, is your opportunity [there will be a lot of opportunities during mid life] to start tapping.

Not your toes, start tapping in to your potential – you have a lot of this inside of you.

Discovering your hidden reserves is a great start to living the rest of your Life with unlimited possibilities and endless horizons.

How about we make time for some more questions that you may wish to consider?

“How do I live my dream or ‘best’ Life”

”How will I know what is the best path to follow”

”Why am I afraid of what may lie ahead of me”

”Who will save me if I fall”

”how will I adapt to the changes that I want to make”

And now time for some more homegrown guidance & feedback;

I discovered some pretty cool things after I turned 40.

Turning 50 opened up more revelations for Me. Learning more about myself & the endless learnings that can be explored were just two. And they are a pretty important two.

Continuing to learn will ensure that you continue to grow as a person. This forms the base, the solid foundation for the rest of your Mid Life Adventure.

And learning [greater] Self Belief will go a long way to helping you answer the questions I just posed above, together with tapping in to your reserves of potential.

Don’t be afraid to fall, I know that it is scary.

Just have the faith & belief in yourself that you will get up .. and you will.

Therein lies your power. Your power to engage with & prosper from your “mid Life” years.

A couple more questions to finish,

  • ”what will be the deal breaker that will get me over the hump & get me to the line”
  • “what’s my end game, what do I really want, who do I want to become”

At the end of the day, the questions that I have shared can only be answered by you. However to gain the most from Life, questions are a great way to search within You & achieve what you want.

If you need a little help kickstarting your answers, I am available to help.

The better the question, the greater the gain.

Can I leave you with this final thought?

” Don’t just accept what is .. consider what if “

In other words .. consider & open up all possibilities and have the Belief that you can do it.


** This post is inspired by a few previous ‘Mid Life Self Discovery’ posts that I have done in recent years. Much of the content has been re used with some refurbishment & freshness.


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Imagination .. The Best of Revisited

Some years back, I wrote quite a few posts around the topic of “Imagination”. This particular post summarised four quotations/short stories on Imagination.

I thought it timely to revisit this and … Just Imagine for a while.

“I Love using my Imagination. A phrase that I enjoy sharing with regards to getting the best out of your imagination is ..  imagine when rather than imagining if”. 

This brings it into the realms of reality rather than just wishful thinking.

1. Imagine, when you wake up one morning and there is the noise of laughter and singing echoing outside. You peer out of your window ..

Your neighbourhood is absolutely full of people dancing & singing, dogs wagging their tails, cats purring and birds chirping. And of course, the sun is shining brightly. What a sight to behold!

You go outside to investigate the “fuss”. You ask a spritely looking elderly gentleman doing a jig, “what’s going on?” and he replies ..

“Damn if I know, I just started imagining a better place and found myself here”

you ask another and get the same reply and another, same reply and so on.

Just Imagine if the whole world started imagining like this ..The Best of Imagination WP Blog post

2. One of the beauties of Imagination is that there are no “rules” to abide by. There are no boundaries, limits, barriers, roadblocks, speed humps or obstacles .. or excuses.

Now in our “real world” that would likely be seen as unfair. You know, you gotta play by the “Rules”.

Does Imagination care about that?


Don’t play fair when you can Imagine.

3. What’s the difference between Imagination and Procrastination?

Imagination will get you out of bed in the morning, excited to live another day, while ..

‘Procrastination’ will have you thinking ..”heck, my day can wait, where’s the snooze button?”

Imagination dwells inside each of us. Ever waiting to be released from it’s dormancy, often in a burst of mind numbing spontaneity.

Shed light on your imagination, often.

4. A major key to effect vivid imagining is to –  “Imagine when .. not imagine “if“

Imagining “when” something happens is embracing what I call, the “substance” of imagination. It is bringing your imagined [previously locked up, never to be released] thoughts into the open where they can blossom into your reality.

“To imagine just once, kindles the glow imagine often, lights up the entire world.”

Well, there you have it.”

What can You imagine Today?


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Stop Chasing Rainbows

Life IS Good.

There’s no doubt in my mind.

For sure many people get it tougher than others.

There are also many who make Life tough on themselves. Unnecessarily.

A lack of awareness of life’s gifts and beauty is a major reason for this.

Chasing an illusionary dream, quick fix or feeling is another.Stop chasing Rainbows (1)

Never happy with their current lot because life sucks is usually due to a lack of personal responsibility and/or accountability for who they really are or who they can be.

I hope this isn’t You.

You and I were born with the same Gift. Life.

It’s incredibly obvious, however Life & it’s gifts are seemingly given a scant regard by so many.

You only Live once. Do it.

There are no second chances.

Work at it. Yes, You do need to work.

And when you do work at it, the rewards are enormous.

You don’t need to chase rainbows.

You can Create Your Own Pot of Gold.

Be responsible for Your life. Be aware. Be excited. Be enthusiastic about Now & your future.

Love what You Do.

Do it often.


Be good to yourself


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13 Real Questions You must ask if you want Personal Growth Success

Self Discovery and Personal Growth is an age long process.

You can always learn, or seek to learn, more about yourself. And of course, learn more about the environment in which you choose to live.

That being, the physical space/s and the people with whom you meet and how you adapt, learn from and be friend each.

The journey, [I dislike that word] adventure is better, of life includes your personal transformation from day one ….. to day “good bye”.

Your initial thoughts when you move toward and into adulthood may include, among other things, “what does life have to offer me?” Or “what do I have to offer to life?”Self Discovery Questions

The first question probably stops there and has no immediate follow up, because there are no immediate answers. You just have to move through life and see what happens … and then you will have your answer/s.

The second question [ far better in my opinion], has no immediate answers either however the thrust of this question will lead you to further questions and many answers, at each stage of your personal self discovery and growth adventure.

The more value questions that you ask will enable better answers. Better answers will help equip you with better tools to aid your personal growth.

I know that I’m taking you back in time so to speak, with the “moving toward/into adulthood thing”, however it is only for the intent to frame or put into context, the entirety of this post.

Because, you can ask yourself the above two questions at any stage of your life, perhaps now even?

Therefore, regardless of your current age, or stage of personal growth, all of the following questions will have varying degrees of relevance to You.

Please note that your personal growth is honed and developed over a long period of time. However your growth is slowed or stunted if you don’t continually take some sort of action.

Therefore, with some of these questions, I am getting you to think some years ahead. There’s no quick fix.

You need to be taking actions today to help you be the person you want to be in say, 10 years time and beyond.

These 13 Questions, can help start you to set the theme for your life OR change the current theme of your life:

The initial 6 pack:

  • How do I want to see myself develop as a person over the next 10 years
  • What’s vitally important to me Now, [to get me started or to keep me going]
  • What support will I need … physically, spiritually, financially, mentor wise
  • What are my passions. Do I have any, how do I find them
  • Am I prepared to do any worthwhile action to achieve my best Life
  • What am I prepared to forego to achieve the life that I want


The 7 follow up’s:

  • Will my current ‘choices’ get me to where I want to be in 3, 5 or 10 years time
  • Am I aware of any limiting beliefs that will stand in my way
  • Do I make excuses
  • Do I consider myself a Victim of circumstance or do I take personal responsibility for my Life
  • What is my source of Inspiration … do I have one (or many)
  • What three (3) important achievements do I want to define my next 12 months
  • Do I commit to taking the necessary, ongoing actions to achieve what I really want

You won’t be able to or indeed want to, answer all of these right from the start. I suggest that you concentrate initially, on the opening six [6]. They will guide you. They will also determine whether you are actually prepared to make any changes, to get you where you want to be in life.

If you can’t get past the first six [6] then the remainder will be of little use.

The intent here is to lay all the cards on the table and to use these questions as a resource to reinvigorate your life’s theme. It may even be a completely fresh start for you.

Some of these questions may seem confronting. If they are, then I’ve done my job.

If you have been used to going with the flow and you have now found that the stream has dried up, then this will be a fresh start. And if you are going to make a fresh start then begin with questions that will launch your new adventure with a solid platform.

I hope this has given you something to think upon. If you would like to delve deeper, then please feel free to contact me anytime.

Please share on your preferred Social Media networks.

My favourite is Google Plus. You can find me on Google+ here

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A “Big” story and Your Life’s Art


I have just posted a dynamic new offering at my website.

I’d love You to visit. Briefly, the storyline goes like this …

“Big” is often seen as … well, Big. You know huge, gynormous, excessive, epic.

Did you know that “Big” can also be the very first step that you take toward a goal of yours or the very first step you take toward following “that” dream of yours?

“Big” can also be stepping outside your comfort zone or thinking outside the box that you have created for yourself.

Big doesn’t have to be epic however the results that you get when you play “Big” … are epic.

And talking about epic Your Life’s Art is the top of the mountain. You are a creation machine. In fact, Your Life is your Art. Read more of this Big story  here  

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Heading toward 60 – another line in the sand

The final one.

A few days shy of my 59th birthday and I am realising now, more than ever, the abilities that I have that are still waiting to shine through.

The line in the sand has been set previously. The tide has come in and gone out several times since. The [old] line has been washed away.

Today, I am setting my new … and final … line in the sand, above the high tide marker. Out of reach of “doubt”. Out of reach of “excuses”. Out of reach of “negativity”.

It will remain a reminder of past victories, past defeats and New successes, new Dreams, New resolves.

This line will not be compromised. I again move forward, head held high ready to listen, ready to challenge, ready to teach and ready to explore everything that I have within me.

59 awaits. 60 will be even better.

Thank You for staying with Me.

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