Rest, Renewal, Reflection…it’s time

It’s Monday morn here in Aussie land as I pen this down. This morning I had a long, long, long overdue sleep in. The ‘sleep in’ wasn’t all that long however my body was telling me that rest was long overdue.

I have no “appointments” in my diary today. I had another blog post scheduled however felt the timing for this, was just right.

Today, I am going to renew myself and spend time on reflecting and imagining…..and it’s a beautiful sunny day to boot!

Tomorrow, I will be firing on all cylinders again.

Being aware that your body needs to rest is key.

Burnout, stress or other ailments can surface if we do not allow ourselves “time out” on occasion. And it doesn’t have to be a big time out. Just enough to rejuvenate yourself.

However if you ignore ‘the signs’ and don’t rest, then recovery will take a lot longer.

Periodic rest breaks will ensure your longevity in the Game of Life.

That’s enough…..I’m off to rest & renew plus I am going to add a decent spot of Imagining just for good measure.

Be good to yourselves


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14 thoughts on “Rest, Renewal, Reflection…it’s time

  1. Hi David,

    Taking the time to imagine and reflect is a good thing. We all need to do this on a regular basis 😉 Thanks for sharing

  2. Coincidence? I’m going through this myself right now. I’ve had a bit of a cold the last week but more than that I feel exhausted. I need to rest. Good reminder. 🙂

  3. David,

    This is an important reminder for me as sleeping in is difficult when I consider all things I could be doing, but it’s so crucial to performing at our best. I try to get as close to 8 hours of sleep per night. It’s tough to fit it in but when I do I really notice a difference. Hope you are rejuvenated and have a great week!

  4. Sometimes I underestimate the power of rest and renewal until it’s almost too late! Sometimes sleep and downtime seem to be optional, rather than required! Thanks for the reminder.

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