7 Key Lessons that I learned from my Dog, Sam

This is a short story on how I have ”mirrored” or indeed “modelled” some of my faithful dog’s attributes to my Life. Now I am not suggesting that you hire a dog as your Coach or Mentor, however there are things to be learned/ considered from circumstances outside the norm. Truly, the possibilities are always endless. Anyway just humour me a little…..My Dog Sam "chilling" as usual

  • Persistence
  • Appreciation(Faithfulness)
  • Enthusiasm
  • Follow through(thru)
  • (Dogged) Determination
  • Chill
  • Love

These are all characteristics that I associate with Sam. These are also characteristics that I have learned are useful in pursuing the things that I enjoy. Sam has helped me reinforce these into my psyche.

Persistence …You have to have it. If you feel that you are on a winner, keep going, don’t stop and never, ever , ever give in. Does your dog “shadow” you like mine until he gets what he wants?

Appreciation… when someone says something, does something that you really like…tell them or show them how much you appreciate it. It will come back to you ten fold. Sam lies at my feet, nuzzles up next to me when I have “done him good”. You might not want to try that specifically however hopefully you get my point.

Enthusiasm…Boy is it contagious or what! If you’ve been around “enthusiastic” people you know that it rubs off onto you. Show enthusiasm & people will gravitate toward you. Ever seen a dog wag his tail? then I need say no more.

Follow through(thru)…when you start something or say that you will do something, then keep the action going. Follow through with your sales leads, personal contacts, Business contacts. Don’t leave anybody or any thing “hanging”. I have never seen Sam leave a bone or any food for that matter, unfinished…..he follows through on what he started.

Determination… similar to ‘Follow thru’ & ‘Persistence’ however with a “dogged” touch to it. Determination is what I call a start up trait. One needs to be determined to initiate the actions that will bring one success, joy, happiness. When determination is present, Follow thru & Persistence are flow ons…… (like a dog with a bone, he wants one & is determined to get it, then finishes the job)

Chill… If you’ve read some of my recent posts including Just Chilling then you know that I am a fan. Sam is one of the best “chillers” that I have come across…..check the photo for proof. Make time to “Chill” & reflect on your gratitudes.

Love… One of the best feelings. One that I have felt before & on numerous occasions however my faithful dog is always loving regardless. Something that I have learned is extremely valuable. The love of my faithful friend is all consuming.

# What can you learn from your dog, pet or something/someone a little outside the norm? Please let me know.

Be good to yourselves


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25 thoughts on “7 Key Lessons that I learned from my Dog, Sam

  1. I totally agree with you on this one and what a great analogy to compare these traits to a dog – your dog (Sam)…..

    Love all of these and so true – I love their enthusiasm for life – they get excited to go out for a simple walk and excited when they see a doggie treat coming out of the doggie treat bag…

    Living in the possibilities of life,

    • Hi Nancy,
      You brought a smile to my face mentioning their “enthusiasm” & “excitement”. We had a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy) who wagged her tail so hard I thought it would fly off.
      Thank you.
      be good to yourself

  2. Very interesting David 😉

    I love all the attributes of the dog…but I am soooo into the cat…lol.

    I love the cats independent and calm natured qualities. The unattached aspect I relate to how I have learned to emotionally detach from negative situations or behaviors. I see that cat as being strong and empowered in their own skin and not a very reactive creature of nature…the cat may have to meditate on it before acting.There is also a fun and mysterious side to the cat…which I can appreciate because there is never a dull moment!

    Okay….okay…okay….Just amuse me!! 😀

    • Great stuff Kenya!
      Our pets can teach us a lot. I also have 9 birds of varying sizes, now that’s another story. Thank you for calling in, enjoy your fun & mystery.
      be good to yourself

  3. excellent lessons. Sam is a good coach as well as being just plain gorgeous.
    My cat has taught me to be present and fully engaged in the moment. Ever seen a cat bathing herself, or stalking a mouse? Nothing else exists for them except for what they are doing, being, at that moment. And, oh yes, she has taught me to nap without guilt!
    walk in beauty.

  4. Ahhh, how sweet and so true, David. My husband thinks our cats are little furry spiritual beings, he’s learned so much from them. They’ve taught me to observe the small details of nature (and life in general), since they’re indoor cats who get patio time every day and love watching their world.

  5. Why is it that pets have these qualities naturally and yet we have to strive for them?

    You used the word ‘persistent’.
    I had a job coach several years ago who used the word ‘perseverance’. I’ve liked that word ever since then. Do you feel the same about your word?

    • HI Glynis,
      Your first question, I can’t answer. However Life is a learning experience. We gather information from varying sources. Maybe our pets are one of these sources gifted to us to use.
      Your 2nd question….Yes I do and I’ll add this..you need to be persistent & consistent.
      Thanks for participating,
      be good to yourself

  6. Like people, dogs do well with boundries, limits and structure. I was a foster parent to a doggie for the organization CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) for 19 months. Had to work hard training him according to a manual of instructions. He passed his tests and went on to become a service dog for a boy with cerebral palsy.
    Like a child, he needed limit setting.
    My husband and I don’t have children together (we each have from our first marriages) but it was sooo interesting to see each of us in action as we parented this dog. I was the ‘disciplinarian’ and he was the sugar daddy, spoiling him to death, not adhering to the ‘rules’. We actually had our arguements over how to parent this gorgeous yellow lab.

    A truly wonderful and meaningful experience. The lesson I learned, as this was my first time having a dog, they are so human-like.

    • Hi Harriet,
      They are great teachers. I am fairly new to dog ownership. We bought Sam @ 6 weeks of age, he’s just turned 12 & we had Maddie our Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy) as our first dog, bought her as a pup 2 years prior. She was mother to Sam for 10 years before leaving us. Great memories. But back to the ‘moral of my story’, there are meany ‘dog traits’ that we can learn from, I have. Thank you for calling in.
      be good to yourself

  7. So true David – I really miss my four-legged pal who went to the great kennel in the sky last November. He so enjoyed the simple things – a walk, a cuddle, a tasty morsel from the bench while I was cooking. And he gave, boy did he give!!!

    • G’day Ros,
      Yes they are great pals. Sam was “lost” 2 years back when our female Staffy passed on, she used to mother him. And yes, they are great givers. Thank you for taking part.
      be good to yourself

  8. We can learn so much for our dogs. They are always happy to see you and so forgiving. Nothing better than a friend with fur. Our egos get in the way of our being our natural happy selves. Dogs can teach us to live in the moment and not worry about the future or regret the past. My Boston Terrier is lying right here beside me. As always, my faithful friend. Great post!

    • Hi Cathy,
      I’m sure that it is a wonderful feeling having your Boston Terrier by your side. You’ve made some great points re forgiveness, ego & living in the moment. Our dogs/pets are great teachers. We need to take the time to learn. Thank you for being part of this.
      be good to yourself

    • G’day Justi,
      Thank you for calling in & joining the party. You are spot on, dogs love to give & receive Love, we are no different. Maybe a bit more “show me the Love” might help some of the world’s ills? You need to work at the ‘chilling’, keep practising, you’ll get the hang. Thanks again &
      be good to yourself

  9. Hi David, thanks for posting on my blog. I am trying to get motivated again for writing and sharing on many blogs. I lost my brother a few weeks ago, and it took lots of my enthusiasm -I am on the mending and doing better, as I am often very positive in everything I set out to do. I enjoyed reading this post, My best policy for relaxing when things get rough, is to just “chill”-things will get better in time.

    • Hi Penny,
      No problem. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Please “chill” and recover. Your blog is coming along nicely as I see it. I will pop in now & then, if that’s ok.
      be good to yourself

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