11 Reasons to look beyond 40 and say….. ”bring it on”

I turned 40 a while back now.  Doesn’t seem that long ago…….I guess time does fly when you’re having FUN.

And the FUN continues past 40….. I would argue that there is more of it!

It is a vital ingredient. When you are happy, you are living.

Here are a few statements that I have found to be true for me. I believe they may also give you reason to “fully live” 40 & beyond…….if you’re up for it(and why wouldn’t you be?).

These years will be or maybe already are, your greatest opportunity to share, develop, love your Life.

  • The grass does get greener….. you have runs on the board,(life experience, for better or worse) the bases are loaded(for my American friends), time for a knockout & set yourself up for Life
  • You are further developing your “explorer instinct”. You’ve explored plenty so far, why not continue, there’s gold to be found
  • “Giving up” is a term that shouldn’t sit well with you. e.g,  Dara Torres won 2 Olympic Silver medals @ age 41 swimming against competitors half her age. “Old” Cliff Young won the inaugral Sydney to Melbourne footrace , about 600 miles, at the age of 61. No one told him that he was ‘too old’. Maybe his 20 something girlfriend had an influence as well? I took up Fun Runs @ age 41, as well as training 3 times per week with a group of runners most in their teens. I didn’t win any medals however improved my personal bests and fitness a gazillion times over……I didn’t give up.
  • Your Passion for Life continues to develop & overides the alternative…(you’re dead a long time) by a country mile……don’t be just a statistic, be a contributor to Life.  My father passed away when I was 42, this drove home the mortality thing. He was a great contributor however left us way too early.
  • “40”+ are only  numbers after all.  It’s not about the “number”, it’s about you.
  • The questions that have bothered you before will now start to bring answers…….magically it seems. Ask more questions…….you will receive more answers, keep asking, the Universe is at your mercy.
  • Your children need you to grow, so that they can grow…..there’s are great lesson for the parents. I wanted my children to be fully ‘aware’ of Life, learn, make decisions/mistakes. Therefore, I had to experience more of this…..I became more ‘aware’ AND I wanted more.
  • You will now realise that you create your world, whereas before you may have felt ‘out of place’ in the world. Create your best Life, there’s still plenty of time and there’s a lot of FUN in doing it.
  • Fitness & good health are now top priorities. You can now be fitter & healthier than before. I aim to be as fit @ 70 as I was @ 40……there, I’ve said it now & committed to it in writing for all the Universe to see. 
  • The “mistakes” made in earlier years will now bring rewards in your mid life years….worth the wait. It’s a learning curve after all, this Life. I’ve made plenty & will make more however the rewards are coming from the lessons learned in ‘earlier mistakes’.
  • My Imagination, I found started to multiply. I started to use it much more frequently. It has no limits, it often runs wild…….I love it! AND you can too. Tap in, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

These are my experiences. You no doubt will have different ones. You may have some similar ones. I would love you to share by commenting in the space provided. Live life to the max and until next time…….

be good to yourselves


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20 thoughts on “11 Reasons to look beyond 40 and say….. ”bring it on”

  1. As I creep towards 60 – wow, that just boggles the mind, 60 – anyway, what I started to say is that life only gets more interesting and exciting and more filled with possibilities than ever before. I’m loving it.

  2. I can tell you my friend that 50 is even better!!!! I say let’s age like wine – slow and easy….living in the possibilities of life and what life will offer us when we live in our truth….staying fit and eating right a must!

    In gratitutde,

    • Great stuff Nancy,
      I passed 50 a little while back and yes, Life continues to get better when you open your mind to the possibilities. I still have plenty to learn and plenty to do. Thank you for your support.
      be good to yourself

  3. My daughter in ten, and every year so far that she has been alive I have thought that each year was better than the last. I would have to say the same for my own life. If you asked me if I could exchange the life, knowledge and experience that I have now for what I had 20 years ago and the body along with it, I would laugh at you. No way!!! Life is awesome and thanks for bringing it up!

  4. What a wonderful message David and thank you for sharing some of your goals and your inspirations to continue growing YOU. There is so much more to this life than we could ever have imagined. Lets make the best of it!

  5. > Dara Torres won 2 Olympic Silver medals @ age 41 swimming against competitors half her age
    That is a great bit of inspirational insight.

    > I aim to be as fit @ 70 as I was @ 4
    I like the goal.

    One of the most entertaining books I read in a while is Fat, 40, Fired. It’s a journey about getting fit, finding work/life balance, and making meaning.

  6. Hi David,

    What an awesome list! I just turned 50 on the weekend and have been feeling a bit weirded out by the fact that I feel as excited to face the next 50 years as I did when I turned 20. Life has so much to offer, and I can’t wait to explore every little bit of it. Thanks for showing me that I’m not alone in feeling like the best is yet to come.


    • Hi Lena,
      Welcome to the 50’s Club. Embrace your “weirdness”, you are as young or old as youl think & feel. Feeling as excited as a 20 something is a great way to go. Thank you for calling in.
      be good to yourself

  7. It is strange, but know you mention it: my life changed a lot after 40 …

    I’m living more conscious than ever before and I do things more ‘My Way’.

    Health became more a priority for me too – it always has been something automatic, now it needs more attention.

    Thanks for sharing your 40+ vision!

  8. Life just keeps getting better with age – and now I am fabulous and fifty…..well actually 51…it just keeps getting better and better. Lots of me time and also time together with my husband.

    I plan to continue with my good health and vitality.. ..will be living each day as a special one – no matter my age.

    • Hi Brenda,
      Great to see you. You have a great attitude there. May Life continue to be special for you and to those in your Life. Thank you for taking the time to comment.
      be good to yourself

  9. I found the 40s to be terrible. I didn’t know whether to act young or old. HOWEVER, I am thoroughly enjoying my 50s. I no longer care if I act too old or too young and each day is spent being happy for at least 75% of that day.

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