My Virtual Coach – A Helping Hand

Welcome to My Virtual Coach. This high value, low cost service is designed to help you be the best person that you can be. If you can relate to any of the following, then please get in contact with me as soon as possible.

  • You are unsure of your direction in Life however you have the motivation to get help to do something about it
  • You are busy with life & struggle with finding the time to get ahead & achieve what you want
  • You need friendly, reliable help when the going gets “tough”… want answers & assistance
  • You have dreams & goals however you haven’t started on them and/or you need help to have them achieved
  • You may be new to the concept of Life Coaching and want to see if it is advantageous to you without spending a lot of money

I will help you with all of the above and more. Consider me an online buddy, coach, mentor, helping hand or Life Solutions specialist….Someone you can depend on.

Whatever terminology you choose, I am here

to assist you to be the best that you can be….. “I work with you to find answers that will propel you forward”.

I work with a limited number of people per month with this service, so you can be assured of special attention and…special results.

This service for you is available via email and allows you and I to engage with each other regarding your questions, aspirations, concerns with your Life and where you want to improve.

This interaction will provide you with a valuable resource, allowing you to make improvements with your Life, all from the comfort of your own home.

For a low monthly fee of $75, you will have unlimited access to me via email. That’s right, unlimited. Email me as many times as you wish during the month, I will be here to help you.

I commit to getting back to you within 48 hrs if over the weekend, 24 hours if during the week though often it will be same day service. There are no long term contracts, simply sign on for an initial month. If you enjoyed the experience, you are welcome to renew this service month by month for as long as you feel necessary.

To get started simply visit my website

and scroll down to bottom of page to Buy

Special note:If you prefer a more in depth personalised service,I am available for individual coaching sessions via Skype or Google Hangout. If you live in my local area, face to face. Two session commencement package @ only $150 (a saving of 25%). Individual sessions thereafter are only $100. All sessions are 75 minutes. Please let me know if this suits you better & I will make the appropriate arrangements or simply visit my website

# See also Working with You/Testimonials

I look forward to commencing an exciting and rewarding partnership and journey with you.

Remember, “procrastination” is not your friend. Let’s get started Today.


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