Just Chilling…….

Hey fellow Life Adventurers,

How about taking some time from the hurley burley of Life’s treadmill and finding some ‘chill time’?…what do you think?…owe yourself a little downtime?

Cleansing, Relief, Purging,Reflecting, Dreaming, Thinking, Letting go…….these are common terms that come to mind when I decide to “chill”.

I feel a need to lay bare my soul on occasion. I do know this action will show me new insights. Often I will put these to paper. Some of this then finds it’s way in to a blog post. Some I will share with my Life Coaching clients. Particularly those who may be “stuck” & may need help to find their very own “chill zone” to assist with getting unstuck & moving forward with their lives.

I can chill in a number of ways. I just had my pet Galah on my shoulder, she often watches me type (& loves to get involved by treading on the keyboard when I least expect it)…….I am chilled.

My dog Sam loves my attention, often…….I am chilled. He is always chilled, it seems.

I often sit in the backyard, gazing in to the northern sky, dreaming…….I am chilled.

I am chilled when I write my blog post, sometimes the words flow, sometimes not. Anyway it makes me think…….I think better when I am chilled.

“Chilling” is also Fun. There’s sometimes  not enough fun in our day, more’s the pity.

Finding your own personal “chill zone” whether that be a mental place or a physical space, is recomended…….and it is rewarding!

With Life we can often ‘overheat’, there is so much going on, so many thoughts. And it seems that time is often short in supply.

Spending some time in your “chill zone” will allow you to cool down from the stresses & rejuvenate your soul.

Chill with me, let your thoughts be free.

I could ramble on a little more but No…….I am too chilled.

be good to yourselves


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16 thoughts on “Just Chilling…….

  1. David, This post started me thinking of ways that I chill.

    I chilling when I…
    Sit in the swing in the morning and in the evening when I watch for the Evening Star.
    A painting is going just right, all the pieces are coming together.
    My family visits.
    I walk in my flower gardens.

    I agree with you that “Spending some time in your “chill zone” will allow you to cool down from the stresses & rejuvenate your soul.”

    Where you have your beautiful bird, my special companion is my cat. She loves to try to catch my fingers as I type and oh so slowly walk across the keyboard.

    Thanks for reminding me of some of the things I do, that are right!

    • Hi Ellene,
      Yes, the wonders of chilling. It’s often the seemingly little things that are really the big things in our lives. Family pets, our gardens, yards.
      Here’s to you & keep chilling when necessary. Thank you Ellene.
      be good to yourself

  2. Hello My Friend David,

    I’m all about the CHILL ZONE – !!!!

    I find my solitude sitting by the water and gazing longingly into the waves that crash against the shore….that is my zone – my peace, my passion and my love…..

    In gratitude to the Chill Zone,

  3. Hi David,
    The best way for me to chill would be near an ocean or a lake. Of course it would have to be a quiet spot. Some place where I could reflect on life and meditate.

    We all need to make chilling out a daily ritual. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Hi David,
    I Love to chill out sitting by my (what I consider) meditative corner of my yard – with my small waterfall, large leafed plants that I planted, my ‘Imagine’ sign and statue of 2 children sitting on a bench reading a book. I love the sound of running water over the rocks. Chill baby!!

  5. Hi David,

    I’m chilled when I sit on my terrace in the morning looking how to sun is rising, birds are singing while flying and the next airplane with new colors is passing by just before landing nearby. And certainly when my beautiful girl friend is smiling at me 🙂


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