A Rainbow of Opportunity…..a lesson for all of us?

My last post was unusually sombre however positive in it’s viewpoint. Today, normal service is resumed.

I was watching our pet lorikeets having a bath and marvelled at the sunkissed water droplets darting from them at all angles and the glistening rainbow coloured feathers.

This had an immediate ‘brightening effect’ on me(subsequently this post).

Brightness for me is cleansing. Gone are the greys, blacks and general sombreness. My mood instantly changes (gets even brighter)…..mind you, I was in a good mood today already after making some decisions that I had to make…..that’s all behind me now.

But back to the Rainbow. When your day is feeling dark, try looking for “your rainbow”. I see the Rainbow as part of our renewal stage….. shedding the old and bringing in the new. In my case, a tough situation being dealt with now becoming a fresh start & time to move forward.

Your “rainbow” will come in varying forms so the trick is to be aware of the possibility, in fact the inevitable probability, that a brighter moment/day is ‘just around the corner’, sparked by a rainbow of opportunity.

Keep smiling, Imagine the best and stride with Purpose.

Be good to yourselves


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6 thoughts on “A Rainbow of Opportunity…..a lesson for all of us?

  1. Excellent post. It made me think of how one could turn that to their advantage throughout the day. Simply choose a colour (say Red), and decide in the morning that every time you see Red during the day you are going to feel a surge of well being, motivation, happiness – you choose. That simple bit of self programming could have lasting effects. Thanks for that David. Stu 🙂

    1. Thankyou Stu,
      Good idea. I think a key is to be prepared to accept that you can feel better, be more motivated/inspired…you have that choice always.If a particular colour gets you going, then why not. I appreciate your contribution Stu.
      be good to yourself

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