The 5 Deadly Sins…..How to turn them around

There are things that you need to do and there are things that you should avoid. When speaking with my coaching clients and potential clients, there are 5 ‘problem areas’ that consistently occur and inevitably hold them back from achieving so much more (or indeed, achieving anything)…

Procrastination… absolute art form. Why do something when you can put it off “for a better time”…..enough said

Excuses….. there’s got to be some reason not to do this, right?

Lack of Belief…..well I have never done this before, so I guess I probably won’t be able to do this now

No Game Plan/Goals/Vision…..what?

No Direction…..I don’t know where I am actually going, we’ll just see what happens…ok?

You probably get the picture. There’s no time like NOW to repent your “sins” and get the train back on the tracks otherwise it will be ‘trainwreck’ time.

I’m not a great one for rules or regulations however there are certain ‘unwritten’ standards that are worth adhering to. Turn the 5 ‘sins’ above right around and you are very likely to start kicking some goals.

Don’t Procrastinate…..just ‘do’ or wipe it completely…you will feel better either way

No Excuses….. you might want to check this out…always be aware of the subtle ones

Start Believing… yourself. Start with some small victories, then build. If you don’t believe in yourself then it’s extremely hard for others to do so…it starts with you

Set some Goals… in above, set some small ones to get used to achievement then build…and add some ‘bite’ & ‘meaning’ to them. Create a Vision of how you see your Life in 10, 20 years and start aiming…this will build some purpose.

A sense of Direction…..certainly handy to have. Add some detours for fun but create a journey of excitement. No doubt unexpected detours will occur however they may open up further possibilities…enjoy & take some control of your Life.

Make sense?

Be good to yourselves


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17 thoughts on “The 5 Deadly Sins…..How to turn them around

  1. Love the ‘add detours for fun’. And it’s so important to be open to what evolves and happens to come our way. Those are the exciting serendipitous happenings. This, all within the framework of Direction and Goals. You said it well.

  2. Wonderful post David!

    I simply love the quote “be the change you want to see in the world” I am a total believer of this – it’s the POWER of ONE – there’s a movie out by Tom Shadyac called I AM – I would suggest everyone watch it for it truly will make you more aware of the power of ONE!

    In gratitude,

  3. All great advice. Can you believe that people still don’t write their goals down? I should know – I was one of them. This is one of the cornerstones to achievement. Great post. Stu 🙂

  4. So true David. Once in a while I get this when I am about to write a post. I have this great idea for a post but when I sit down to write it I begin to question the topic. What works for me is to just start writing and get out of my own way and stop procrastinating.

    When I am finished with the post I am both relieved to have finished it and proud of what I created.

  5. Hi David,

    You nailed it with these five deadly sins. I personally think the lack of a gameplan is a huge one for most of us.

    It’s easy to just coast and play life as it comes to us. Then every once in a while we’ll see a successful person and say they were lucky. Yet, people don’t really luck success, they plan for it, and many times they aren’t successful right off the bat.

    Success often begets more success so it makes sense that we better get planning our futures if we want them to be the best futures we can hope for.



  6. Great job David. Actually I believe it all comes down to believing in yourself. If you don’t believe you can do something you are going to use all the other excuses to keep from doing it.

    Once you believe you can do something, the excuses for not doing it go away, you are on a mission,
    The procrastinate leaves, because of the the mission and than you make a plan and have the direction.

    As you say once you overcome these 5 the sky is the limit.
    Blessings to you David,

    1. To everyone above, I’m just going through Bob Proctor’s ‘Freedom Series’ Program and he has created 13 rules to achieving your goals:
      1. Keep writing your goals down
      2. Make sure your personal values support your goal
      3. Make sure the goal is your own
      4. Persue those goals that yuou are truly passionate about
      5. Accept the risk attached to a goal as it’s this risk that makes
      achieving the goal magical
      6. Prioritise until you are clear about your A1 goal
      7. Focus on achieving one goal at a time
      8. Create a clear, bright and vibrant picture of you achieving your
      goal in your mind
      9. Consciously choose those thoughts that help you achieve your goal
      10. Control your attitude
      11. Plan the first few steps to achieve your goal and implement them
      12. Keep going no matter what
      13. Measure your progress and adjust your actions accordingly

      Hope they help with gaining a bit of clarity and determination.
      Stu 🙂

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