Are You playing the Smoke & Mirrors game?

It’s Time to Get Real, don’t You think?

This time of year, heading toward Christmas & into another brand New Year is often a time for reflection.  Again.

The truth is, You don’t need a New Year to cause You to reflect. You can do that anytime.

But now that we are on the verge of  that time again , let’s have a look at the state of play.

I’ve used “again” twice already because I see so many times, people promising themselves that next year will be different.

Only to forget that ‘promise’ by 14 days in.

It’s time to get Real, don’t You think?get-real-set-goals-li-1

Start by setting the GOALS that WILL elevate your life.

NOW. [because Now is always the best time].

Life IS Too short to play with 2nd rate goals. And to delay starting on 1st rate goals.

Push yourself further. Believe me, You can.

Expand your opportunities, vision, daily thoughts.

Now, follow through on those goals .. until You succeed.

Giving up will not be an option for You in 2017 [if You ARE ready to get Real].

Your goals may be small [to start with], however if they focus on improving your life .. then they are Big!

2017 will be YOUR Year  if You get cracking Now.


Be good to Yourself


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Your Imagination .. is Your power source.

After all what is life without imagination?

Boring. Meaningless. These are two words that instantly come to mind.

And this power source of Yours feeds Your Creativity and Your mindset.Imagination WP Blog post

“Imagination is greater than knowledge”  said Einstein.

So imagine more. Flex those imagination muscles of Yours.

And while you are at it throw in some Big Dreams ..

and dream them often.

And from those dreams go and create stuff & believe in what You are creating.

Visualise this, visualise a life full of creativity, dreams and goals that are set from those dreams.

Your goals. Your dreams. Your creativity.

Touch it, feel it. Imagine it.


Be good to Yourself


Goal Kicker. Life Coach. Life Motivator for Men/Women 35-55.

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Seriously, How Serious are You about Life?

It’s SO easy to just go through the motions in Life.

You know, do very little.

Accept what You are Told.

Be led by others who tell You how you should think.

Do what “nice” people always do.

Speak Only when You are allowed.

Is this the way Your Life is unfolding?

Whatever happened to Curiosity?Have a Plan

Remember that You Are an individual. You have individual thought patterns.

You have your OWN life to lead.

You have the power to make your OWN choices & decisions.

You have your OWN voice.

Let it be heard when the time is right.

In the meantime, hone your own instincts. Create Your Own Life Plan.

Work Hard at it. Get Results.

Treat yourself & your life seriously [though remember to lighten up regularly] .. and Be Rewarded by that.

Where do You want your Life to be in a year from Now?

Perhaps .. start planning Today would be a terrific idea.


Be good to yourself


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A Very Short Story about Goals

Many say that writing down your goals adds commitment [to the goal]

I’m not going to argue with that however I’ve seen many

who have done just that and they simply spend their time just looking at them every day.

Regardless of whether you write them down or not, if the goal lacks sufficient meaning,

then you’re wasting your time. Writing it down won’t save You.Once you set them

Your best commitment is making sure that the goal means enough [for You personally] and you follow through by taking the action to get the goal achieved.

Plan your attack. Visualise yourself achieving the goal.

So, if you have a goal [or goals], make yourself happy
by doing something about it [them].

Be good to yourself


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3 ways to elevate Your game & achieve Your Mid Life Goals

Hi there fellow Life Lover.

No, this isn’t another post on Goals. 

You see,Goals can just be goals or Goals can be something that excites you.

But more of that later.

You’re heading toward 45.

And You have dreams that you want to come true. Firstly, you know that you will need to strengthen your resolve to pursue those dreams by setting some goals.

But you aren’t talking about “just goals”. This time,You need some real structure and punch, to elevate your game to a higher level.Pass the Juice WP Blog post

When you’ve navigated your way to 45 and you have even Bigger plans for the rest of your life, your goals need to be Big as well.

Outlandish, outrageous Goals? Not necessarily … but they will need to be bold in their structure and purposeful in their intent.

I’ve already mentioned “Purpose”. Add to that a liberal sprinkling of excitement and “out of the comfort zone daring” and then your mix has come alive.

You are in the prime of your life. By setting these purposeful goals you will be taking great steps to ensure that you springboard into and through the next 10 years.

This is a period in your life where you should be looking to stretch your thoughts and your imagination. Imagine Bigger, imagine Better. Get your juices flowing.

Yes, I know you think that only others have the Big Dreams and get the Big rewards.

You can as well. You are only limited by your thinking.

Now is the time for Bigger thinking. Broader thinking. Creative thinking.

And You can do this.

Time gets away. You and I both know that. I can’t stress enough, the need for You to maximise this time so that your years beyond 55 are just as rewarding as the next 10 years can be … and with effort are likely to be even better.

Starting Today, begin mapping your thoughts on how you want this year to finish and next year to evolve.

Build on that by expanding your horizons and take a snapshot of where you would like yourself to be in 3, 5,10 years from now. Financially wise, personal growth wise, family wise and perhaps spiritually wise.

Write it down. It doesn’t have to be perfect right now. Just let out your thoughts. You can make more detailed sense of them later [not too much later, though].

But very importantly, build your framework through Your goals, your support crew and your dreams.

Believe in yourself to make this happen! and get the support to help you build on this Belief. Start taking action Today!

** This post was refreshed September 7 2015


Be good to yourself


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5 Inspiring Goals that are not on Your List

Who Likes to be Inspired?

I know that I do.

You’ve no doubt heard of inspirational Goals. How many have You set for yourself, I wonder?

And what would You consider to be Inspirational?

There are many things inspirational in this world, however today, I have isolated just that are very much likely, not on Your list, but should be.5 Inspiring Goals Blog post

Please make a priority of these:

1. Have a Goal to be Creative because

The world needs You and You need yourself. Creativity is the essence of who you are and/or who You can become. Creativity is anything that gets your mind percolating and produces positive action as a flow on.

When it does, you are not simply “following orders”, you are creating “orders”. Whether that be for your product or your service.

2. Have a Goal to stretch your Imagination like ..

“what if I could do that?”

Engaging your imagination gets you out of the “mainstream” and into the “jet stream”.

You begin to fly with the Big people. It may be simple or it may blow your mind.

Either way Imagining beyond your current space is Big.

3. Have a Goal to share yourself with someone, every day ..

Add value to those around you. Sharing is worthy, it is feel good and it is necessary.

Lift someone up, when they’re down. Support and encourage someone who is beginning to make it.

4. Have a Goal to “toast” the sunrise and sunset ..

A day that you have is a blessing.  Live your day, celebrate your success and most importantly, welcome new challenges.

Be grateful that You do have a start to a brand new day and celebrate the fact that you have lived through another … challenges and all.

For that alone is a huge success and lesson.

5. Have a Goal to embrace Nature and Wildlife ..

You are part of this after all. Treat your natural environment with Respect. Add value to your environment and in turn, gain Value from it.

The plants, the ocean, the rivers, the atmosphere and the wildlife All deserve your closest attention.

Well, fellow Life Lover, what can You do with these 5 Inspirational Goals?


** This post was refreshed July 1 2015

Be good to yourself


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Heading toward 60 [part 4] – An open letter to myself

My adventure continues toward my next [age related] milestone.
Lately, I’ve been asking myself some pretty serious questions. Some I have been able to answer, some I can’t … right now.
Here’s how it’s unfolded.

An open letter to myself …
David, you’ve long aspired to become the best Mid Life Coach on the planet, how are you going with this? You’ve worked hard at it, gained some traction then saw some of that traction slip away. How do You keep going?

You have inspired many on various Social Media channels with uplifting commentary & support and have gained many admirers. Is this a true reflection of your Life right now? You have been successful in encouraging others to pursue their dream & goals however have you sacrificed some dreams & goals of your own?

David, you mean well, your heart is in the right place however … is this enough to live the life that you really desire? Will You drive on and become the best Mid Life Coach on the planet?Self Discovery

I have more questions left unanswered than answered here. My purpose in life is to live a purposeful life. I love supporting others with their dreams & goals throughout their Mid life years and removing any of their obstacles along the way … and I will continue to love that.

I just have to find the best way to do this so that I have a “win” as well as my clients. The adventure continues. Calmness and deep breathing mandatory.

Be good to yourself


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