Heading toward 60 [part 4] – An open letter to myself

My adventure continues toward my next [age related] milestone.
Lately, I’ve been asking myself some pretty serious questions. Some I have been able to answer, some I can’t … right now.
Here’s how it’s unfolded.

An open letter to myself …
David, you’ve long aspired to become the best Mid Life Coach on the planet, how are you going with this? You’ve worked hard at it, gained some traction then saw some of that traction slip away. How do You keep going?

You have inspired many on various Social Media channels with uplifting commentary & support and have gained many admirers. Is this a true reflection of your Life right now? You have been successful in encouraging others to pursue their dream & goals however have you sacrificed some dreams & goals of your own?

David, you mean well, your heart is in the right place however … is this enough to live the life that you really desire? Will You drive on and become the best Mid Life Coach on the planet?Self Discovery

I have more questions left unanswered than answered here. My purpose in life is to live a purposeful life. I love supporting others with their dreams & goals throughout their Mid life years and removing any of their obstacles along the way … and I will continue to love that.

I just have to find the best way to do this so that I have a “win” as well as my clients. The adventure continues. Calmness and deep breathing mandatory.

Be good to yourself


Your Mid Life Revitaliser Coach.

Listener. Motivator.

Inspiring Creativity & Purpose for Men & Women 40+

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