5 Inspiring Goals that are not on Your List

Who Likes to be Inspired?

I know that I do.

You’ve no doubt heard of inspirational Goals. How many have You set for yourself, I wonder?

And what would You consider to be Inspirational?

There are many things inspirational in this world, however today, I have isolated just that are very much likely, not on Your list, but should be.5 Inspiring Goals Blog post

Please make a priority of these:

1. Have a Goal to be Creative because

The world needs You and You need yourself. Creativity is the essence of who you are and/or who You can become. Creativity is anything that gets your mind percolating and produces positive action as a flow on.

When it does, you are not simply “following orders”, you are creating “orders”. Whether that be for your product or your service.

2. Have a Goal to stretch your Imagination like ..

“what if I could do that?”

Engaging your imagination gets you out of the “mainstream” and into the “jet stream”.

You begin to fly with the Big people. It may be simple or it may blow your mind.

Either way Imagining beyond your current space is Big.

3. Have a Goal to share yourself with someone, every day ..

Add value to those around you. Sharing is worthy, it is feel good and it is necessary.

Lift someone up, when they’re down. Support and encourage someone who is beginning to make it.

4. Have a Goal to “toast” the sunrise and sunset ..

A day that you have is a blessing.  Live your day, celebrate your success and most importantly, welcome new challenges.

Be grateful that You do have a start to a brand new day and celebrate the fact that you have lived through another … challenges and all.

For that alone is a huge success and lesson.

5. Have a Goal to embrace Nature and Wildlife ..

You are part of this after all. Treat your natural environment with Respect. Add value to your environment and in turn, gain Value from it.

The plants, the ocean, the rivers, the atmosphere and the wildlife All deserve your closest attention.

Well, fellow Life Lover, what can You do with these 5 Inspirational Goals?


** This post was refreshed July 1 2015

Be good to yourself


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