Self Discovery … it starts with the Questions

I wrote two posts some time back [2011 & early 2012] on Self Discovery which sparked & continues to spark interest. Questions are at the heart of what I do as a Coach & more importantly should be at the heart of what You do/want to do as a person.

So, instead of banishing these posts to the archives, I have shown them the light of day once more. Please humour me and  have a read and share  if you feel the posting is worthy …….

“Around the age of 40, your perspective on Life often changes (or not for some). For some (good) reason our Thoughts turn to the 2nd half of our lives and how we can continue/start to enjoy or improve our lot… did for me at least.  I’d like to throw a few questions at you for your consideration, fascination, procrastination, motivation or what other “ation” grabs your fancy.Self Discovery

Can these questions (I’m sure there are more) get your minds percolating with fresh effervescent ideas? or at least, to take a good look at where you’re currently at & where you would like to be?……I hope so.

  • How do I really want to live the rest of my Life
  • What impact on myself, my significant others do I want to make in the next 10 years
  • What’s vitally important to me Now
  • What, if any changes do I need to make
  • What support will I need if I decide to make changes
  • who will be affected(by my changes)
  • Are my Belief systems valid, up to date or need renewal
  • What are my top 3 personal Values that I want to live my Life by
    • How can I improve my health & fitness
    • how much of my potential am I prepared to tap in to
    • am I happy
    • Is my Love strong enough
    • what Life Goals do I need to set
    • do my skills need upgrading
    • what new skills do I wish to learn
    • what are my passions
    • what am I prepared to do to achieve the Life of my dreams
    • what am I prepared to forego to achieve………
    • how can I share myself, my passions, my skills with others
      • How do I see myself, my self perception
      • what is my perception of the World….do I fit in or do I want to

And here are a few more questions from the second post that may get you thinking …..

  • Am I happy with the way things are now
    • Will my current ‘choices’ get me to where I want to be
  • Do I commit to taking action to achieve what I really want
  • Are my thoughts helping me
  • Am I aware of any limiting beliefs that will stand in my way
  • Do I make excuses
  • Do I consider myself a Victim of circumstance or do I take personal responsibility for my Life

When one takes full responsibility for their Life, any prior obstacles or distractions are now seen as opportunities, to expand one’s view of LifeQuestion2

  • Am I motivated to achieve what I want… the fire inside me well fueled
  • Do I appreciate myself
  • Do I need external motivation, a Coach or Mentor
  • What is my source of Inspiration… I have one (or many)
  • What three (3) important achievements will define this current year
  • Do my Values and Beliefs need reviewing…..are they still valid
  • Am I willing to raise the bar on my performance
  • Do I settle for less than I deserve
  • Is my ‘Big Picture’ complete or is it still a work in progress

This is an opportune time to complete your ‘picture’…..sketch it first if you have to and ‘paint’ it in later… least make a start.

  • Do I have support, people who I can rely on
  • Where do I want to be with my Life in 5 years
  • In 10 years time when I Iook back at my achievements, or lack of ‘action’, how will I feel
  • Is there anything stopping me from making progress on my Vision today
  • How will I feel, when my ” dream” comes alive

The Mid Life years are ones to be treasured. With the right thoughts, actions and dreams/visions you can “extend” your mid life beyond the generally accepted norms … no time to dwell on ‘old age’ thoughts when you are flourishing in your mid life years … let’s get to it!



Be good to yourself


The Mid Life Coach.

Helping You take the action that You need to take.

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6 thoughts on “Self Discovery … it starts with the Questions

  1. I guess I must be what is called a late bloomer because my perception of life didn’t start changing until I was approximately 48 years old. Since then I’ve been enjoying each day more as it is as opposed to how I want it to be. The ‘little things in life’ have become more of the majority of my life.

  2. There are some penetrating and insightful questions there David. I would suggest anyone interested in investigating their answers print this post out and take some real time to go through them. Nice one. 🙂

  3. Super questions David, I find I need to check in with myself frequently to make sure my head and my heart are on the same page. It’s become a normal practice, but I’m going to check out your questions too!

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