What is the important factor that is missing from your Life?

Knowing that You want more in your life yet not knowing where or how to start is frustrating.

There are two [2] key steps that you need to action in order to begin the structure of achieving more in your life.

Right from the get go, You need to know … what is it that is important to You?

You will, like I have on numerous occasions in the past, spent time on things that are unimportant.Blog Post Personal Power Blog

Though we both thought that they were important at the time, very important. However, over time you came to realise that “urgent” doesn’t necessarily mean important,or that You do have other choices.

The follow up to all this? …..

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Be good to yourself


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Where’s the “Cash”?

Hello fellow Life lovers,

So, where is the “cash” in your Life?

Do you have it or are you still seeking it?…..What is “the cash” to you?

A Super Yacht, sports car, mansion house, Holiday home on a tropical island, gold bullion, 10 million blue chip shares/stock? OR maybe

#…….a beautiful smile, a wink of encouragement, a pat on the back or a handshake for support. A magnificent sunrise or breathtaking sunset. A flower opening to full bloom, a baby laughing, a warm embrace from a loved one, a sincere “Thank you”.

All of these # make me feel warm inside…..these are “cash in the Bank” moments for me (please note, I don’t have any of the former but hey, they would be nice)

However I still need cold hard cash, my everyday walk around currency. “Survival food” in the jungle of Life. So where is it?

Is it in your day “job”, writing blog posts, having a bet on the horses, gambling on the internet, hustling at pool at the corner bar. Is your “boss” the cash?, winning the Lottery, selling your unwanted ‘things’?

OR is it in your Network, your friends, your loved ones?

When you work out what you value, what Life means to you, you immediately become richer, choices become clearer. And when you do, I believe that the cash ( & more of it) is drawn to you.

Truth be known, the “cash” is in your hands. You are the cash, you are a walking, negotiable currency able to be friended, be loved & able to love & to give your friendship. Cash changes hands every day. Some stays in the till, some gets circulated, some gets stashed away (for a rainy day).

Circulate the cash my friends. It’s great for the human economy….. keep circulating, keep loving because a ‘rainy day’ may never come.

be good to yourselves


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