Make Time for your Life

In our life on this earth, time is finite, therefore limited. We can set our watches/clocks to represent our “real time”. We have calendars to represent “real time”.  Then we use these measurements to plan our life, you know, birthdays, meetings, job interviews, holidays, appointments…da, de,da,de,da…….

Now I said that we use watches, clocks, calendars to plan our lives. Is this truly our life? Sure there is  stuff that needs to be done, however it is not Life. This is not a post about  “Life itself”. The meaning of Life etc, is an individual thing and there are countless writings on this. Rather, I am talking about the time that you actually (should) spend on your Life, you know, meaningful living.

So the question remains…….What time are you really making for your life? (non stuff time) OR is the “stuff” taking over your Life?

I see ‘MyTime’/Life as being made up of a series of prescious moments, namely…..connections with yourself, connection with others, family and connection with your environment. These “prescious now moments” are what I believe, are the true joys and blessings – my Life. This is what we should embrace and this is what we should prioritise as time critical.

How often do people late in their lives state their regrets….”wish I had done this…..”, wish I had made more time for that….” etc,……..Why?….because “stuff” got in the way. As Steven Covey says “prioritise the important things not just the urgent ones.” Make time for your Life.

Be good to yourselves

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