A little taste of some Real Life Serendipities

This post is simply a compilation of some ‘serendipitous’ phrases,  which I have used in previous posts and some others that have entered my Life or I have used in my coaching conversations.

I hope you enjoy.

“Each moment has the potential to launch you in to a new journey of discovery…….cherish each & every moment”.

“Don’t just accept what is…….consider what if ”

“Many things can make my heart sing”

” The word Yes is so short yet so powerful…and it’s very easy to say”

“It’s often the seemingly little things in Life that are really the big things”

“Belief comes in all shapes & sizes and there is one just right for you”

“A smile is so simple yet so effective”

“We can all step forward together & embrace what the future holds”

”Renewal is a Life long exercise. Renewal is ongoing, Retirement is permanent”

“Love is all around us, it really is”

“The sun is always shining, it just gets cloudy from time to time”

“Moments come & then go however the memory of those moments can linger on. It is up to us to make our memories memorable”

“You can only be you, so make an agreement(with you) to be the best you that you can be”

”Imagination has no rules, isn’t it great!”

“Great questions open the door to great experiences”

“Learning is one constant that must be maintained to experience a full Life”

That’s all for now, just a little taste of the many “serendipities” that have come in to my world in recent months.

be good to yourselves


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