A “Big” story and Your Life’s Art


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“Big” is often seen as … well, Big. You know huge, gynormous, excessive, epic.

Did you know that “Big” can also be the very first step that you take toward a goal of yours or the very first step you take toward following “that” dream of yours?

“Big” can also be stepping outside your comfort zone or thinking outside the box that you have created for yourself.

Big doesn’t have to be epic however the results that you get when you play “Big” … are epic.

And talking about epic Your Life’s Art is the top of the mountain. You are a creation machine. In fact, Your Life is your Art. Read more of this Big story  here  

Be good to yourself


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Forget about the “numbers”. The Math will add up if you do this one thing …

Be Yourself –  Express Yourself.

You will angst over the numbers.

For example: How many shares , re tweets, likes, stats, visits, comments that you get on Social Media or on your website or blog. And good on You if you’re getting plenty.

Life, like Social Media doesn’t have it’s real bottom line in “the numbers”. Like how many friends you may have, how many cars are parked in your garage, how many houses that you own. And good on You if you have plenty of these.

It may look good on the surface. Your friends may there but are they really ‘with you’ or are they in love with your stuff? The cars and the houses look great but who knows if they are owned or mortgaged to the hilt, lease is about to expire or whatever. They are just numbers.

No, the real substance is You. Are You the real deal? Or are you just going through life like a cardboard cutout? Whether it’s your business self or personal self, you need to be “real” to seal any deal worth sealing.

Real friends and real Social Media influence and real “wealth/sucess” [whatever that may be for you] will come from your own true Self Expression. Be Yourself – Express Yourself. Express Yourself

Create your own “Art” in life . Be proud of the Art that you do create. Art with substance. Art with integrity. Art with Purpose.

Flaunt it. Love it. Be grateful that you can create it.

Don’t sweat the numbers. Work on the substance.

True ‘numbers’ will gravitate to you when you are acting as your True self. Be your own Artist. Create the life and the person that You are meant to live and to be … with Integrity.

True “followers” will be by your side because they will fall in Love with the real You. They will love the “Art” that you have created. This is the true Math.

Don’t just be someone’s statistic. Make Your number count. Let it be a standout, let it shine and enjoy the process. Express Yourself.

How does that sound? Is this true for You? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Walk with Me through 2014 AND Beyond. 

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Be good to yourself


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C’mon, Express Yourself…..

Too often I see people existing in a Life that seems to lack real ‘punch’ or ‘pizzazz’, just generally lacks ……there’s something not right.

They appear as only a shadow or shell of what they truly can be. They are living a shallow Life, there is no depth to their being.

That’s sad.

But this blog is not about “sadness”, so let’s get the party started!

You know, I believe that for many, there is the real person hiding away in there somewhere just waiting for an invitation to join the party (of Life).

I say express Yourself!.….show the world who you really are, don’t hide in the shadows and better still, you don’t need an invitation to join the party…..just c’mon in.

Self expression is achievable with a healthy dose of Self Belief and Imagination.

What’s stopping you from expressing…..

  • your passion for Life…(please be passionate!)
  • your dancing moves? (couldn’t help it, it’s an expression party after all)
  • your humanity
  • your faith
  • your personal power
  • your love
  • your forgiveness
  • your creativity
  • your style
  • your vision
  • your skill
  • your strength
  • your flair, for the Arts…….
  • your ability, with sports……….

Use this space to fill with your expression of your Life…………………………………………..


Fellow Life Lovers, fill in the blank canvas of your Life with the expression of who you are.

The world will be better for it.

be good to yourselves


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