Your Imagination .. is Your power source.

After all what is life without imagination?

Boring. Meaningless. These are two words that instantly come to mind.

And this power source of Yours feeds Your Creativity and Your mindset.Imagination WP Blog post

“Imagination is greater than knowledge”  said Einstein.

So imagine more. Flex those imagination muscles of Yours.

And while you are at it throw in some Big Dreams ..

and dream them often.

And from those dreams go and create stuff & believe in what You are creating.

Visualise this, visualise a life full of creativity, dreams and goals that are set from those dreams.

Your goals. Your dreams. Your creativity.

Touch it, feel it. Imagine it.


Be good to Yourself


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Imagination .. The Best of Revisited

Some years back, I wrote quite a few posts around the topic of “Imagination”. This particular post summarised four quotations/short stories on Imagination.

I thought it timely to revisit this and … Just Imagine for a while.

“I Love using my Imagination. A phrase that I enjoy sharing with regards to getting the best out of your imagination is ..  imagine when rather than imagining if”. 

This brings it into the realms of reality rather than just wishful thinking.

1. Imagine, when you wake up one morning and there is the noise of laughter and singing echoing outside. You peer out of your window ..

Your neighbourhood is absolutely full of people dancing & singing, dogs wagging their tails, cats purring and birds chirping. And of course, the sun is shining brightly. What a sight to behold!

You go outside to investigate the “fuss”. You ask a spritely looking elderly gentleman doing a jig, “what’s going on?” and he replies ..

“Damn if I know, I just started imagining a better place and found myself here”

you ask another and get the same reply and another, same reply and so on.

Just Imagine if the whole world started imagining like this ..The Best of Imagination WP Blog post

2. One of the beauties of Imagination is that there are no “rules” to abide by. There are no boundaries, limits, barriers, roadblocks, speed humps or obstacles .. or excuses.

Now in our “real world” that would likely be seen as unfair. You know, you gotta play by the “Rules”.

Does Imagination care about that?


Don’t play fair when you can Imagine.

3. What’s the difference between Imagination and Procrastination?

Imagination will get you out of bed in the morning, excited to live another day, while ..

‘Procrastination’ will have you thinking ..”heck, my day can wait, where’s the snooze button?”

Imagination dwells inside each of us. Ever waiting to be released from it’s dormancy, often in a burst of mind numbing spontaneity.

Shed light on your imagination, often.

4. A major key to effect vivid imagining is to –  “Imagine when .. not imagine “if“

Imagining “when” something happens is embracing what I call, the “substance” of imagination. It is bringing your imagined [previously locked up, never to be released] thoughts into the open where they can blossom into your reality.

“To imagine just once, kindles the glow imagine often, lights up the entire world.”

Well, there you have it.”

What can You imagine Today?


Be good to yourself


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Short Story No 8 [Energy. Action. Purpose. Conversation. Motivation.]

Life is for Living. Life is for doing.

So, if you are going to live your life, then grab a good hold of these 5 ingredients.

Without Purpose, without Energy it’s very difficult to take the action necessary to do what has to be done and To do what you are meant to do.

Of course you will need a healthy dose of Motivation. You may be sufficiently self motivated.

Or you may need to engage in some meaningful conversation with someone who can motivate You.

Imagine what you can achieve with the necessary energy,purpose & motivation?

Just imagine!

Take the required action and follow through on every step.

Plug into Life! … it’s waiting for You
Plug into Life



Be good to yourself


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Short Story No. 5

Fellow Life Lover,

At the risk of being repetitive, “You can have it All”.

The only thing stopping you?

Is You.

Here’s 7 points that will help you to be the BEST possible version of You.

There are [in some cases], many sub points to these 7 and I have written about all of them previously and no doubt will again in the future.

I simply want you to take stock of these pointers and begin the necessary action toward creating your best version of self.Short story No5 Blog post

1. Step up.

You may be in your comfort place right now. Take a step up the ladder where the view is a little better. You’ll find a lot more comfort as you climb. And a lot more confidence.

2. Step out.

Isolation is not helpful. Take the steps to move yourself out from your current zone into the bigger world where the action happens. Add a spring to your step, embrace new friends & relationships. Create new opportunities.

3. Stand Tall & Shine.

Shrinking violets are fine in the garden. This world needs your light. Stick your head up and speak your message. There’s no need for brash & brassy, just the strength of your authenticity.

4. Dream/Imagine.

Break the shackles of one pace thinking and introduce fresh thoughts that will take you to another level.


This adds an important dimension to your “work”. When you add the care factor, you elevate yourself above the crowd.

6. Share.

You are not an island. Helping others up adds to your own strengths. Encouraging others to share their talents multiplies this effect.

7. Live Well.

Look after your body and your mind. Exercise of the daily kind is essential for both. Love your friends and your family. Love the opportunity to live this life. You have one shot only.

**This post was refreshed April 29 2015

Be good to Yourself


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Do You have an Excuse for not getting your Sh*t done today?

Hi again.

Let me tell you right from the get go that I feel so strongly about people using ExcusesThey trap you, hold you back and hold you down.

And they are completely unnecessary from a personal growth standpoint. That’s my opinion, upfront.

I’ve written about excuses before and am again motivated to delve once more into this murky world.

There are excuses that you use to simply avoid something completely or to just put things off.

Fair enough. I’ve done that. However, generally I’ve found that it’s far better to face it before you regret it [later].Excuses Blog post-2

Some situations are better handled later when you are in a more favourable position to do so.

For example when you have let go of your anger. And when you have gathered more information on “that situation”.

However other situations only get worse, the longer that you delay facing and dealing with them.

Deep down, You know what you really have to do in these situations.

There are “other excuses” that are given without you realising it.

This happens when your sublimimal conditioning has blocked your awareness [to opportunity].

Your mind is automatically saying “No” to many of the opportunities that present themselves to you.

And these are the most concerning.

The “voices” in your head are confirming that “you’re not good enough for that.”

“That’s too hard”. “You don’t have the skills for that”. ”That’s way out of your league”.

This all builds to an “avoidance culture”.

You are limiting your growth, your potential success and your relationship with self.

When you find yourself saying “No” often, or avoiding the “issue” often, start questioning yourself, “Why?”

Is their evidence to support you holding yourself back? At the end of the day, a lot of the reasons for your “avoidance” may be only imaginary because there are no real facts to support them.

Avoiding situations and people with [lame/poor, or even unwitting] excuses will dilute your personal power.

It will also narrow your choices when you are again faced with this situation. It will stagnate your personal growth.

I hope this has given you something to think upon.

How often do You avoid certain situations?

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**This post was refreshed April 29 2015

Be good to yourself


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Forget about the “numbers”. The Math will add up if you do this one thing …

Be Yourself –  Express Yourself.

You will angst over the numbers.

For example: How many shares , re tweets, likes, stats, visits, comments that you get on Social Media or on your website or blog. And good on You if you’re getting plenty.

Life, like Social Media doesn’t have it’s real bottom line in “the numbers”. Like how many friends you may have, how many cars are parked in your garage, how many houses that you own. And good on You if you have plenty of these.

It may look good on the surface. Your friends may there but are they really ‘with you’ or are they in love with your stuff? The cars and the houses look great but who knows if they are owned or mortgaged to the hilt, lease is about to expire or whatever. They are just numbers.

No, the real substance is You. Are You the real deal? Or are you just going through life like a cardboard cutout? Whether it’s your business self or personal self, you need to be “real” to seal any deal worth sealing.

Real friends and real Social Media influence and real “wealth/sucess” [whatever that may be for you] will come from your own true Self Expression. Be Yourself – Express Yourself. Express Yourself

Create your own “Art” in life . Be proud of the Art that you do create. Art with substance. Art with integrity. Art with Purpose.

Flaunt it. Love it. Be grateful that you can create it.

Don’t sweat the numbers. Work on the substance.

True ‘numbers’ will gravitate to you when you are acting as your True self. Be your own Artist. Create the life and the person that You are meant to live and to be … with Integrity.

True “followers” will be by your side because they will fall in Love with the real You. They will love the “Art” that you have created. This is the true Math.

Don’t just be someone’s statistic. Make Your number count. Let it be a standout, let it shine and enjoy the process. Express Yourself.

How does that sound? Is this true for You? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Walk with Me through 2014 AND Beyond. 

#This post was refreshed March 26 2015


Be good to yourself


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“What if” – can become “When I do”

What if indeed. I wrote a post earlier this year called “What if ….. the biggest question of them all”. What if can open up possibilities and also conjure up doubt, so it’s a double sided coin. Personally,I prefer the possibilities side of the coin. I hope you do so as well.

When is an action word. It eliminates doubt and reinforces intent. It is also a word that is a perfect partner of ‘possibilities’. When the possibility is first opened and then followed thru with the intent of when … there is no holding back.Untitled7

For example:

What if I took that step? ….. when I take that step

What if I took another? ….. when I follow up with another step forward

What if I could change? ….. when I  change the way I think

What if things were different? ….. when I look at things in a different way

This is a fairly simplistic look at it, I acknowledge. However, many things in life can be looked at in it’s simplist form. There’s too much complication in our lives.

Taking that first step out of your cozy , non working comfort zone is easier said than done. However again, a simple change in thought process can ignite the change process and make  that step much more believable to the person snuggled in their cozy comfort zone.

Using the word “when” as a power for good in your life, can make all the difference. Why not try it?

What do you think? I enjoy responding to comments, please leave one.

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Be good to yourself


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