How to be Inspiring without really trying

I’ve had a few comments recently via Social Media thanking me for being so inspiring. Now while I appreciate the comments very much I struggled a little with this concept of being inspirational.

I know that my intent in part is to inspire others to take action. Actually, that is really my bottom line. However this “inspiring” thing got me thinking.

I am not doing anything out of the ordinary.blog26

I walk my talk. I speak and write with passion. I Love what I do.

I care about many things on this planet … the people, the environment, the wildlife. I enjoy seeing people excel. I enjoy seeing people value life and live it fully.

I like to share my ideas and I like to share my best work.

I care a lot. I love to play. I see life as an adventure and I “test” myself by seeing how fit I can get in my latter mid life years.

Now, I don’t see that as anything out of the ordinary.

So I guess there you have it . Simply be your best “ordinary” and You to can be inspirational.

You have it in You. If I can do it, so can You.

And that’s the real clue. Simply be the best version of You.

Be good to yourself


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5 Powerful ingredients that add “Meaning” to your Goals

In a much earlier post, I specified the 5 effective steps that I believed were essential in achieving meaningful goals.

Now I want to introduce you to what I believe are 5 powerful ingredients to add real meaning to your Goals.

Passion, Persistence,  Imagination, Vision, Gratitude

These are not new and will be well known to you all. I have joined them as one defining resource or collective if you will.

When used in this way, you will create an avenue toward real meaning with your Goals.

It is however my experience, one or more of these ingredients (in some cases all) are found lacking when people set out to achieve goals. Or set out to achieve anything more than what they have at present. It’s like going on a road trip with only half a tank of fuel and expecting it to get you the whole journey.

Let’s have a closer look.


Without this your goals will fizzle…out. Passion is a vital and common ingredient amongst all successful achievement and all successful people. It can be an overused term and it’s not my intent to do this here. I struggle to give a specific description of passion however my best effort is along the lines of “when you are doing something that excites you, makes you feel fully alive and gives you a tingling feeling, then you are passionate”…..and you can see this in the people who are truly passionate.


It’s rarely a smooth trip when chasing your goals. There will be rough patches. Hanging in there when the going gets tough is a must. Looking for a gap thru the ‘roadblock’, a breakthrough of some kind requires persistence. If you are prepared to be persistent, regardless, then the end achievement (of your goal) is the more meritorious and meaningful.



Thinking outside the box, outside the square is a valued trait. When setting goals especially Big ones that may seem ‘out of reach’, imagining the positive end result before you set out certainly stokes the fire, gets you excited…..and that’s pretty powerful meaning at work, right there. p.s I’ve written a number of posts on “Imagination”…some links are found at the foot of this post.


Having the ability to look ahead, to stretch the boundaries of what normally is expected and create something new and powerful is Vision at it’s best. This is where the meaningful goals are created. Vision and Imagination are like identical twins. They go hand in hand and have created so much in our world. Use them yourselves and create added meaning to your Life.


What’s this got to do with “meaning” you might be saying? Well, in my experience being grateful adds an extra dimension to the meaning of my existence, my Life. And during this Life, I have set and achieved many goals. There is still much that I want to achieve. Being grateful for “future achievements” when initially setting my goals adds punch and confidence during the goal achievement journey.

Can this be helpful to you? I’d love to hear your comments.

Be good to yourselves


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The Imagination series (Episode 7…final curtain call)

Well, this is the finale in my series of short, thought provoking posts on Imagination. Imagination will live on in my other blog postings however I didn’t want to overstay my welcome with this.

How can I “finish” this off, I wonder?

It’s gotta be Big, Huge even, different?…..Hmmmm

Imagine, when you wake up one morning and there is the noise of laughter and singing echoing outside. You peer out of your window……

Your neighbourhood is absolutely full of people dancing & singing, dogs wagging their tails, cats purring and birds chirping…….and of course, the sun is shining brightly……..what a sight to behold!

You go outside to investigate the “fuss”. You ask a spritely looking elderly gentleman doing a jig, “what’s going on?” and he replies……

“Damn if I know, I justed started imagining a better place and found myself here”

you ask another and get the same reply and another, same reply and so on…….

Just Imagine if the whole world started imagining like this………

be good to yourselves, see you at “Living Life Today”…….


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C’mon, Express Yourself…..

Too often I see people existing in a Life that seems to lack real ‘punch’ or ‘pizzazz’, just generally lacks ……there’s something not right.

They appear as only a shadow or shell of what they truly can be. They are living a shallow Life, there is no depth to their being.

That’s sad.

But this blog is not about “sadness”, so let’s get the party started!

You know, I believe that for many, there is the real person hiding away in there somewhere just waiting for an invitation to join the party (of Life).

I say express Yourself!.….show the world who you really are, don’t hide in the shadows and better still, you don’t need an invitation to join the party…..just c’mon in.

Self expression is achievable with a healthy dose of Self Belief and Imagination.

What’s stopping you from expressing…..

  • your passion for Life…(please be passionate!)
  • your dancing moves? (couldn’t help it, it’s an expression party after all)
  • your humanity
  • your faith
  • your personal power
  • your love
  • your forgiveness
  • your creativity
  • your style
  • your vision
  • your skill
  • your strength
  • your flair, for the Arts…….
  • your ability, with sports……….

Use this space to fill with your expression of your Life…………………………………………..


Fellow Life Lovers, fill in the blank canvas of your Life with the expression of who you are.

The world will be better for it.

be good to yourselves


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6 ways to find a passionate Life

I have adapted this from a previous post of mine. I have amended it somewhat & present it to you in a fresher format. Please read on…….

Living with Passion is mind blowing. There are so many passionate people on this earth yet there are so many more who are either 1. Still seeking the key to a life filled with passion OR 2. Don’t know that a passionate Life can be available to them.

I would like to share with you 6 of my thoughts on how to discover & live a Life with Passion. In no particular order…….

1. Take the time to learn what is really important to you…….I mean really important. This requires serious introspection. This may take time however it is seriously worth it!…..look at your Beliefs, are they serving you, are they ‘out of date’?…..your Values, what are they, are you living them? Only after you have questioned & evaluated your Values & Beliefs can you begin the path to what is really important in your Life.

2. Have a sense of Direction…….. where are you going with your Life?…This can be a follow on to the previous point. Are you at the mercy of others, their needs, their wishes. Is the pathway blurred Or is the pathway clear of major obstacles and ready for you to navigate toward your end goals? The latter is more desirable, you need to know where you are going, what you want to achieve and it needs to be your journey……no ‘excess’ baggage please, no pleasing others though this may turn into a by product of your successful journey. It’s got to be you in the first instance.

Start with a broad perspective. Allow for ‘detours’ which may uncover some marvellous opportunities not previously thought of. You can then ‘narrow down’  your discoveries to  form your  most desirable outcomes as your journey unfolds.

3. Having meaningful goals……..not any goals but goals with passion, with substance, with bite. Goals that will set you alight, will make your heart sing, will add substance to your life, your existence, your legacy. Drill down to your core, what really matters to you? Set the bar to the max, stretch yourself, add some real meaning to your Life.

4. Your Thoughts must be Positive………your thoughts determine your actions therefore your outcomes. We are always thinking, believe it or not. Everything you are currently doing, will do today, this week are determined by your thoughts. So why not think positively, think for the good, it will change your Life…..try it.

5. Be Yourself……. sounds pretty basic doesn’t it? However realising and being You and only you sets you on the right path. Forget comparisons, you are your own benchmark. By all means learn from others, that’s sensible. However you can’t be others, you can only be You. And aim to be the best You that you can be.

6.  Imagination………….without it you have restrictions, With it you have freedom. Freedom to choose your path, freedom from mediocrity, freedom to be great! There are no boundaries to your Imagination & there are no rules, be wild.

“Imagination is greater then knowledge.” Albert Einstein.…use your imagination to create a life with no limits but with endless joy.

I imagine a world with happy, smiling people…..what do you Imagine?

Be good to yourselves


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Say Yes more often

I love positivity. There is far too much negativity in the world. How about a dose of some positive vibes? Today we have a “Yesathon”. A made up word however I feel that it suits the occasion.

Yes, Yes, Yes…….

Say “yes” to yourself…. Say yes to Life.

“Yes, I am going to enjoy this moment”.  “Yes, I am going to live & enjoy this day”.

Yes is positive. Yes is vibrant. Yes knows no boundaries. Yes is embracing. Yes makes you smile.

Say Yes to self discovery.……keep on learning.

Say Yes to imagination…….broaden the possibilities, breakdown any boundaries or barriers.

Saying “No” can lead to a closed mind mentality. Saying “No” often means that you don’t “know”. That’s ok, say Yes to open up the possibilities of knowing more, then decide whether it is for you or not.

Say Yes to opportunities. They may not be there tomorrow.

Saying Yes has many advantages.

  • you open up your Heart
  • you open up your mind
  • you impart an immediate positive reaction to the recipient
  • two minds are then joined for at least an instant
  • good vibes are sent out like ‘shock waves’……. the ripple effect of saying yes means more yes’ follow
  • you can’t be negative when yes means positive
  • you can only be happy not sad

Say Yes to greater harmony in the world. Say Yes to greater peace, to greater understanding.

Say Yes to loving your fellow man/woman. Say Yes to ’embracing’ communication with your fellow Life Lovers around the world.

You see YES can be such a powerful word.

What will you say yes to today, tomorrow?…….Feel free to share, I would love to hear your thoughts.

be good to yourselves


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13 things to Love about your Mid Life

Life is a Journey.

Mid Life is an Adventure.

Join me for our intimate Love fest, just you & me. The adventure is now beginning.

I have spoken before about mid-life adventure and also asked questions about mid-life journeys. At the end of the day, I believe it’s all about learning & discovery and having huge amounts of Fun while you are at it.

Here are  13 of my top “Loves” about the mid life years. They may apply to you as well. Why thirteen? No particular reason. (There are many more, maybe share later) –

  • I have worldly experience to use & to share & to contribute
  • The questions that have bothered me before are now bringing answers…….magically it seems
  • Greater self awareness…….I have become more aware of who I really am (eek!)
  • My passion for Life has become more “real”…….I can now taste it, embrace it & touch it
  • The sun is always shining
  • I fit in to my own view of the world
  • Fitness & good health are now top priorities & I can see, feel & enjoy the benefits
  • I answer to no one other than myself
  • I have finally become aware of my own “personal power” & the magic that it generates
  • I have learned to value my marriage (of 30 years) & value the growth of my children
  • I enjoy my mistakes. Previously I just saw them as ‘mistakes’…….now I know better
  • I have an acquired taste for good coffee and meaningful conversation
  • My Imagination has no limits, it often runs wild…….I love it

* I am biased. Mid Life is golden. It can also disappear, fast.

* Grab it, hold it, embrace it, feel it, touch it, love it, learn from it…….enjoy it!

What do you love about your mid life? Don’t be afraid to share.

be good to yourselves


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