Short Story No. 4 [Listening]


Did You know that Listening is an Art form?

You can listen with your ears. You can listen with your eyes and You can listen with your heart.

When you master all 3 then you  become are an artiste.

Listening, as an Art, is beyond simply hearing. Listening is the seeker of understanding. Listening is the seeker of knowledge. Listening is Giving.

A true listener respects others and in turn gains respect, from others. You are giving your time to appreciate and understand. This is indeed, worthy.Listening-5

How to listen well:

Release any pre conceived or prior thoughts.

Be open to the flow [of the conversation].

Observe body language, or tonality if not face to face.

Be aware of the others’ emotional state.

Acknowledge [that they have something to say].

Accept the intention. [understand]

The world needs more listeners.  Speakers are everywhere and many deliver a great message. Many more simply add to the noise.

In the silence, is where the message gains most traction. Delivering your “message” to someone who is truly listening, is where the value is.

“Information received, Thank You”. Win. Win.

** This post was refreshed April 24 2015

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