Is there a Lunatic inside your Head?

This is a post I wrote near on 2 years agoI believe that it is still relevant today.

“I’ve gone a little crazy for this post. It”s a somewhat different take on things, a different angle or perspective if you like……..

#What’s that you say?…..I thought I heard a voice. # Nah, can’t be?

You know, that nagging “voice” which is trying to interrupt your concentration. You are  focussing but there is something else lurking in your subconscious, trying to get to the surface………it appears some lunatic is attempting to sabotage your thoughts OR is that same “lunatic” just trying to get your attention?

Which “lunatic” is it…..Good Lunatic or Bad Lunatic?

The Good Lunatic may at first seem a little crazy, a little different, make a lot of noise but hey, isn’t that the world that we live in? full of noise, distraction. Maybe that’s why he/she is making so much noise……to get your attention in the first instance.

Unnecessary distraction & noise take us away from our Main Game. There are (numerous) times when I have  needed a “good lunatic” to get me back on track. A Voice prepared to give me a good “kicking” when required. A Voice to rise above the noise of everyday Life and at the same time, respect my need for quietness when the time to pause for some deep thought & introspection is required

However, there is also the “bad lunatic” voice, which can be much more subtle(at first). Quietly whispering in your ear. The soothing sounds of self destruction. He/she sneeks up on you, becomes your “friend”, gently offering support & encouragement……..only to eventually get you derailed!

Then the  “bad” becomes “real bad”. He/she ups the volume. The gentle soothing whispers become noisier, more persistent. You have difficulty hearing anything else, this “lunatic” is gaining control & is blocking out the voice of reason, commonsense, practicality and the quiet of deep personal thought.

Which “lunatic” do you want or have inside your head?

Sadly, many are unaware of the voice within the inner guiding light, intuition, cosmic power source, universal thought line or whatever tag you would like to apply. So for many, there is a lunatic running loose in the asylum. A distracting noise aimed at your self destruction.

The Key, I believe is knowing your inner voice, it’s vulnerabilities and it’s power (when it’s good & when it’s bad). Knowing your inner voice & it’s behaviour, will give you more self control and the ability to be your true self, rather than have a “lunatic” in charge of your life.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts …..

Be good to yourselves


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It’s not Rocket Science…however sometimes lift off seems hard to achieve

“Often the simple things become infuriatingly complicated. Some by design, many by us”.

Whatever “it” is that’s causing you distress, angst, frustration & the like, it’s unlikely to be rocket science when you drill down a little.

I love to cut through (thru for my North American friends)…..*now that gives me a thought. The English language is often unnecessarily complicated(at least the version I’m used to)…why not spell it as you say it. I am on a mission to uncomplicate things, so from now I will use “thru”… where was I, oh yeh

I was saying that ‘I love to cut thru’…we often see and hear things that really should be quite simple, being “layered” with  complications whether it be beauracratic red tape, inflammatory or unnecessary language, conflicted thoughts. This can be mind numbing stuff indeed.

There’s probably little that I can do about the beauracracy however the language and thoughts side of things, I can……and so can you. I suggest that you take the time to really think about this… maybe even meditate on it, you will find that the complications/fears are really unnecessary… you just need to examine your thoughts and become much more aware of them.

Clearing up the background noise from your thoughts will invite clearer language and sharper action.

Here are 4 cut thru’s which will simplify your day, week, month & year and your Life :

  • Simply ‘say what you mean’, everytime…don’t bring other stories into play
  • Think in ‘ones’…not twos, threes, fives, seventeens etc, for example “What is the one thing that I can do/stop doing now, that will make a huge difference to my Life”…concentrate on that, master it then move onto the next improvement
  • Listen with both ears i.e listen with the intent to understand the other. This will create simpler, direct communication
  • Focus on doing one thing at a time(instead of multiple)…so that you do it to your best ability

Yet many seem to think that this is too hard(old habits are often hard to break)….. when in fact, it is quite simple. “Life” throws a lot at us however when we have the ball in our hands, we have the power to neutralise any “Rocket Science” issues and make our lives flow without unnecessary complication.

So why don’t we do it? We often say we will but rarely do our actions mirror this(again, breaking old habits). So why be addicted to complication?

If you make life too complicated then you are likely to be anchored to the same spot. Cut thru, simplify your thoughts, language and actions, “lift off” and open yourself to do so much more.

Does this make sense to you? Let me know in the comments below.

Be good to yourselves


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Cutting through the Mist

Hello fellow Life Lovers. There are times when things get so daunting that we don’t know where to turn or indeed, where to start. Here’s such a “story” with, thankfully a happy ending. Follow me please…..

It’s the start of a new day, a new week. You have decided that it’s about time for a fresh start. You are tired of the same old, same old. You are going to now make headway, get to where you want to be, time to be successful!

You have great intentions.

You want to get places.

You can’t wait to get started.

That’s all fine. However…….

There’s so much to do, so much information to sift through, so many choices, so many decisions……so much pressure!…..

The Mist descends.

Yes, this can be the situation. Indeed I’m sure we have all been in this boat before at some point. So then what happens?

Often…..nothing. We default back into old thought patterns, we retreat to the safety of our zone where we are comfortable.

”At least it was a great idea”, I hear you say.

You see great ideas are just that. Without action, ideas do not flourish and the ‘greatness’ disappears.

I’ve been banging on about “Excuses” in recent weeks/months and this is what I am getting to here again. What really stops us from taking that action, that beginning step to exercising greatness?

Maybe I’m being a bit hard. “Excuse” is a fairly in your face type word. So perhaps it’s a lack of Belief, a fear of success that’s holding us back?

If it is then you can get it ‘fixed”. Seek some help because some fears can be crippling and lack of Belief will certainly anchor you down. If you want to move forward/be better, there’s no excuse not to (get this fixed).

However if you are just finding your own reasons (I’m being kind) to thwart your progress then some serious soul searching is required. Sabotaging your own Life is inexcusable. Some excuses are as I’ve mentioned before, very subtle. Thought manipulation via lifelong conditioning. This is where it can get tricky.

To cut through this you must be aware of your thoughts. Are they ‘real’?…meaning…are they getting you to take the type of action that will allow you to grow, to expand your ‘zone’?

Examine your thoughts. Take time out, you owe it to yourself to do this. Are your very thoughts becoming excuses?….wearing you down, gently, subtely whispering to you…..”you can’t do that?…..”you are not worthy”…..”that’s too hard”…..”take it easy, there will be another time”

Weed out the poor thoughts and nurture fresh,clear thoughtsthey will be your saviour. Clear thoughts lead to clear vision which will be backed up by clear action and purpose.

No more mist, clear sailing ahead.

What do you do when “the mist” descends? Do you retreat or do you try to work out a better way? I’d love to hear.

Be good to yourselves


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Living Life Today…….quick bites to snack on

Hello and welcome to “Living Life Today”

“Yesterday is gone, Today is here (& Now) and tomorrow is your future

This is the first instalment of a new series. In case you missed the introduction the other day, you can catch it here

Today I have some short juicy bites as an opening entree…….

# Did you know that when you smile, your inner self dances? How about making someone else dance with your smile?

# When you brush your teeth in the morning, “brush” your attitude as well and give it a shine…….a shiny, positive attitude will serve you well and all those with whom you come into contact.

# Meaningful conversation is food for the soul…….embrace someone Today with your thoughts, listening and understanding

and to keep yourself going throughout your day, you need Energy.  Feast on this…….


Nerve tingling




Ynot use it, you have it

Now, who can do with a dose of Energy? I can’t live without it. Why not assign your own ‘words to the letters’ above & share your Energy in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

be good to yourselves


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15 “When’s” can make it right

Recently, I introduced the observation of using “when” while imagining…..i.e Imagine “when” rather than imagining “if”.

I’d like to expand the concept of “when” in our lives.

To me an obvious time for using “when” is in times of doubt. It becomes a time for re assurance …..e.g,

When things improve rather than….. ‘hoping for things to improve’

When I commit to action rather than……I’ll get to it sometime if I feel the need

When I know that I can do this rather than…..nah, everyone tells me it’s too hard to attempt

When is also a positive statement…... Many of you may be aware of “I am” statements which are used in positive reinforcement training & are very powerful in their own right. Combine them & you create an even more powerful force e.g,

“When I am making a difference… myself, to my community”

When I am unbeatable”

When I am trusting, understanding of myself”

…… they bring a permanency to your thinking…..i.e it is happening

Some more examples of the power of when:

When I choose to “live” rather than just exist or survive

When I embrace each moment instead of letting them slide by

When I love rather than hate

When I accept rather than judge

When I act & participate in Life rather than sit on the sidelines

When I say ‘thank you’ for this day instead of having ‘just another day’

When I share myself rather than go it alone

When I see the beauty in others and in my environment

When I take steps with purpose and create my world with care & positive action

Do you see the difference? adding or prefacing your thoughts and verbalisations with when adds an edge, a sharpness, a clarity…… your message to both yourself and to others.

I’d love to know how when can affect your Life… what circumstances can you use when?… you now?

be good to yourselves


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Hello fellow Life Lovers,

Are “words” just words or is there more to it ?…..

Words can harm us

Words can save us

Words can soothe us

Words can upset us

Words are the manifestation or expression of our thoughts

Words are powerful…..our thoughts are powerful

Do you choose your Words wisely?…..or do you “run your mouth”

Again, our words are the expression of our thoughts… what are you thinking & saying now?

How can you use your “words” for good, for your betterment and the betterment of those with whom you come into contact?

What meaning do you give to your words… they have substance?

Are your words followed by action?

Do your words compell others to take action?

* I’ll let you ponder on this for a little…….

* After pondering, I would love you to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

be good to yourselves


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Mind your Language, it’s getting a little hot in here

Cryptic, clear, decisive, antagonising, illuminating, happy, loving, caring, tormenting, rude, degrading, false, open,confused,irritating,bland,exciting,colourful,artful,crafted,free

These are just some of the ‘types of language that we use.

The language that we use both written & verbal places us “on show” & determines responses from others (& ourselves).

Is it just me or is the temperature rising? I’m not talking ‘global warming” here, I’m talking language.

In recent times, I have noticed the heat being turned up  both locally & globally. The language is becoming more intense.

When the heat rises so does the negativity, it seems to me, …….time for a cooler head.

  • Friction causes heat.
  • Friction between parties cause heated language.
  • Easing the friction, eases the heat, eases the negativity.

So how? A Cool head thought….maybe consider the other’s point of view instead of asserting yourself to be “in the right” and acting accordingly?

That’s the main reason for language friction in my opinion i.e  Someone has to be right & the other has to be wrong. It doesn’t make sense but hey, that’s conflict. There are other reasons of course. That can be debated at some other time. It’s not my intent to labour on that now.

Internal friction(heat causing) distorts the language used,  both to ourselves & to others.

I need to take a step back for a moment & review this epiphany…….wow

In other words, conflicting thoughts, irrational thoughts (both causes of internal friction), may cause “your heat” to rise. Now you don’t want to internally combust, do you?

When you “heat up”, negative thoughts come to the surface. Your ”language” skews & this has a flow on effect to the language you use to others. It doesn’t serve you well.

A Cool head thought…take a deep breath, exhale the negativity. Pause, calm down, allow your positive thoughts to percolate & come to the forefront of your thought stream. That’s a good start. When you feel calm(er) then continue your “conversation”. I hope you get my drift.

You cannot operate effectively when your thoughts & language overheat. We see that on the global stage daily. No doubt you see a lot of this locally as well. I tune out to most of this(TV News), that’s my way of handling/ignoring this issue (poor excuse I know). However I am not running away from this….

It still annoys me how people can (miss)treat others via the language that they use. Far greater progress would be made by acknowledging each other’s points of view & working collaboratively to solve our world’s great issues.Not by spending time & energy asserting themselves to be “right”.

Now, enough of the rant. Back to the all important you…….

Remember to mind your language, keep a cool head not a hot one.

This goes for the language that you use to yourself and to others. It is vitally important that your “internal language” is positive. Allows you to grow and have a positive effect on others.

What do you think about the language used in today’s world?

Are you speaking to yourself in a positive way?

Please share your thoughts.

be good to yourselves


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