How is your Motivation?…..Is it time to turn up the “Volume” in your Life

Has your Life hit a flat spot?

The music in you, the sweet, sweet music has been relegated to a background track…..maybe it’s time to get motivated & turn up the volume a couple of notches.

However before we do…where does it come from, this Motivation?

Is it something learned Or is it something that we all have inside of us?…..

# Hello fellow Life Lovers, what gets you motivated?

Is your motivation spontaneous? Do you have that spontaneity spark? Or is it a motivation built from momentum…..i.e

Do you jump up and into anything and just do it(Nike) without any prompting or do you just keep rolling on with a focus because you have a bigger prize in mind? Either way, having the motivation is good.

Whatever, motivation is a strange beast. How can one person be so motivated yet another can be so un- motivated?

So, where does it come from?

Does your motivation come from within e.g love, passion, committment, family, integrity?

or is it only external e.g wanting/needing a bigger house, sports car, luxury boat, world cruise, glory, front page headlines?

N.B If it’s external only, is there are cost to be paid, in the long term?

ME,  I think if the root of the motivation is internal then the gratification is magnified. Sure, go for the bigger house, luxury boat etc, but not at the cost of…….(fill in the blanks)

Anyway, they are my thoughts, you may have different ideas…..please share in the comments section.

So I’m still puzzled…..  Is it something that we are born with, is it handed down by our parents, peers, heroes OR

is it learned? Now how can you “learn” motivation?

I dig a little deeper. Maybe, just maybe “motivation” is an extra gear in our personal transmissions. When we develop a desire to have/do/feel an experience, a goal or similar, our transmission clicks into another gear, overdrive if you will.

You may be asking if there’s no desire, what happens. ME, I think you stay in “Park” or “Neutral”.

Sub thought…(The desire breeds the motivation. Or does the motivation breed the desire?…Interesting, can you have one without the other or are they inter twined?…it doesn’t matter too much in my book.)

If the ‘desire’, end goal, end game is strong enough, your motivation to achieve same will kick in……

this I believe is part of the learning process.

For those with a low or no desire(s), learning that having a Strong enough desire (integrity based) will fuel your motivation to achieve, can be a breakthrough.

Note that I am using ‘desire’ not ‘need’. I see desire as worthy, coming from a position of strength & integrity and ‘need’ as mainly superficial or short term. Hence the motivation coming from desire is much stronger & is likely to last longer.

Poorly constructed goals ( low desire)will achieve poor results. This will de- motivate rather than motivate.

Strong, meaningful goals(high desire) will fuel your motivation & achieve meaningful results. Your motivation in turn increases as each meaningful result is achieved. Your motivation will then become a habit.

So what do you think?

Do you have the Motivation to step up a notch?

Is your “volume” loud enough?

Are your desires strong enough?

# Make some loud noises in the comments section below, I look forward to hearing from you.

Be good to yourselves


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