Self Discovery for the over 40’s. The questions are just the start

I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again .. mid life is golden.

You have done the hard yards. You may wish to build upon your hard work in your existing area of Life and/or work or You may not.

After all, Choice is an amazing tool at Your disposal.

Would you now be asking yourself ”is this the way I want to continue to live the rest of my Life?

If Life is treating You well in every area, then please continue on. I’m proud of You.

However, if it is not ..

Well I am not hear to tell you to pack it all in & venture into the unknown totally unprepared.

No, what I am saying is reaching the mid life years can elicit ”a change in thinking” in some. If you are perfectly happy doing what you do then do more of it.

If You aren’t & you want to do introduce some positive changes in your life, start asking yourself some questions before you step any further, like

Discover Yourself

Discover Yourself

“What really makes my heart sing”

”What will make my family proud of me”

”What will make Me proud of me”

”How will I feel knowing that I didn’t give my best shot,that I didn’t take a risk[s]”

”what is the worst that can happen”

“what support do I have”

”how far outside my comfort sphere am I prepared to step”

”am I the person I want to be” or “who do I want to be”

We are complex beings. There is a lot going on inside of us. And there is a lot more inside of us that we do not allow out. Untapped potential is what I am alluding to here.

This untapped potential can remain dormant for a Lifetime. What a waste.

Now more than ever, is your opportunity [there will be a lot of opportunities during mid life] to start tapping.

Not your toes, start tapping in to your potential – you have a lot of this inside of you.

Discovering your hidden reserves is a great start to living the rest of your Life with unlimited possibilities and endless horizons.

How about we make time for some more questions that you may wish to consider?

“How do I live my dream or ‘best’ Life”

”How will I know what is the best path to follow”

”Why am I afraid of what may lie ahead of me”

”Who will save me if I fall”

”how will I adapt to the changes that I want to make”

And now time for some more homegrown guidance & feedback;

I discovered some pretty cool things after I turned 40.

Turning 50 opened up more revelations for Me. Learning more about myself & the endless learnings that can be explored were just two. And they are a pretty important two.

Continuing to learn will ensure that you continue to grow as a person. This forms the base, the solid foundation for the rest of your Mid Life Adventure.

And learning [greater] Self Belief will go a long way to helping you answer the questions I just posed above, together with tapping in to your reserves of potential.

Don’t be afraid to fall, I know that it is scary.

Just have the faith & belief in yourself that you will get up .. and you will.

Therein lies your power. Your power to engage with & prosper from your “mid Life” years.

A couple more questions to finish,

  • ”what will be the deal breaker that will get me over the hump & get me to the line”
  • “what’s my end game, what do I really want, who do I want to become”

At the end of the day, the questions that I have shared can only be answered by you. However to gain the most from Life, questions are a great way to search within You & achieve what you want.

If you need a little help kickstarting your answers, I am available to help.

The better the question, the greater the gain.

Can I leave you with this final thought?

” Don’t just accept what is .. consider what if “

In other words .. consider & open up all possibilities and have the Belief that you can do it.


** This post is inspired by a few previous ‘Mid Life Self Discovery’ posts that I have done in recent years. Much of the content has been re used with some refurbishment & freshness.


Be good to yourself


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How tolerant are You, really?

What types of things do you tolerate in your life?

Is this a question that often comes to mind?

Probably not would be my guess. Therefore it is a question that you must ask of yourself from time to time.

Because there may be some things that You are putting up with .. that really You should let go of. For example ..

What about excuses?

What about continual disappointments?

Do you complain about Lack of …..?

What about frustrations, put downs, same old same old?How tolerant are You WP Blog post

Because the “opposites” may look like this ..

Fun, surprise, joy, success, spontaneity, achievement, money, love, friendship, goals.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Clear the clutter, it’s time for a fresh start.

You only have one life to live and from today you are your No. 1 priority.

Because if you are not in tune, the people nearest and dearest to you can not prosper. Your health and wellbeing are paramount.

By ‘clearing the clutter’ I am talking about physical and mental ..

get rid of the physical things around you that no longer serve any worthwhile purpose and take time to clear your mind of unwanted/ negative thoughts that are holding you back/ stopping you from being the person the great creator intended.

If you want to let go of what you have been unnecessarily putting up with [I hope that You do[, then aim for a fresh start now  ..  renew, revitalise, re-ignite your sense of purpose and start living the life that you deserve.


Be good to Yourself


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What ‘Shape” is Your Life in?

Hey there Life Lovers.

I couldn’t let this opportunity slip by. I’ve gone back to school and brought back some Geometry “lessons” for you at my site.

See if any of this Geometry rings true for you or maybe someone you know.

Please have a read and share if you care. Here’s the link …

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Are you drowning in a world of detail?

Give me a “hell yeah” if the heading resonates with you.

Detail slows us down. It stifles creativity. It cramps our freedom of expression.

Yet “detail” is so prevalent  in many parts of our Life.

It’s like having rules with extra fine print attached.

I’m not much of a ‘rule follower’. I like to exercise my freedom to create, without unnecessary restriction.

So, how do we express ourselves, live free and create, with so much detail hanging around us?

TRUST… your Big Picture

If you don’t have a bigger picture of how your Life should pan out for you then you will likely be chasing around, hanging on to every ‘detail’ that comes your way. Trying to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s”. That’s fine if you work in a Law firm.

If you do have a ‘Big Picture’, you have something to rely on. Have faith that it will turn out. Keep showing up. Keep the dream in focus. The greater the focus, the greater the pull. Your Big Picture is like a magnet. It draws you ever closer…and it draws all of the necessary detail with it. Without you having to worry about it.

Avoid the messy detail, keep your Big Picture alive.

Are you caught up in every ‘detail’ imaginable or is your Big Picture in focus? Let me know below.

be good to yourselves


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Living Life Today – Are you shackled or are you free?

The Living Life Today series provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow”….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

Walking around with the weight of the world on your shoulders is not exactly a great place to be.

We want to be FREE…ideally.

However, are we always Free?

No, not all the time. Some never are. We have issues to deal with.

Now the difference between being ‘shackled’ and being ‘Free’ is the ability to acknowledge that there will be stuff to deal with and people to deal with, that will make us “constrained” & somewhat burdened at times.

However also knowing that this is not how your Life will always be if you choose otherwise. That is, choosing a Life of freedom.

Those who do not choose freedom will be forever constrained. They will be weighed down by others’ concerns, expectations & demands…..and unable to see the light of day.

I suggest that to be Free, you need to acknowledge & deal with these “constraints”. And after each time you do so, flick the switch into ‘freedom’ mode.

Freedom being…doing whatever it is, work play or otherwise that gives you….. ‘room to move’, gives you creative muscle, gives you satisfaction, excites you and helps others.

If you can’t “flick the switch” then your constraints will likely tie you to a place that you’d rather not be. And you don’t want that, do you?

I’d love to hear your comments below…do you feel free or is there someone/thing tying you down?

be good to yourselves


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Humanity, the Beach & a million Thoughts…

Changed spaces this morning and spent 2 hours walking the beachfront esplanade a few minutes drive from my home.

And what a cracker of a morning it was! Delightfully clear skies, no breeze & pleasantly mild for this time of year (early winter). The weather has calmed from the past few days when an east coast “low” had created some (previously) nasty weather…but not today.

Today the surf was boiling and many boardriders were taking advantage of the swell. World famous Snapper Rocks(home to The Billabong Pro each Feb/March) was a little too dangerous this morn though & consequently “action” there was quiet.

There was much more action on the boardwalk.

Here were people of different nationalities (holiday makers mostly), different shapes and sizes, some smiling, some frowning (what on earth for?), some expressionless, some animated, some talking, some just lost in thought….. all mixing in a patchwork quilt of Humanity and with seeming Harmony.

I love to observe people, read their faces, peer into their thoughts or at least what I imagine that they are thinking. You can tell so much from people’s facial expression, at least I feel that I can…..and that’s really helpful as a Life Coach.

And mostly I have been correct.

Tuning in on another’s ‘wavelength’ when communicating with them makes for generous and valuable conversation…nothing wasted.

Getting into fresh space is great for my soul. Thoughts flow freely and often (need to have a notebook handy)…’s like a complete renewal of my system. Co incidentally my “computer guy” was giving my computer a ‘renewal’ at home at the same time as I was at the beachfront. It now has more space….. of the hardrive kind.

Needless to say, I had more thoughts than I could handle this morning however made a ‘mental note’ of the ones that most caught my attention. These will come in very handy for a new “Coaching philosophy” that I am working on currently.

My best thoughts come to me when they are allowed to.

Being in a fresh space, uninhibited by deadlines, phone calls, email alerts allowed better communication with my higher self (woops, a little woo woo there)…..must be the Sun & fresh salt air getting to me.

I am extremely grateful to have the power of Choice… choose my space and change when necessary, to be able to choose the thoughts that give me the most value…..and to be part of this patchwork quilt of Humanity.

* Bonus Reads: When Gratitude Bites…..The Bridgemaker

The Present that becomes the Gift…..Victor Schueller

Be good to yourselves


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When I write, I feel free…when I contribute, I come Alive

Fellow Life Lovers,

Sometimes, I get the urge to pen down my thoughts. That could be a Blog post, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin update……it’s now becoming more often…Why is this?

I have a few core favourites and these are in the main, the way I view Life and my philosophies on how I enjoy helping people with their real Life problems.

I specialise in providing Life Solutions.

It doesn’t make any difference whether that be by way of my blog writing, My Virtual Coach email package or ‘live” conversations with clients/potential clients. It’s the contributing to others, that I enjoy the most (though getting paid runs a pretty close second, let’s be honest)….. See the links below if you would like to contribute to my Pension Fund by signing on as a valued client…I’d love you to.

Now where was I, Oh yeah…..Why is my urge to pen down my thoughts now happening more often?…..a sense of freedom.

Writing for me, is great for my Soul. At times the words simply flow as if my hand is guided. I can get myself into another space, like an alternate universe. And when I write, new, fresh thoughts come to me. So often my challenge is to commence writing and allow the thoughts to come…not vice versa. So when I’m stuck, I begin to write… and allow the thoughts to follow (and the sense of freedom).

I then feel free to explore the far reaches of my mind. Imagination has no rules. (remember my Imagination series?) and when I imagine, it fuels my desire for greater contribution.

That being said, “contributing” is one of Life’s great pleasures… and benefits. If you can add some value to someone else’s Life then I consider that “a job well done”. In turn, you are contributing to your own growth. Life feels good, you feel good…..nothing is a problem, you can bust down walls. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

If we had more contributors, we’d have less problems. I love to help solve people’s Life problems by listening, understanding then contributing with Solutions…..a helping hand if you will.

Who wishes to join me?

Be good to yourselves


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