What if .. You run out of time

Time, as You know, can be your worst enemy And also can be Your best friend.

So it makes sense that the time that You have is used for best purpose, whatever that may be for you.

However, is that what You do?

Distractions are part & parcel of life. Let’s be honest about that.

Time gets wasted, I’ve done that.

But there comes a time .. [unintentional pun] .. when you realise how valuable your time really is.

Life IS Too short

Life IS Too short

What would Your life be like? .. without the continual excitement of ..

Setting & achieving Goals.

Enjoying Fun, doing work that You Love, spending quality time with family/friends & creating Adventure.

Continual is the key here. You may be currently only doing this in spits & spurts.

Which leaves the rest of your time largely idle.

A Suggestion ..  How about You make your time your priority and make the things that are important to you an absolute priority.

It is often said that “Now” is the best time to do anything.

It is often said because in a vast majority of cases it is TRUE.

Especially when it comes to maximising your time with invigorating action.

Doing what is important to & for You IS incredibly liberating.

I strongly suggest that You take this on board before it’s too late.

Life IS too short. Regret is a bitter pill to swallow.


Be good to Yourself


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Stop Chasing Rainbows

Life IS Good.

There’s no doubt in my mind.

For sure many people get it tougher than others.

There are also many who make Life tough on themselves. Unnecessarily.

A lack of awareness of life’s gifts and beauty is a major reason for this.

Chasing an illusionary dream, quick fix or feeling is another.Stop chasing Rainbows (1)

Never happy with their current lot because life sucks is usually due to a lack of personal responsibility and/or accountability for who they really are or who they can be.

I hope this isn’t You.

You and I were born with the same Gift. Life.

It’s incredibly obvious, however Life & it’s gifts are seemingly given a scant regard by so many.

You only Live once. Do it.

There are no second chances.

Work at it. Yes, You do need to work.

And when you do work at it, the rewards are enormous.

You don’t need to chase rainbows.

You can Create Your Own Pot of Gold.

Be responsible for Your life. Be aware. Be excited. Be enthusiastic about Now & your future.

Love what You Do.

Do it often.


Be good to yourself


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Less is More … or is it?

I’ll get straight to the point.
Life’s too short to be spending your time playing the wrong game.
The Game of Life demands your full attention. Every waking moment will be dedicated toward enjoying what your life gives you.
You simply don’t have ”time on your hands”.
Because there’s never too much time to live, to love, to create, to play your best game.
There’s only too much time for regret
And that’s not the way you should be spending your time.Too much time
Regretting what You haven’t done is a poor place to be.
It’s never too late to turn that around. Starting Today, Now even, fill your day with Value.
Create marvellous experiences. Create wonderful conversations and relationships. Create a terrific Life.
That’s why You are here.
* This post is inspired, in part, by a Google+ post I did earlier this month
Be good to yourself
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Heading toward 60 – 6 months out [part 6]

Hello again.

My journey toward 60 continues. Stop, start, flow, doubt, excitement … they are all part of my “journey” thus far.

On June 18, the 6 month countdown begins.

What have I learned/am continuing to learn at age 59.5 years?
Creative image8

I’ve learned that energy is still crucial. And I’ve learned that despite my stumbles and doubt, I still have bundles of energy to keep me going.

I’ve learned that excitement is still contagious. I get it from others and use it to fuel my own adventure … and I pass it on to those who need it.

I’ve learned that Love is still abundant. I receive and I give [probably not as frequently as I should I must admit] …. I’m still working on that.

I’ve learned that fitness beats fatness. That I picked up on many years back and I have maintained this despite the temptation to “ease back”. Fit bodies [or reasonably fit for my age] help stimulate fit minds. And that’s kinda useful … very useful.

I’ve learned that listening is the key to understanding. Always. Listen first, speak second. “Understanding” is a major key toward effective communication. When you understand your audience, whether that be 1 person or many, then you are able to communicate with maximum effect.

I’ve learned that you do keep learning if you choose to do so. Life long learning is a must have. You should never stop learning. “Too old” is an excuse. And excuses simply do not cut it.

I’ve learned that Choice is your No 1 power. You have abundant choice. Exercise your choices wisely. They are the determining factor between “getting through life” and “getting above life”.

I’ve learned that Motivation, Determination and Imagination are 3 subjects that should be taught in school. Master these and your life will be a breeze. Above all, these 3 “subjects” are part of my life long learning curricula. It’s what keeps me going, keeps me moving forward … and they can be for You, as well.

Looking forward to 60. And looking forward to the next 6 months of 59.

Be good to yourself


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Heading toward 60 [part 5] Road Trip?

Hi again,

It’s been a little while since  we last embraced.

The truth is, I’ve been focussed on and engaged with, my website, Google+, clients and other things Social Media in recent weeks. And it’s been very exciting. Engagement, meaningful conversations, purpose and excitement are words that come readily to mind. Oh, and Energy of course.Self Discovery

A Fulfilling energy in fact, if there is such a thing. Maybe, “feel good” would be more apt.

I feel the same [better actually] as when I turned 59 4 months ago. The realisation of turning 60 at the end of this year hasn’t sunk in. And it probably won’t, even when I ‘touch down’ @60. When the energy is good numbers are just numbers.

You see, I’m a serial age denier. After all, Age is just a number [ I’m repeating myself I know]. Is this what happens as you get older?.

It’s always in the feeling. When you feel good, nothing else matters. Worries are not worries any more. Dreams are better dreams. Goals are easy.

My youngest daughter said to me the other day … “For your birthday, why don’t we go visit your sister down in the country, we haven’t been there before?”

This got me to thinking [I’m prone to that] … why not a road trip for a week or so and visit all my relatives and friends across the state? A few days of birthday celebration. That’s what I’ll do. Plan. Execute.

By the way, the state that I live in here in Australia is the size of a couple of European countries. Heading toward 60 with Excitement.

Be good to yourself


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In 2014 You will convert your Possibilities into Probabilities

Hi Again fellow Life Lover.

And a massive Happy New Year [however a little belatedly] to you all.

Hope each of you had a tremendous Christmas break and enjoyed family time if you were able to.

I’ve powered into another New Year and I don’t want you to sit back on your heels for too long. Plenty of steps, opportunities and possibilities wait to be converted into big strides, successes and probabilities this Year.Art

I’ve covered all of this in this post at my website. Please follow the link, have a read and … let’s get down to action!

Be good to yourself


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Living Life Today – Sweet or Sour – what will Your day be like?

“The Living Life Today series provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

Starting your day on the right footing will greatly improve the chances of your entire day being in flow.

Being excited about each day has it’s upside…and it’s a Huge one!…because there are no downsides.

Being excited and having a positive attitude at your side is the sweet side of Life.

Do you look forward to each day?

Do you enjoy what you do?

If you answered “Yes” then you are living the sweet Life.

I view my Life as one to be lived not one to just exist in. Simply being Alive is justification to be excited!…..it’s not something to take for granted…and it’s definitely sweet. Living the sweet life allows the opportunity to learn, grow, love, share & explore. What’s not to be excited about that!

…..and that’s sweet!

If things have soured for you and you don’t look forward to your day, try to see the other side of the coin. I know it’s difficult because I have been there.

Flip your day upside down. Picture how you want your day to be like and then find some leverage to start on the improvement process. Now this is not a ‘quick fix’ by any means. However, by altering  or shaking up your present thought processes, may just open up a crack wide enough to allow some sweet light to find it’s way through.

This will be the start of your recovery to the sweeter side of Life.

Be good to yourselves


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