Your Imagination .. is Your power source.

After all what is life without imagination?

Boring. Meaningless. These are two words that instantly come to mind.

And this power source of Yours feeds Your Creativity and Your mindset.Imagination WP Blog post

“Imagination is greater than knowledge”  said Einstein.

So imagine more. Flex those imagination muscles of Yours.

And while you are at it throw in some Big Dreams ..

and dream them often.

And from those dreams go and create stuff & believe in what You are creating.

Visualise this, visualise a life full of creativity, dreams and goals that are set from those dreams.

Your goals. Your dreams. Your creativity.

Touch it, feel it. Imagine it.


Be good to Yourself


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Living Life Today – A day to dream, a day to renew

The Living Life Today series provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

Dreaming is a natural part of your Life. Dreaming while we sleep and “day dreaming” are the two most common of course. However, today I am talking about dreaming with intent.

A great use of this type of dreaming is when your Life becomes stale. It does for all of us at some point & this is where renewal is essential. So something has to change. “What can I do differently?” “How will I change this?” are examples of questions that will likely begin to flood your mind.Dream3

Before you can renew your Life, you need to be willing to do so. Once you have chosen this path, I suggest you start by dreaming how you would like to see your Life. This is not just imagining, this is more vivid, more intentional.

Dream how you want your Life to be next week, next month, in 12 months. “See” the results. Feel them. Commit these mental pictures to your memory banks. Touch your new Life.

Write down the “results” of your pictures, your feelings. This will help re inforce your dreaming. Start a journal. Keep a record of your dream steps as you gradually renew your Life in alignment with your ‘perfect dream’.

Remember, this is intentional dreaming. You are simply stepping out in accordance with how you want your Life to be…..and that’s a pretty good way to step in Life, don’t you agree?

be good to yourselves


Life Coach. Listener. Life Lover.

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Goals, Dreams, Longer term Visions…..why they are important

Recently I wrote a post to my Facebook page…”Goals and dreams are not just ‘something to have’…..they are something to act on… about we bring them to Life people!”

And I stand by that 100%…

Having a sense of purpose for our Lives propels us forward. Setting Goals with meaning adds value to us and keeps the juices flowing.

Whether they be short term, mid or long, Goals provide us with a roadmap to follow. You then need to take action and follow the roadmap.

Dreams are the fabric  which we can weave into what ever is our desire. Dreams are tantalising. They urge us to grow out of our present thoughts and explore possibilities that we would not ordinarily think are possible.

I see Dreams as a form of escapism. Sometimes burdened with boring, ”logical” thought and existence, Dreams act as a ‘pressure release valve’ as we escape to other thoughts.

Importantly, dreams/dreaming allow us to create.

Dreaming with intent steps it up a notch & adds real punch to your purpose & crystallises you into action…..and action ultimately, is the key.

Meaningful Goals and Dreams help form your longer term Vision for your Life… least that’s the way I see it (when done with the right degree of purpose). You may not notice it at first however they will interconnect…(you can’t have one without the other, in my opinion) and this is where the real action commences…..bringing all this to Life!

Depending on which stage of Life you’re currently at, a longer term Vision may not seem important…yet. Once you arrive @ your forties, looking beyond tomorrow takes on much more significance.

There will probably be pieces to the puzzle not yet in place. (In my previous post, I mentioned brushstrokes on your Big Picture)…I like to vary the metaphors. You will have aspirations, you will have a reason to put your Life into some sort of order “before time gets too quickly away”.

If you have been gradually building your longer term “Vision” through regular goal setting and dreaming, then adding the final touches should come quite easily. Though remember to keep action always at the ready.

If you haven’t been a goal setter or ‘dreamer’, I urge you to try it…’s never too late to start. You can only benefit by doing so.

As a Life Coach, I help men & women aged 40 & over bring their Goals/Dreams/Visions to Life. Can I help you?

Be good to yourselves


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