You know what You have to Do

Uncertainty. Doubt. Excuses. Laziness.

These are the perfect ingredients to ‘wheel spin’ through your life.

And when you are spinning your wheels there seems to be a lot of activity

however, there is no traction.

Nothing is really getting achieved.

In fact, your life is in a holding pattern. Stationary. Watching life pass you by.

But the funny thing is [it’s not really funny, more sad] is that ..

You know what You have to

Cue back to the opening line of this post .. Uncertainty. Doubt. Excuses. Laziness.

You can fully own these four if you want to.

We have all fallen for them at some point in our lives. But don’t let them take over your life.

Own Your shit.

Stop the excuses. Stop being lazy.

Doubt, Uncertainty .. Yes we have that but doing stuff will push that to the side.

Everyone has doubt & uncertainty. Don’t let them tell you any different.

The people who get ahead & move on with their lives aren’t afraid to do stuff even if they fail at it.

Keep doing & your success rate will rise.

At the end of the day You know what You have to do.

Make choices. Better choices. Take action.

Decide that enough is enough. Gain traction .. then start moving forward.

For the rest of this year & into 2017 & beyond, start doing.


Be good to Yourself


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Heading toward 60 – 6 months out [part 6]

Hello again.

My journey toward 60 continues. Stop, start, flow, doubt, excitement … they are all part of my “journey” thus far.

On June 18, the 6 month countdown begins.

What have I learned/am continuing to learn at age 59.5 years?
Creative image8

I’ve learned that energy is still crucial. And I’ve learned that despite my stumbles and doubt, I still have bundles of energy to keep me going.

I’ve learned that excitement is still contagious. I get it from others and use it to fuel my own adventure … and I pass it on to those who need it.

I’ve learned that Love is still abundant. I receive and I give [probably not as frequently as I should I must admit] …. I’m still working on that.

I’ve learned that fitness beats fatness. That I picked up on many years back and I have maintained this despite the temptation to “ease back”. Fit bodies [or reasonably fit for my age] help stimulate fit minds. And that’s kinda useful … very useful.

I’ve learned that listening is the key to understanding. Always. Listen first, speak second. “Understanding” is a major key toward effective communication. When you understand your audience, whether that be 1 person or many, then you are able to communicate with maximum effect.

I’ve learned that you do keep learning if you choose to do so. Life long learning is a must have. You should never stop learning. “Too old” is an excuse. And excuses simply do not cut it.

I’ve learned that Choice is your No 1 power. You have abundant choice. Exercise your choices wisely. They are the determining factor between “getting through life” and “getting above life”.

I’ve learned that Motivation, Determination and Imagination are 3 subjects that should be taught in school. Master these and your life will be a breeze. Above all, these 3 “subjects” are part of my life long learning curricula. It’s what keeps me going, keeps me moving forward … and they can be for You, as well.

Looking forward to 60. And looking forward to the next 6 months of 59.

Be good to yourself


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Choice – The Power and the Passion


I am [again] unashamedly promoting my fresh blog post at my website.

However, this one is bigger than Big, if that’s possible. I’ve written about ‘Big’ recently as well.

It’s about “Choice” and it impacts upon You and Me. The choices that you make each day [and don’t make] determine whether you have fun, success, disappointment or failure.Art4

I’ve jotted down 14 Best Choices for You to consider and added some extra verbage which hopefully makes sense. Can’t tell you any more, you will have to read it here

Please do me the favour of visiting the link and telling me what You think.

Be good to yourself


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“What if” – can become “When I do”

What if indeed. I wrote a post earlier this year called “What if ….. the biggest question of them all”. What if can open up possibilities and also conjure up doubt, so it’s a double sided coin. Personally,I prefer the possibilities side of the coin. I hope you do so as well.

When is an action word. It eliminates doubt and reinforces intent. It is also a word that is a perfect partner of ‘possibilities’. When the possibility is first opened and then followed thru with the intent of when … there is no holding back.Untitled7

For example:

What if I took that step? ….. when I take that step

What if I took another? ….. when I follow up with another step forward

What if I could change? ….. when I  change the way I think

What if things were different? ….. when I look at things in a different way

This is a fairly simplistic look at it, I acknowledge. However, many things in life can be looked at in it’s simplist form. There’s too much complication in our lives.

Taking that first step out of your cozy , non working comfort zone is easier said than done. However again, a simple change in thought process can ignite the change process and make  that step much more believable to the person snuggled in their cozy comfort zone.

Using the word “when” as a power for good in your life, can make all the difference. Why not try it?

What do you think? I enjoy responding to comments, please leave one.

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Be good to yourself


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How to use “Doubt” to your advantage

Doubt has entered my life recently. This is an uncomfortable feeling. Uncomfortable for two reasons…the first one being that I am usually confident in what do. Secondly, it has me second guessing my every thought and action.

I Believe

Now I am not saying that I’ve never been doubtful before, far from it. This is deeper though. This has the power to strip back my confidence shield.

How do I recover from this?

Firstly, I have acknowledged the presence of doubt. In acknowledging this, I now become aware of this feeling. I must now set out to confront my doubt and turn this around.

The cause…I have been working on some new projects the past few weeks. Things have often not gone to plan and are behind schedule. “Is it meant to be?” I have started to ask. “Doubt” has crept in. Now that seems simple, even innocent enough. It happens to all of us…it’s happened to me often, during my Life.

This time seems different. I sense that it’s a time to re assess. A time for some Self Renewal. A time to re align my Purpose.

In fact, I see many positives coming out of this. Indeed some have come to fruition already. When you doubt yourself it can be coming from lack of confidence, procrastination or a valid reason that the direction I am taking is not the right one for me at THIS moment.

I am now looking at my current situation from a fresh angle. My belief is as strong as ever. My belief in myself is in the knowing that I am able to see ‘the warning signs’ and then make necessary adjustments. The path is not always straight. My Big Picture is still vivid however the steps I am taking toward this have included, some side steps. This is OK.

So when you find that you are doubting yourself (rather than doubting a particular situation), confront it. It’s a message. A message that you need to take notice of if you want to move forward, free from the constraints of ‘doubt’..

It is a time for re assessment. A time for renewal. Finding out the reasons for your self doubt is liberating. It may be difficult to pinpoint this yourself. If so, seek assistance, because having ‘doubt’ as a companion makes the path so much harder to travel.

Be good to yourselves


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Stepping Out

…of your comfort zone

…into something new

…to embrace the world

…in style

No matter where, how, when or why you are “stepping out”, I congratulate you.

However, how are you stepping out?

Is it with a great Attitude? Is it with a sense of adventure, of curiosity…is it with boldness or is it with an unease, with caution, perhaps a little fearful?

OR are you rooted to the spot?…if you are stuck to the same spot then you really need to read on.

Taking the first step toward making changes in your Life can be daunting. “Change” can either be accepted or avoided.

If you accept the “change” or shall we call it “challenge”, then that’s the first hurdle overcome. Now, doing something about it…that’s where the ‘steppers’ are separated from the ‘sitters’.

When you truly decide to step out you are in effect, releasing the handbrake on your Life. You know, the one that’s been firmly on, anchoring you in ‘park mode’.

You have now engaged first gear. Again, congratulations.

When you start to step out, the steps may be small…and that’s OK. You may have some hesitancy…and that’s OK.

The difference in continuing to step or shrink back will be largely in your Attitude. A positive Attitude will help you overcome any hesitancy and give you a knowing that further steps will lead you in the best direction and an Attitude that you are tired of getting nowhere…will start you stepping.

True Steppers have Attitude.

Steppers also have these things in common;

  • a sense of adventure
  • they know there is more to be had
  • they don’t like to be tied down
  • aren’t afraid to try something new

I mentioned briefly earlier about “stepping out in Style”. Even the most hesitant of steps or the smallest baby steps can have ‘style’ attached to them. Because steppers know to always put their best foot forward regardless of the type of ‘step’.

True Steppers always have style.

Breaking out of your comfort zone can be daunting. And it would have been daunting for the ancient adventurers of our world breaking free of their homelands to explore far flung lands. These were the steppers of olden days. They stepped, regardless…..and you can too.

True steppers have a sense of adventure.

Stepping out is an art form. The beauty is that anyone can learn. Don’t stand still…start stepping. Please share your stepping adventure in the comments below.

be good to yourselves


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3 Power packed ways to take positive action (when you haven’t a clue what to do)

This is a re-post of mine from last year with some additions/alterations. Hope you (still) enjoy…..

Warning! This is a Coaching post. It’s brief, there’s no mucking around, it’s straight to the point…(which is my intent  with most of my posts).

Further warning! Some of this language may offend or even worse, for my International friends, be too Australian (if that’s possible). There is some attempted humour but mostly it’s serious…….

Metaphorically speaking, if you are swimming against the tide, treading water, spinning your wheels, up sh*t creek without a paddle…you obviously need to take some action to get going forward & get out of this predicament.

Before you can start…….

You first need to Gain Traction

then ‘step by step’

build Momentum…..

Let’s identify what these steps really mean…..

“Traction” = stop the slide, gain some grip, shore up your defences, plug the gaps, review your ‘battle plan’, build a base, initiate thought processes

Often when I am coaching clients who have found themselves “on the slide”, I ask them to visualise the last time they tasted success, anchor themselves to that point…then commence the building process.

“Step by Step” = one foot in front of the other, constant movement, thought supported by action, never give up, keep punching, “motion with motivation”

It’s often the small steps which count the most. Especially in the stages of recovery from sliding or being frozen stuck. Just making those steps, with persistence is critical to you making any longer term gains.

“Momentum” = success thoughts colliding with action, on a roll, unbeatable, it’s all downhill from here, effortless motion, well oiled machine

Having “momentum” is where it’s at Life Lovers. When we build and maintain Momentum then there is No holding us back.

These three “steps” may seem simple, in fact they are. I’ve found (and you may have too) that often the simple things, the blindingly obvious, are the ones oft overlooked or not even sighted……they elude our personal radar.

When you find yourself on the slide & you will at some stage, step back & look for some traction. Something that will give you some grip & leverage from which to move forward.

Once again, using the details above…….

When you put your traction in place, you can then start moving step by step, continually motivating yourself to keep going.

This will in turn, build your momentum…….

You are on your way (again).

Does this make any sense to You? I’d love to hear your comments.

Before you do, please check out the latest posts from these 2 blogging friends of mine. I had FUN reading them, you may as well.

Fran Sorin @Awake Create         Vidya Sury @ Going A-Musing

be good to yourselves


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