Choice .. is it something that comes naturally to You?

Choice surrounds us each & every day.

Some people revel in making choices.

Some others simply try to avoid making choices.

Like it or not, everything that You think & do has a large element of choice involved.

You are a natural chooser.

But when the crunch comes & you have to make important choices, life changing maybe .. how do You think you will handle that?

Will You step up & nail that sucker?

Choose .. Decide

Choose .. Decide

Or will You look for an excuse to shy away from making [this choice]?

You can’t run & hide forever. Choices build strength. Your strength.

You won’t get every one right. But You must make them.

The more choices that You make, the better that You get [at making them].

Hone your skills. Your Choice skills.

Soon You will be making Choices that will see Your life expand immeasurably.

How about You DECIDE to do that Today?


Be good to yourself


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Will my current ‘choices’ get me to where I want to be in Life?

I have often read that Choice is the most powerful force in The Universe.

And I tend to agree with that.

Everything that You do [and not do] comes down to Choice.

Now that’s out of the way, how are Your Choices working for You?

Are You making the types of choices that will enrich your life? .. for example.Choices WP Blog post

The main reason that most dissengage from the power of their Choices is this ..

It’s very easy to go into ‘auto mode’ where one day merges into the next .. and the next .. and so on.

Before you know it a month has slipped by, then a year, then five.

And if you remain in ‘auto mode’ that entire time .. well. That’s 5 years of Your life, gone.

Auto mode is by default a choice. However it’s rarely one that You have made knowingly.

It’s simply a habit that you have grown into, like so many others.

I forgive You for that because I have done the same [in the past].

However, I won’t forgive you if You continue to ignore the Choices that You can make [instead of defaulting].

I say this a lot “Life is too short”, because it is. So to live your best life possible requires you to make appropriate choices, continually.

It’s hard, I know. All this “Choice pressure” on You.

However, making Choices that will keep you happy, healthy & world wise is important and it’s also serious.

Make a game of it if that helps. Add some Fun element. I mean, it is Your life that I am talking about here.

Choices need to be made. Best Choices.

And when You make them, the rewards will be worth it.


Be good to yourself


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Short Story No. 6 – Can You Feel it?

You and I are feeling beings.

Your reactions, your actions, your attitudes and the way that you move through each day … is determined by how you feel.Can You Feel It?

Many unfortunately seem numbed by daily life, unaware of their surroundings or their abilities to improve themselves.

Simply going through the motions is not living.

Being aware of what life has to offer and taking action to grab your piece of it, is.

How do You feel about that?

Be good to yourself


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The Art of getting it together – “The How to’s”

You have many challenges in life. Some you will overcome, some you simply will not be able to.

These latter challenges will thwart you because of either of reasons:

  1. you don’t have the skill to overcome them
  2. you don’t have the willpower to overcome them
  3. The Universe got in the way
  4. Some things are meant to be (must be that “Universe” again)
  5. You give up 

For most of us, 1. 2. & 5. are the relevant ones,  I will talk about 3. & 4. later.

If you do want to overcome your challenges, then point 1. is salvageable. People with the will to overcome obstacles will get it together.The Art of getting it Together Blog Post

You may need help, however if you have the “will” to overcome then you will seek out all options to do so. And that will set you apart from others.

‘The Art of getting it together’  emanates from your very own Willpower.

Here are two examples of stating just that:

The power of frustration … “I’ve had enough, I won’t put up with this anymore”

The power of wanting more out of your life … “I can do better”

When you decide to initiate your Willpower, You begin to turn things around.

Skills can be learned. You may not have them at the moment however someone who does have them can teach you. Or, you make the extra effort to learn them yourself. I’ve certainly been in both categories … and still am.

When you don’t have the willpower [or decide not to use it],then you are at the mercy of whatever comes your way. Some will flow with this and say “what the heck” or “I’m in the flow” (of whatever) AND some will simply get swept away (and complain immeasurably).

This is where The Universe  does  play a huge part ….. you have the power of Choice. You choose to take positive action or not. I can only suggest that you try the positive and inject some Willpower.

To give credit where it’s due, those who “give up” have in the most part, at least initially tried. They have had crack and that’s worthy.

If this is you, then more than likely your willpower has run out of steam or you have lacked support. The good news for you is that there is a glimmer of hope. In fact there is a rainbow of hope.

When you read this, do something for me. Reach out. You need a confidence boost, a shot of energy, an embrace of hope. There is someone out there who will support you through this. Reach out for the rainbow …. all the colours thereof exemplify the amount of options open to you.

Giving up is a poor option though I can understand that frustration plays huge in your life. It gets the better of me at times.

So, what is the answer?

When I have a target, goal, dream, desire that IS strong enough, emotional enough and important enough, I will work to see it through.

The time frame isn’t that important, however the “will” to get it done, is ….. because it’s that important.

You can do the same, I am sure.

Please feel free to share your thoughts here and via your favourite Social Media Channels.

You can also reach out to Me if you need some help.

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Be good to yourself


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4 Practical Life changing Choices that you can make today

Choice is all powerful. I’m sure that you make choices regularly however, today I am going to open up this power for You to use in 4 special ways that you may not have considered before.

These 4 choices are relatively simple to make, yet are often ignored. You will find when exercised correctly, they are “life changers”.

‘Choice’ in itself is not elusive.  However the actioning of ‘choice’ can be.

And that is the difference.4 practical

1.Choose to do  something rather than nothing.

Simple enough? It’s too easy to “sit on your hands”, rather than make the choice to get active. That’s why this “choice” is often abandoned.

When you do something, your mind is stimulated. Action becomes automatic and your day becomes fruitful and productive.

I’m not going to bore you with the why’s here. Other than to say, being productive is fulfilling, it’s energising and even more simply put, it makes you feel good.

2.Choose to “step out” rather than step back.

Your comfort zone is well, comfortable. And if it’s working wonders for You then stick with it.

However if it has you trapped in a mindless spiral, then choose to step out and experience something different … something better even?

Stepping back from anything, generally has a dose of “fear” attached to it. That’s “change” working a treat.

The “fear” is your mind playing tricks.
A lot of changes that you make will “set you back” initially, however again, if you want something better, then change what you’re currently thinking and doing.

Lace up your shoes and prepare for a few steps in an alternate direction.

3.Choose to be yourself, not someone else’s “shadow”.

Express who you are really meant to be. Trying to be someone else is like driving the wrong way along a one way street. You lack direction.

Well, the right direction at least.

“Modelling” someone certainly has it’s advantages when you are seeking to be successful. However, You do need to bring your own “game face” to the table.

By all means, gain an edge by tapping into what your life mentor’s do.

Just add your own personal touch. No one can feel like you do. No one can think like you do.

Break out of the shadow effect and shine your own light in your own special way.

4.Choose goals and direction in your life.

Be in the game. Go with the flow  only  if it’s going in your direction. No Life “plan” usually = no results.

Being in the flow of things occurs when you know your game. And that’s a good thing. Floating along in the stream of life will eventually have it’s snags.

Set yourself up with short, medium and long term ‘strategies’ that assist you in the direction that you want to go.

There will be detours and they will have their own advantages. And they should be a part of your overall Life Plan and direction. Without one, you will end up “lost”.

Work on making some better choices today. These four may be just what you need.

** This post was refreshed may 5 2015


Be good to yourself


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Do I have to be motivated to enjoy my Life?


“What get’s You up in the morning?” is an age old and often used question/metaphor to determine your attitude to your life and to your determination [or otherwise] to be successful.

I see it as a self motivating metaphor. To be motivated, you need to have a certain level of self motivation to begin with. This then allows you to be receptive to external motivating people/factors.

I can’t motivate someone who lacks any semblance of “in house” motivation. No one can.

So how does this play out for You?

Do you drift along at the mercy of whatever happens to you? OR Do you seek to be active in life?

And by “active” I mean thinking, doing and being aware of what life holds/can hold for You. And being motivated by that. What I’m really saying is this … Do You embrace and enjoy your life as it is Now? Are You motivated to enjoy and explore life?

You live this life once only. There are no replays. “Yes” is a word that you need to have in mind always.Canva Design Motivation blog post

Opportunities come & go. Are You at the ready when they present themselves to you? Therefore …..

Are you ready to say ‘Yes”?

Or, don’t you see the opportunities? or is “No” a too common part of your vocabulary? Saying “No” too often leads to permanent road blocks. Permanent barriers to your personal growth.

Motivation moves you toward the edge. Moving toward the perimeters is where the real action commences. This is where the living is at it’s most exciting. The middle is safe, too safe, too restrictive if you want to fully experience life.

Are you a middle ground type of person or do you like to see what else is out there? You know … experiences, learning, exhilaration.

Fresh opportunities are out there. Inspirational happenings and people, are out there.

Your fully charged life is waiting for you, out there.

So, to answer the question posed by the title of this post, I need to ask you another question.

If you are not enjoying life, are you prepared [or motivated even], to change your behaviour and make fresh choices?

“Change” is motivation. Change within yourself doesn’t just happen. There has to be some motivation to do so. “Choice” is available to all of us however, making the choices that are necessary, require your motivation to do so.

Motivation helps fuel your actions. Motivation helps fuel your life. It’s not the only factor that fuels your life, however, it is a powerful ingredient.

Motivation is not just a minute by minute or day by day thing. If your life matters to You then motivation must be an ongoing process. This then becomes an Attitude. An attitude of positivity and motivation.

Standing up, standing out and shining requires motivation.

Simply standing up and choosing to live your best life, whether you decide to stand out … or move quietly and positively at your own pace, also requires motivation.

It doesn’t just happen. Choose to motivate yourself. It’s one of the best [if not the best] choices that You will ever make.

You need to “happen” to life, not let life happen to You.

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Be good to yourself


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Say “Yes” more often

Hello fellow Life Lover,

It’s SO easy to shake your head.

“No” that won’t work. “No” I’m not going to do that. “No” I’m, not that lucky. “No” it’s just too hard.

“No” is a roadblock.

Say “YES” more often.




Say Yes to opportunity. Say Yes to taking another step forward. Say Yes to thinking more positively. Say Yes to self belief. Say Yes to adding 1% effort to everything that you do.Canva Design Yes

It all adds up … to Your success.

What say You?

Be good to yourself


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