Your Imagination .. is Your power source.

After all what is life without imagination?

Boring. Meaningless. These are two words that instantly come to mind.

And this power source of Yours feeds Your Creativity and Your mindset.Imagination WP Blog post

“Imagination is greater than knowledge”  said Einstein.

So imagine more. Flex those imagination muscles of Yours.

And while you are at it throw in some Big Dreams ..

and dream them often.

And from those dreams go and create stuff & believe in what You are creating.

Visualise this, visualise a life full of creativity, dreams and goals that are set from those dreams.

Your goals. Your dreams. Your creativity.

Touch it, feel it. Imagine it.


Be good to Yourself


Goal Kicker. Life Coach. Life Motivator for Men/Women 35-55.

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Choice .. is it something that comes naturally to You?

Choice surrounds us each & every day.

Some people revel in making choices.

Some others simply try to avoid making choices.

Like it or not, everything that You think & do has a large element of choice involved.

You are a natural chooser.

But when the crunch comes & you have to make important choices, life changing maybe .. how do You think you will handle that?

Will You step up & nail that sucker?

Choose .. Decide

Choose .. Decide

Or will You look for an excuse to shy away from making [this choice]?

You can’t run & hide forever. Choices build strength. Your strength.

You won’t get every one right. But You must make them.

The more choices that You make, the better that You get [at making them].

Hone your skills. Your Choice skills.

Soon You will be making Choices that will see Your life expand immeasurably.

How about You DECIDE to do that Today?


Be good to yourself


Goal Kicker. Life Coach. Life Motivator for Men/Women 35-55.

Making your 40’s & 50’s Shine

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Short Story No. 5

Fellow Life Lover,

At the risk of being repetitive, “You can have it All”.

The only thing stopping you?

Is You.

Here’s 7 points that will help you to be the BEST possible version of You.

There are [in some cases], many sub points to these 7 and I have written about all of them previously and no doubt will again in the future.

I simply want you to take stock of these pointers and begin the necessary action toward creating your best version of self.Short story No5 Blog post

1. Step up.

You may be in your comfort place right now. Take a step up the ladder where the view is a little better. You’ll find a lot more comfort as you climb. And a lot more confidence.

2. Step out.

Isolation is not helpful. Take the steps to move yourself out from your current zone into the bigger world where the action happens. Add a spring to your step, embrace new friends & relationships. Create new opportunities.

3. Stand Tall & Shine.

Shrinking violets are fine in the garden. This world needs your light. Stick your head up and speak your message. There’s no need for brash & brassy, just the strength of your authenticity.

4. Dream/Imagine.

Break the shackles of one pace thinking and introduce fresh thoughts that will take you to another level.


This adds an important dimension to your “work”. When you add the care factor, you elevate yourself above the crowd.

6. Share.

You are not an island. Helping others up adds to your own strengths. Encouraging others to share their talents multiplies this effect.

7. Live Well.

Look after your body and your mind. Exercise of the daily kind is essential for both. Love your friends and your family. Love the opportunity to live this life. You have one shot only.

**This post was refreshed April 29 2015

Be good to Yourself


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Here’s One short Story … with a Happy ending!

When you are seeking to take your next step in life, looking to expand your horizons, improve yourself … you seek out information to help you.

Of all the things that you read, all the things that you are told, it comes down to just 3 words.



Be good to yourself


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How to use “Doubt” to your advantage

Doubt has entered my life recently. This is an uncomfortable feeling. Uncomfortable for two reasons…the first one being that I am usually confident in what do. Secondly, it has me second guessing my every thought and action.

I Believe

Now I am not saying that I’ve never been doubtful before, far from it. This is deeper though. This has the power to strip back my confidence shield.

How do I recover from this?

Firstly, I have acknowledged the presence of doubt. In acknowledging this, I now become aware of this feeling. I must now set out to confront my doubt and turn this around.

The cause…I have been working on some new projects the past few weeks. Things have often not gone to plan and are behind schedule. “Is it meant to be?” I have started to ask. “Doubt” has crept in. Now that seems simple, even innocent enough. It happens to all of us…it’s happened to me often, during my Life.

This time seems different. I sense that it’s a time to re assess. A time for some Self Renewal. A time to re align my Purpose.

In fact, I see many positives coming out of this. Indeed some have come to fruition already. When you doubt yourself it can be coming from lack of confidence, procrastination or a valid reason that the direction I am taking is not the right one for me at THIS moment.

I am now looking at my current situation from a fresh angle. My belief is as strong as ever. My belief in myself is in the knowing that I am able to see ‘the warning signs’ and then make necessary adjustments. The path is not always straight. My Big Picture is still vivid however the steps I am taking toward this have included, some side steps. This is OK.

So when you find that you are doubting yourself (rather than doubting a particular situation), confront it. It’s a message. A message that you need to take notice of if you want to move forward, free from the constraints of ‘doubt’..

It is a time for re assessment. A time for renewal. Finding out the reasons for your self doubt is liberating. It may be difficult to pinpoint this yourself. If so, seek assistance, because having ‘doubt’ as a companion makes the path so much harder to travel.

Be good to yourselves


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Momentum & Clarity…what it means in the Bigger picture of Life

Some start fast, some start slow & steady. Full of ideas and enthusiasm. Energy bursting out everywhere or being slowly released in focus-like fashion.

From either angle there comes a tipping point where the energy, enthusiasm, action needs to be maintained. Maintained in such a way that it simply rolls along with barely a blip or hindrance… you Momentum.

I have found that a basic fundamental from which to build Momentum is a strong base. An anchor point.

When you can anchor yourself in certainty, you can then begin your move forward.

That anchor can be a number of things. For example… It may be confidence in your ability. It may be drawing on a previous success or successes. It may be financial. It may be support from your network, family or friends. It may be a key word or phrasewhatever it is that will trigger you into action and have you stay there.

Not only can you now move forward, you can also draw back on this anchor, if times become a bit tough down the track. Let me explain what I mean.

Mostly our intentions are good. We have our goal/s set, we are enthused. We set out to achieve. Along the way our focus may be distracted thru any number of issues. Some of these we cannot avoid, some we can. In all likelihood we become a little overwhelmed and frustrated by our lack of progress.

Now we need to deal with these distractions so we can get back on track. And getting back on track is what you need to do. Your momentum has been disrupted. This is where we can reach for our anchor point if you find it difficult to get going again. Remember, your anchor point is good not evil. It’s a point of confidence which enables you to get rolling again.

When I talk about distractions your momentum becomes disrupted as I said earlier. There may be a 2nd culprit at play here. As I said, some distractions can’t be avoided. Deal with them & get back on the horse. However if you are lacking in clarity then all the good work you have done will grind to a halt at some point regardless of what other (good) measures you have in place.

It’s fine to be enthused and start taking action on the goals you have set. If you haven’t got a clear purpose or bigger picture on what these goals mean to you then your enthusiasm will likely fizzle out.

And being clear is largely driven by… Meaning. This in my opinion is the single biggest contributor to successful achievement of goals. There’s meaning to it. Sufficient meaning to drive us forward. Lack of sufficient meaning has us asking questions of ourselves …questions of doubt.

So when you set out on your goals, check the “meaning barometer” firstly. Will the goal/s add value to you/to others? Is it strong enough to make you do everything to see it thru? Then make sure that your ‘base’ is firm…you have your anchor/s in place.

If it passes this test then you are off to a terrific start which should then progress to a successful achievement.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

be good to yourselves


# I help men & women aged 40 & over, make their goals, dreams & longer term Visions for their Life, come true. Contact me Today for your FREE introductory coaching session.

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Living Life Today – Don’t sit back, just make a Start

The Living Life Today series provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow”….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

You are sitting around wondering what to do (next). There’s a lot that you know that you probably should do and a lot that you want to do… but where to start?

And that’s the thing…making a start.

What type of excuse can I come up with not to start?

Now you are probably not thinking that directly. However your thoughts will most likely be hijacked without your permission and you will not start what you (perhaps) intentioned to do.

Distractions, procrastination, poor prioritisation all contribute to “non starting” a project, task or commencing action toward a goal…or even creating a goal.

It could be fear of failure (we’ve heard that little phrase often) or one of many other “fears” that dwell inside of us.

The Bigger picture of Life demands your involvement. It beckons you to join in and contribute in whatever way that you can… is waiting for you to just make a start.

Anything, any action no matter how small or seemingly insignificant will get you moving. We’ve all no doubt heard about “baby steps”. I’m suggesting even to think about the baby steps is making a start…

It all starts with a thought…don’t let it slip away.

Don’t worry about what comes next, just begin. And you know what, when the thoughts start to percolate, momentum begins to build and before you know it, you are on your way.

So, when you commit your thought processes to taking action, whether that be say, writing down the first words of a plan or perhaps making a call for some advice or guidance, then you are making a start.

What to do next? Well, I’ll cover that in the next instalment of “Living Life Today”.

Today, I just want you to make a start…get excited…you Can do it!

Be good to yourselves


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