3 Critical tips for maximising Your Energy each day


How energised do You feel? Are you able to give your work and play your maximum energy?

I know that it can be difficult to do this all the time. However there are ways to effectively channel your energy into the areas of your Life that need it most.

Here are 3 do able actions/lifestyle choices that you can take to maximise your energy output.

These are my experiences. I’m no exercise physiologist or mind matter Guru however I have found, over many years, that these 3 tips have given me Value and they may well do so for You.

I would suggest that you make these a part of your priority goals.Focus Your energy

1. Exercise your Body And Mind at the same time

Exercise, of the physical kind, will leave you feeling better when you maintain a regular schedule. Your body is your “temple” and your driving force, so due care is essential.

Exercise of the mind is also a must. For me, the two go hand in hand [maybe that’s just me?].

When I exercise, my mind gets a healthy break as well. The exercise allows me to break down any mental barriers… it essentially frees my mind of the clutter that has built up during the day. My mind is then able to be better used for imaginative and creative purposes. And yours will as well.

When you are de cluttering, you are creating space for more energising thoughts and fresh ideas.

In summary, your exercise schedule need not be of Olympic proportions. It can be whatever… but it needs to be. Just start doing something if you are not already doing so.

Let your body & mind enjoy the experience. De-clutter the mind, free up the energy that is being used on non value thoughts & activities, so they can be  used on productive activities.

2. Focus your energy

You can often get pulled from one thing to another in day to day life. This can be a draining experience & I am sure you have experienced this numerous times. Especially if you are a parent. You don’t have unlimited energy. You can improve the levels of your energy reserves however they can still rundown. That’s when you need to recharge [see also tip 3]

So the challenge is this. To do what has to be done with maximum energy, you do need to focus or isolate, what needs your attention.

A couple of questions that are critical here:

What are the important things in your daily life that deserve your maximum energy?

What are the things or people who steal your energy?

How often during a day, do you use up energy on things that really aren’t all that important?

In summary, to have the desired energy levels for the important people & activities in your Life, you need to focus on your priorities.

Schedule your energy for the “peak times”.That may be family time, an important work deadline, dinner with a loved one, planning your week, working on your goals.

Focusing your energy where it will be best rewarded, is your main goal.

3. Recharge then turbocharge

Take a break. Simple? Often it’s not, however it is vital.

You can build up your energy reserves with regular exercise & maintain effective energy levels by scheduling your focus. Your energy levels will still run low at some point, despite all of this intent.

Recharging yourself can be done during each day simply by taking ‘time out’.  As an example, it may be just 5 or 10 minutes each hour or so, or a full 30 minute break at “low energy times” during the day, whatever you determine necessary.

This will allow you  to turbocharge through your next period of high energy use. When you have the energy, Life seems so much easier.

Why not schedule weekend breaks or make  long weekends [3 or 4 days] every 3 or 4 months? And take an annual holiday, you deserve it and so do those near and dear to you. Remember when you recharge then you can turbocharge.

When your energy is used wisely and effectively, the results will astound you.

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Do you get P****d off? Here’s 3 Solutions

Hi there fellow Life Lover.

There are situations when I get really pissed off. I’ve written a fresh post at my website where I give you 3 such situations which you may have faced as well.

There is a brighter note however as I give you 3 suggested Solutions and add a word of Coachingwarning.

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Living Life Today – Is your Life Imaginary or Imaginationary?

The Living Life Today series provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow”….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

Are you living in a world of “make-believe” or do you believe that you can make your world?

Imaginary stuff can be fun in the right context however isn’t helpful when it comes to your Life.

The difference between Imaginary & Imaginationary in my opinion, is that the latter(imaginationary) is creative…..and is then (largely) followed by action. Whereas the former(imaginary) forever remains in limbo, “wishing it would come true”.

Do you know people like that? You know, wishing things would change, wishing for a better Life, better luck etc,.

Those who create their worlds….. big, small, everyday type worlds, imagine what it will be like when it happens…..they create then take action…..they dream with intent (a fave of mine)

Imagination is one of our greatest strengths, when used correctly.

So when you are ‘Living your Life Today’ do you want to create or “wish” your way thru it?

I think a little creativity is in order, don’t you?

Be good to yourselves


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3 Meaningful steps for taking action that matters

Australian Coat of Arms (adopted 1912)

Image via Wikipedia

Warning! This is a Coaching post. It’s brief, there’s no mucking around, it’s straight to the point.

Further warning! Some of this language may offend or even worse, for my International friends, be too Australian(if that’s possible). There is some attempted humour but mostly it’s serious…….

Metaphorically speaking, if you are swimming against the tide, treading water, spinning your wheels, up sh*t creek without a paddle, you obviously need to take some action to get going forward & get out of this predicament.

Before you can start…….

You first need to Gain Traction

then ‘step by step’

build Momentum

Let’s identify what these steps really mean…..

“Traction” = stop the slide, gain some grip, shore up your defences, plug the gaps, review your ‘battle plan’, build a base, initiate thought processes

“Step by Step” = one foot in front of the other, constant movement, thought supported by action, never give up, keep punching, motion with motivation

“Momentum” = success thoughts colliding with action, on a roll, unbeatable, it’s all downhill from here, effortless motion, well oiled machine

These three “steps” may seem simple, in fact they are. I’ve found (and you may have too) that often the simple things, the blindingly obvious, are the ones oft overlooked or not even sighted……they elude our personal radar.

When you find yourself on the slide & you will at some stage, step back & look for some traction. Something that will give you some grip & leverage with which to move forward.

Once again, using the details above…….

When you put your traction in place, you can then start moving step by step, continually motivating yourself to keep going.

This will in turn, build your momentum…….

There’s no stopping you now.

be good to yourselves


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