Personal Solutions – Client Guide

Two essential ingredients for a great Coach & personal solutions provider.

1. Effective questioning

2. Outstanding listening

Good Coaches ask good questions…….Great Coaches ask great questions.

Questioning our actions, our thoughts, our beliefs, keeps us honest …….. and gives us Good Vibes.

Questions are a foundation upon which to build. Great questions drill down in to one’s core. They can ‘strip you bare’ metaphorically speaking. From this position you can only build a better you.

However before any “deep questioning” & solution provision can commence, your Coach needs to actively Listen to your story. Without having a sound understanding of your story any questioning will simply not hit the mark. A great Coach will listen intently in order to understand you & your own unique situation. Life Coaching is not “one size fits all”. Each client is unique & must be respected as so.

Questions embark you on a journey of discovery. Most journeys are best not taken alone. You need a partner, a companion to help you enjoy your journey.

Qualified Life Coaches make great partners. To get you started, to keep you going, to help you “view the sights” as your journey unfolds.

However you don’t want to carry any ‘excess baggage’ on your journey. So choosing the right companion is essential. A companion who will share your burdens & then help you gain release from them.

Now, back to the Questions.

Great, insightful questions get to the heart of any issue. Your Coach/solutions provider should only ask questions that are relevant to you & your situation. Not continually ask ‘generic type’ questions.

You need to be asked:

Questions that will get you excited. Questions that will get you to take action. Questions that will help you solve  your problems or issues. Questions that will help you Grow.

be good to yourself


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