Setting up your Life beyond 40

Often men & women entering their 40’s start to reflect on what has happened in their life to date.

You may have reflected upon the same.

Where has my life gone?

What am I going to do with the rest of My life?

May be two such questions that You will ask of yourself.

“Is there something else for Me?” is another common call from those who may be stuck with their current circumstances. It smacks of staleness and sameness. A change of direction could be on the cards then? Is this You?

The phenomena of mid-life crisis is felt by many & for varying reasons. The thought that half your Life has gone is scary. The thought that the next half of your Life is around the corner & you have no plans to live it, is even more scarier!Life beyond 40 Blog post

Goal setting may seem “ho-hum” to many, however without some definitive plan for your future, “the crisis & the rut” are likely to continue.

Before you even consider setting yourself some goals, you do need to be motivated to create something worthwhile for the balance of your life. Without the desired motivation, any goals that are set, will eventually fade into the ether.

The process doesn’t need to be hard or difficult, you just need to commence thinking along more positive lines. And You need to get started.

Changing your thoughts starts to change the dynamics of your life. That’s a pretty good place to commence, don’t you think?

Start to view things differently. A healthy change of perspective, if you will.

It doesn’t have to be the same as it always has!

It all starts with your thinking. And then the motivation to follow this through.

Motivation with supporting action steps will bind together with your changing perspective on your life.

You are heading in to the next phase of your life. Establishing goals for it may seem daunting, especially if you have had no previous exposure to Goal Setting or have resisted it in the past.

However, the effort is worth it! Getting started is the hardest part though once you have, ‘the flow’ will commence.

The goal setting process of itself, is not that difficult. It is your life and your goals are your goals, they are what’s important to you.

So map out what are the most important goals for you to achieve. That’s probably the easiest part.

Any difficulties will arise if you don’t commit to them fully. If you find it hard going, contact a reliable Life Coach to give you the necessary support & encouragement.

My main point for this post is to ensure that you set your “back half” up correctly.

Age 40 & beyond is a wonderful place to be.

Your views on Life are changing. Your goals in Life no doubt need changing [or at least reviewing] as well.

Ask yourself, “What is really important to ME?”:

Now, the next 5 -10 years.

Time will not wait for you. Clarifying the important aspects of your life will help you set Meaningful Goals for now & your future.

** This post was refreshed April 27 2015

Be good to yourself


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