4 Practical Life changing Choices that you can make today

Choice is all powerful. I’m sure that you make choices regularly however, today I am going to open up this power for You to use in 4 special ways that you may not have considered before.

These 4 choices are relatively simple to make, yet are often ignored. You will find when exercised correctly, they are “life changers”.

‘Choice’ in itself is not elusive.  However the actioning of ‘choice’ can be.

And that is the difference.4 practical

1.Choose to do  something rather than nothing.

Simple enough? It’s too easy to “sit on your hands”, rather than make the choice to get active. That’s why this “choice” is often abandoned.

When you do something, your mind is stimulated. Action becomes automatic and your day becomes fruitful and productive.

I’m not going to bore you with the why’s here. Other than to say, being productive is fulfilling, it’s energising and even more simply put, it makes you feel good.

2.Choose to “step out” rather than step back.

Your comfort zone is well, comfortable. And if it’s working wonders for You then stick with it.

However if it has you trapped in a mindless spiral, then choose to step out and experience something different … something better even?

Stepping back from anything, generally has a dose of “fear” attached to it. That’s “change” working a treat.

The “fear” is your mind playing tricks.
A lot of changes that you make will “set you back” initially, however again, if you want something better, then change what you’re currently thinking and doing.

Lace up your shoes and prepare for a few steps in an alternate direction.

3.Choose to be yourself, not someone else’s “shadow”.

Express who you are really meant to be. Trying to be someone else is like driving the wrong way along a one way street. You lack direction.

Well, the right direction at least.

“Modelling” someone certainly has it’s advantages when you are seeking to be successful. However, You do need to bring your own “game face” to the table.

By all means, gain an edge by tapping into what your life mentor’s do.

Just add your own personal touch. No one can feel like you do. No one can think like you do.

Break out of the shadow effect and shine your own light in your own special way.

4.Choose goals and direction in your life.

Be in the game. Go with the flow  only  if it’s going in your direction. No Life “plan” usually = no results.

Being in the flow of things occurs when you know your game. And that’s a good thing. Floating along in the stream of life will eventually have it’s snags.

Set yourself up with short, medium and long term ‘strategies’ that assist you in the direction that you want to go.

There will be detours and they will have their own advantages. And they should be a part of your overall Life Plan and direction. Without one, you will end up “lost”.

Work on making some better choices today. These four may be just what you need.

** This post was refreshed may 5 2015


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