Do You have an Excuse for not getting your Sh*t done today?

Hi again.

Let me tell you right from the get go that I feel so strongly about people using ExcusesThey trap you, hold you back and hold you down.

And they are completely unnecessary from a personal growth standpoint. That’s my opinion, upfront.

I’ve written about excuses before and am again motivated to delve once more into this murky world.

There are excuses that you use to simply avoid something completely or to just put things off.

Fair enough. I’ve done that. However, generally I’ve found that it’s far better to face it before you regret it [later].Excuses Blog post-2

Some situations are better handled later when you are in a more favourable position to do so.

For example when you have let go of your anger. And when you have gathered more information on “that situation”.

However other situations only get worse, the longer that you delay facing and dealing with them.

Deep down, You know what you really have to do in these situations.

There are “other excuses” that are given without you realising it.

This happens when your sublimimal conditioning has blocked your awareness [to opportunity].

Your mind is automatically saying “No” to many of the opportunities that present themselves to you.

And these are the most concerning.

The “voices” in your head are confirming that “you’re not good enough for that.”

“That’s too hard”. “You don’t have the skills for that”. ”That’s way out of your league”.

This all builds to an “avoidance culture”.

You are limiting your growth, your potential success and your relationship with self.

When you find yourself saying “No” often, or avoiding the “issue” often, start questioning yourself, “Why?”

Is their evidence to support you holding yourself back? At the end of the day, a lot of the reasons for your “avoidance” may be only imaginary because there are no real facts to support them.

Avoiding situations and people with [lame/poor, or even unwitting] excuses will dilute your personal power.

It will also narrow your choices when you are again faced with this situation. It will stagnate your personal growth.

I hope this has given you something to think upon.

How often do You avoid certain situations?

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**This post was refreshed April 29 2015

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