Do I have to be motivated to enjoy my Life?


“What get’s You up in the morning?” is an age old and often used question/metaphor to determine your attitude to your life and to your determination [or otherwise] to be successful.

I see it as a self motivating metaphor. To be motivated, you need to have a certain level of self motivation to begin with. This then allows you to be receptive to external motivating people/factors.

I can’t motivate someone who lacks any semblance of “in house” motivation. No one can.

So how does this play out for You?

Do you drift along at the mercy of whatever happens to you? OR Do you seek to be active in life?

And by “active” I mean thinking, doing and being aware of what life holds/can hold for You. And being motivated by that. What I’m really saying is this … Do You embrace and enjoy your life as it is Now? Are You motivated to enjoy and explore life?

You live this life once only. There are no replays. “Yes” is a word that you need to have in mind always.Canva Design Motivation blog post

Opportunities come & go. Are You at the ready when they present themselves to you? Therefore …..

Are you ready to say ‘Yes”?

Or, don’t you see the opportunities? or is “No” a too common part of your vocabulary? Saying “No” too often leads to permanent road blocks. Permanent barriers to your personal growth.

Motivation moves you toward the edge. Moving toward the perimeters is where the real action commences. This is where the living is at it’s most exciting. The middle is safe, too safe, too restrictive if you want to fully experience life.

Are you a middle ground type of person or do you like to see what else is out there? You know … experiences, learning, exhilaration.

Fresh opportunities are out there. Inspirational happenings and people, are out there.

Your fully charged life is waiting for you, out there.

So, to answer the question posed by the title of this post, I need to ask you another question.

If you are not enjoying life, are you prepared [or motivated even], to change your behaviour and make fresh choices?

“Change” is motivation. Change within yourself doesn’t just happen. There has to be some motivation to do so. “Choice” is available to all of us however, making the choices that are necessary, require your motivation to do so.

Motivation helps fuel your actions. Motivation helps fuel your life. It’s not the only factor that fuels your life, however, it is a powerful ingredient.

Motivation is not just a minute by minute or day by day thing. If your life matters to You then motivation must be an ongoing process. This then becomes an Attitude. An attitude of positivity and motivation.

Standing up, standing out and shining requires motivation.

Simply standing up and choosing to live your best life, whether you decide to stand out … or move quietly and positively at your own pace, also requires motivation.

It doesn’t just happen. Choose to motivate yourself. It’s one of the best [if not the best] choices that You will ever make.

You need to “happen” to life, not let life happen to You.

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