Say “Yes” more often

Hello fellow Life Lover,

It’s SO easy to shake your head.

“No” that won’t work. “No” I’m not going to do that. “No” I’m, not that lucky. “No” it’s just too hard.

“No” is a roadblock.

Say “YES” more often.




Say Yes to opportunity. Say Yes to taking another step forward. Say Yes to thinking more positively. Say Yes to self belief. Say Yes to adding 1% effort to everything that you do.Canva Design Yes

It all adds up … to Your success.

What say You?

Be good to yourself


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2 thoughts on “Say “Yes” more often

  1. Hey David,

    I was with a program some years ago where the founder of it told us to start every conversation saying yes yes yes. When you’re just open to more things then more things happen to you instead of always being fearful or just not eager to try things out.

    I did that for a number of years and I think it’s like manifesting things into your life, the right things just seem to gravitate toward you so I agree.

    Great message and hope you’ve had a great day. Rock on my friend and enjoy your week too.


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