Heading toward 60 – 6 months out [part 6]

Hello again.

My journey toward 60 continues. Stop, start, flow, doubt, excitement … they are all part of my “journey” thus far.

On June 18, the 6 month countdown begins.

What have I learned/am continuing to learn at age 59.5 years?
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I’ve learned that energy is still crucial. And I’ve learned that despite my stumbles and doubt, I still have bundles of energy to keep me going.

I’ve learned that excitement is still contagious. I get it from others and use it to fuel my own adventure … and I pass it on to those who need it.

I’ve learned that Love is still abundant. I receive and I give [probably not as frequently as I should I must admit] …. I’m still working on that.

I’ve learned that fitness beats fatness. That I picked up on many years back and I have maintained this despite the temptation to “ease back”. Fit bodies [or reasonably fit for my age] help stimulate fit minds. And that’s kinda useful … very useful.

I’ve learned that listening is the key to understanding. Always. Listen first, speak second. “Understanding” is a major key toward effective communication. When you understand your audience, whether that be 1 person or many, then you are able to communicate with maximum effect.

I’ve learned that you do keep learning if you choose to do so. Life long learning is a must have. You should never stop learning. “Too old” is an excuse. And excuses simply do not cut it.

I’ve learned that Choice is your No 1 power. You have abundant choice. Exercise your choices wisely. They are the determining factor between “getting through life” and “getting above life”.

I’ve learned that Motivation, Determination and Imagination are 3 subjects that should be taught in school. Master these and your life will be a breeze. Above all, these 3 “subjects” are part of my life long learning curricula. It’s what keeps me going, keeps me moving forward … and they can be for You, as well.

Looking forward to 60. And looking forward to the next 6 months of 59.

Be good to yourself


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10 thoughts on “Heading toward 60 – 6 months out [part 6]

  1. I’ve learned that listening is the key to understanding. Always.
    As soon as people learn and practice listening before talking/judging, I believe we will be much closer to peace.

  2. Yes indeed, we keep learning and it is good. And I would say the older we get the more we enjoy life, as we have learnt already so much. So what is wrong with getting older….Enjoy your last 6 month in the 50s…. And life will be just starting again with 60! 🙂

    • Hi Debra,
      Thank You. I’m a serial age denier and really still see myself as a much younger person. I’ve managed to maintain good fitness and have been blessed with great health so … there are still mountains to conquer. I intend to continue “blooming” for some time yet.
      Appreciate you calling in.

      Be good to yourself

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