Heading toward 60 [part 5] Road Trip?

Hi again,

It’s been a little while since  we last embraced.

The truth is, I’ve been focussed on and engaged with, my website, Google+, clients and other things Social Media in recent weeks. And it’s been very exciting. Engagement, meaningful conversations, purpose and excitement are words that come readily to mind. Oh, and Energy of course.Self Discovery

A Fulfilling energy in fact, if there is such a thing. Maybe, “feel good” would be more apt.

I feel the same [better actually] as when I turned 59 4 months ago. The realisation of turning 60 at the end of this year hasn’t sunk in. And it probably won’t, even when I ‘touch down’ @60. When the energy is good numbers are just numbers.

You see, I’m a serial age denier. After all, Age is just a number [ I’m repeating myself I know]. Is this what happens as you get older?.

It’s always in the feeling. When you feel good, nothing else matters. Worries are not worries any more. Dreams are better dreams. Goals are easy.

My youngest daughter said to me the other day … “For your birthday, why don’t we go visit your sister down in the country, we haven’t been there before?”

This got me to thinking [I’m prone to that] … why not a road trip for a week or so and visit all my relatives and friends across the state? A few days of birthday celebration. That’s what I’ll do. Plan. Execute.

By the way, the state that I live in here in Australia is the size of a couple of European countries. Heading toward 60 with Excitement.

Be good to yourself


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4 thoughts on “Heading toward 60 [part 5] Road Trip?

  1. Go for it David! Life is full of excitement whatever age. I have just met a man who is 60 and we have a great time together. Age doesn’t matter, the heart does!

    • Great sentiment there Ute …
      Age is only a number. Attitude, energy, excitement and love for what you do and for the people closest to you, is what really matters.
      Thanks for being here
      Be good to yourself

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