How to be Inspiring without really trying

I’ve had a few comments recently via Social Media thanking me for being so inspiring. Now while I appreciate the comments very much I struggled a little with this concept of being inspirational.

I know that my intent in part is to inspire others to take action. Actually, that is really my bottom line. However this “inspiring” thing got me thinking.

I am not doing anything out of the ordinary.blog26

I walk my talk. I speak and write with passion. I Love what I do.

I care about many things on this planet … the people, the environment, the wildlife. I enjoy seeing people excel. I enjoy seeing people value life and live it fully.

I like to share my ideas and I like to share my best work.

I care a lot. I love to play. I see life as an adventure and I “test” myself by seeing how fit I can get in my latter mid life years.

Now, I don’t see that as anything out of the ordinary.

So I guess there you have it . Simply be your best “ordinary” and You to can be inspirational.

You have it in You. If I can do it, so can You.

And that’s the real clue. Simply be the best version of You.

Be good to yourself


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5 thoughts on “How to be Inspiring without really trying

  1. Love your new page design David! I live this truth everyday: Inspiring myself helps me inspire others. It’s a major way that Love spreads around the world! Cheers!

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