Choice – The Power and the Passion


I am [again] unashamedly promoting my fresh blog post at my website.

However, this one is bigger than Big, if that’s possible. I’ve written about ‘Big’ recently as well.

It’s about “Choice” and it impacts upon You and Me. The choices that you make each day [and don’t make] determine whether you have fun, success, disappointment or failure.Art4

I’ve jotted down 14 Best Choices for You to consider and added some extra verbage which hopefully makes sense. Can’t tell you any more, you will have to read it here

Please do me the favour of visiting the link and telling me what You think.

Be good to yourself


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 # In 2014 … Walk with Me. Exercise your mind with Me. Get stronger with Me.

So please join me for coffee, fresh writings, fresh thoughts and ideas at :



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